Monday, January 26, 2009

Why don't you...?

Yeah, this is kinda pathetic but I play silly games with myself, and often can convince a friend to play along with me. One of my favorites is called "why don't you...?" 
Here's how it goes: I list a bunch of things that make me incredibly happy, or something that interests me at the moment, the idea is to inspire others to do these things on the list in hopes that it will make them happy too.
My most recent list: why don't you....
1. take a long walk, with headphones on, the music on full blast, listening to Grace by U2, Loving You by Paolo Nutini, Lost One by Jay Z, Feelin' Alright by Joe Cocker
2. smile at a random stranger
3. give money to a musician in the subway
4. eat something you really love, savor each bit and don't feel guilty about it after
5. read The Private Lives of Pippa Lee
6. rent the movie Vicky Christina Barcelona and swoon over Penelope Cruz's effortless sex appeal
7. go alone to the Brooklyn Historical Library - spend time in the silence and beauty of the books
8. spend a full week not worrying about your body, but instead tell someone (even if it's just yourself) how good you feel, love handles and all
9. unexpectedly write someone a hand written note
10. say thanks to someone that deserves it
extra credit:
11. take a picture of a heart and send it to me

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