Friday, February 27, 2009

Super pissed off

So Selene went to Sloan today for a third opinion. It's the only place
that without a doubt takes her insurance but of course is the only
place she hated. Hated is an understatement.
Some direct quotes were:
Cancer factory. Mean surgeon. Unnecessary running around. Sad.
Endless waiting. Gross. Rough and angry.

I just don't understand our system here. For someone who works a job,
pays insurance and now has to face this battle, you would think she
would get to pick whomever makes her feel most confident to do the
surgery and such. Instead she's forced to run from place to place with
manilla folders filled with tests and papers trying to find doctors
she likes and agrees with that will be taken by her giant insurance
company. Sick. It's just sick and unfair. Makes me so mad.

A giant thanks to max for going above and beyond and getting her in
with two phenomenal doctors that are trying to do everything they can
to take her insurance.

Apparently this all needs to happen soon too. Like soon, soon.

Pray people. Pray.

1 comment:

  1. you are too sweet. and make cry in a happy way.
    or at least a release because I feel like you are understanding in some way what is going on.
    Max's people have been phenomenal in trying to make this work. so thank you again.
    so tired again...


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