Monday, April 20, 2009

The lovely Ms Kristyn Lobo Lobo

Sometimes I'm shocked by how fortunate I am to be surrounded by the
friends I have. Not only are they all absurdly generous, soulful and
hilarious but they are all beautiful beyond words.
Miss Lobo Lobo over here is no exception and might even top the charts
in more than one area mentioned above. Not to mention the girl could
bring my dad back to his 25 year old self in under 2.4 seconds. On
some days maybe a few more milliseconds needed, but never does she cease
to bring a smile to his face. Or mine. Or really anyone she meets. I
love the way lobo lives life. She's bohemian in a way that people no
longer are. Her spirit and mind are free of all the toxic crap that
NYC or really that society fuels most people with. Oh lobo. In my next
life I'm coming back as you. Or your brother. Or sister. Or a lobo
dog. Even if I'm three legged. It's all good.

Thanks for my heart. A glass heart is the most precious kind. xx

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