Monday, August 17, 2009

red heads

My mom is convinced I'm holding a redheaded baby in my tummy. And although my mom isalways right, I don't think she is on this one. For one, she thought lady audrey would be white skinned, blonde and light eyed. Instead A is darker than anyone I know after a month on the beach.  
This redheaded idea kinda bothered me for a few months but now I'm embracing the possibility...cause really, anything is possible. 

Here, the gorgeous Taylor Tomasi, senior market editor at Teen Vogue, proudly boasts the beauty of red hair. So whatever comes out at the end of October - red hair, baldy, monkey boy style, whatever, it's all good. Just please be healthy and happy. 

And today I still think it's a girl.

1 comment:

  1. i cannot wait for the birthday party that will ensue in the waiting room. although i am sure we aren't allowed, it WILL happen. seriously when this thing comes out, i am going to cry when i see it. my first baby friend!!!!


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