Thursday, August 20, 2009

what a lucky life

So far my little one has had it reeeeeeeal good in the musical department. Danced with Madonna, rocked out to Kanye, kicked and twisted to Depeche Mode but the biggest and best of all has been the evening at John Legend's concert, being serenaded to the little one's most favorite song EVER "Good Morning."
Since the day I found out I was with child I have played this song to the tummy. The angel has certainly gotten to know it and showed from the beginning that It loves the song. How could you not?

Check out this short video from the show, please take note of the end part of the video when Johnny looks over at me - as he said after, that big smile was for baby! 

Here it is, sorry for the weak cinematography skills.


  1. thanks my friend, baby loves yooooooooou two tooooo.


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