Friday, October 30, 2009


So a few things about the Yankees win last night:
* I actually loved watching the game. The first baseball game I enjoyed since I was 6 years old, sitting on the ground at my grandparents house watching on a fuzzy tv, not understanding a thing that was going on.

*when did John get to NYC? I thought he was hanging out in Cali with my girls and the troll. And upon arrival in NY, did he bring my favorite friend to coax the baby out?

* the whole time all I could think of was how my grandmother used to love love love those games and how hot it would get in the summer with no a/c as the games went on and on. I can't help but wonder how she'd feel about Kate Hudson dating A-Rod and were there celebs that dated players back then?? Ddi my grandmother ever wish she was a yankee wife? hmmm...

*I'm so sad I missed this performance. Heard it was amazing.

I really hope they win the series. It would make me really happy as it would be such a great connection to my grandmother and the new Bells baby family member.


  1. it was a fantastic game! and yes, back in the day ballplayers dated celebrities to (Joe DiMaggio + Marilyn Monroe, for example) so it's nothing new. just a lot now. and blabbed about. and photographed, etc. the performance WAS pretty awesome—exactly what the Yanks and the fans needed, i think, after Wednesday night. (can you tell this is in my blood?) :) btw, i'm hoping the babe emerges today. it's my gram's birthday (84!) and she is by far the most wonderful, graceful and funny lady i know. october 30th is a good day to be born! xo

  2. Grandma Bells is smiling from above that the Yankees won but more about the impending birth of her new great grandchild. She loved the month of November, so Nov. 1st it will be.

  3. That baby will be the good luck charm for the Yanks! Tell it to come out on Sunday night for the start of a great week. And ALL SAINTS DAY!


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