Tuesday, November 24, 2009

megan fox, hmm??

I was in the waiting room at my doctor's office today and somehow got roped into a conversation with 3 other people about megan fox. 
How do I feel about her? (I simply don't know how I really feel about her. I want to love her but there's something that irks me severely) Do you think she's the next Angelina? (she's not clever enough to be the next Angelina) Why do you think she dates Brian Austen Green? (bc he's hot and probably more normal than 99% of Hollywood) Have you ever heard her speak? (yes and I think she sounds like a bore) Have you seen any of her films? (never and have no interest)

Anyway, we all talked for a good 15 minutes about her and I brought up the article from the New York Times Magazines last weekend, The Self-Manufacture of Megan Fox by Lynn Hirschberg, found here
I was the only one in the conversation that felt anything more than hatred for her. Everyone else agreed that she's unarguably the hottest thing in Hollywood right now but an absolute fake. What I love about this NYT's article is that she admits to this and is now trying to go in another direction with her image. Which both pisses me off and pleases me at the same time.
How do you feel about her? 

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  1. she has that weird thumb thing..where they look like toes...see it on the cover? GROSS! xo aggie


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