Monday, December 21, 2009

and so it began...

Exactly one year ago I took to this blog for the very first time in an attempt to keep my family updated with where in the world I was.
To go to the store and buy my mom or dad a shirt wasn't enough. I wanted to give them more, a piece of me. And so this blog began. In what I thought would only be for the Fasolino family, I began to write candidly about my thoughts, about our family, about the places I was and the places i'd been. Never had I expected strangers or even friends to find their way to 12 stone hollow way in an attempt to entertain themselves or even find out what I was up to. But it became just that - a portal into my world. A way to discover what I was up to without having to call or email me. In turn it's become a way to see the inner workings of someone that lives a relatively basic life. Me - an unmarried new mom, a thankful friend, a loving daughter & sister, a hopeful soul, a heart seeker...
It's been a hell of a year that's for sure. 
While things never turn out as you think they will, this year was especially interesting and while certainly turbulent, it's ended up to be the most magnificent. As I sit writing I cannot imagine life without two things:
1. the obvious, Luca
2. this blog
For what started as a fun way to keep in touch, now is a device to get things off my chest while knowing it will help others. Each time I get an email from a reader, whether they be a friend or someone I've never met, I feel a sense of importance and happiness. To know that whatever it is I'm open and honest about is helping someone else, well that's all I can ask for. 
Until this blog I found it near to impossible to be totally open and honest with my feelings, even to myself. But somehow through here and through calls and letters from readers, I've let go of the wall I built around my heart. 
So I thank you all for reading and for helping me grow this year. I know this site is a totally random mix of shit but it's how my head works and hopefully through being so openly random, you too will see the world the way I do and when you look at it through my eyes, you will see a little more love and a little more appreciation for the little things. 
Merry Christmas, happy holidays, may 2010 bring light, love and joy to you from start to finish.

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  1. This was undoubtedly the BEST gift ever. Every day I can not wait to read and see what you have done and written. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU
    Kisses to Luca


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