Friday, February 27, 2009

wait, this is the best one!

hello fellow hat lover


These pictures are part of a large exhibition that's spanning the globe, from Asia to South America to Africa. The photographer takes portraits of victimized women and plasters them all over the country in places such as trains (top photo), villages and schools.
His idea is to celebrate the courage and strength of discriminated women and hopes to give other women power as well and more than anything teach men the importance of the respect of women.

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I hardly ever come across a wedding photo that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. But this one, there's just something so organic and special and sweet about it. Granted it was probably a photo shoot done with two perfect strangers, but there's magic here for me. I love it.

Men need women. Here's proof...

According to a Columbia University study:
74% of men are more at ease when they are in a group or with another person, rather than being alone, whereas
62% of women feel this way
Before extensive research was done, when answering the question "are you happier alone?"
32% of women said yes and a whopping 85% of men said yes
Seems to me that men need to start realizing the truth of their inner feelings. Or at least start giving us credit for being as independent as we actually WANT to be.

photo taken in chelsea, in the reflection of a perforated glass window.


Happy weekend to all!

Super pissed off

So Selene went to Sloan today for a third opinion. It's the only place
that without a doubt takes her insurance but of course is the only
place she hated. Hated is an understatement.
Some direct quotes were:
Cancer factory. Mean surgeon. Unnecessary running around. Sad.
Endless waiting. Gross. Rough and angry.

I just don't understand our system here. For someone who works a job,
pays insurance and now has to face this battle, you would think she
would get to pick whomever makes her feel most confident to do the
surgery and such. Instead she's forced to run from place to place with
manilla folders filled with tests and papers trying to find doctors
she likes and agrees with that will be taken by her giant insurance
company. Sick. It's just sick and unfair. Makes me so mad.

A giant thanks to max for going above and beyond and getting her in
with two phenomenal doctors that are trying to do everything they can
to take her insurance.

Apparently this all needs to happen soon too. Like soon, soon.

Pray people. Pray.

oh come on....

These guys were seen outside of the Ralph Lauren fashion show last week. Not only are they straight but they are apparently always dressed this debonair. Imagine their closets?

Birthday extravaganza

Most of you know I received one of my most prized possessions from Max for my 30th birthday. The Miele canister vacuum cleaner style S4211 gives me so much pleasure that I have had daydreams of spilling piles of Cheerios and timing the machine to see how long it takes to suck it up. This thing is a beast. Everything from dust to pint size children haven't got a chance with it's duel action suction. I love it. An odd choice for a 30th birthday gift, yes, but if your going to buy your lady something mechanic, you might as well give her this pure pleasure machine.
So, now comes Max's birthday. Da da dummmmmm!
I have one thing wrapped and ready to go, but I spent yesterday trying to get some other ideas. Chrissy, looking to make a few extra bucks, offered these genius options from the apartment she shares with her boyfriend:
1. a grammy 2. a bowling ball 3. a half eaten box of chocolate 4. a soul train award
Which do you think would be most appropriate? Oh and there's always the option of a broom (bedazzled and done in gold, of course. This is max we're talking about.)

I've been waiting a long time for this moment

My baby Tallulah has been on the list of top 3 eligible bachlorettes in New York CIty for the past 5 years (ranking in at numero uno each year, thank you very much). But no male has ever done a suitable job of wooing me or Taloo into so much as a second date at the dog run. Until last night.
Meet Senor Sam. Hello handsome.
Sam is a 2 year old from Alabama and lives in the east village. Although his owner has a severe speech impediment (he had Chrissy believing Sam was 32 years old, instead of "almost 2 years old" - imagine the confusion on her face as she looked at the owner and asked "in human years?" and the owner saying "no, in dog years." I could tell she was so psyched to meet a 32 year old bulldog in such great shape).
Sam is a sweet, loving, smart, sexy little man. He even smells delicious. Just like fatty taloo...after a shower.
Congratulations little slobbery lovers!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm running late and shouldn't be doing this but....

Just thought about all the things I have to be thankful for today, thought I'd share:

1. My solid family. You all bring so much to me - mom, your insight and kindness has made me who I am and each day I am better because of you. Dad, I know we don't ever say it to each other, but I know you know and you know I know, I love you. And when people say I'm just like you, I take it as the highest compliment. Without your edge and ability to let go, I would just be a pile of mush. T, I fully understand why mom loves you more. Not only have you given her a grandchild, but you have been easy and loving right from the birth canal. There isn't a single thing I can find a fault in about you. If only every woman could have a guy as full of love, selfless and giving as you are, the world would be a better place.
I know the last 30 years with me hasn't always been easy - but you 3 have secured a spot in heaven for putting up with me. Add that to your own list of thanks.

2. That blimp of a toe on my left foot is back to an acceptable size, which means I can actually walk barefoot without frightening anyone.

3. Today was the day I realized truly how far I have come, mentally, in the last year. The way I handle situations, the way I think about daily life, the way I love the people and things I have in my life. I have no regrets. That's a pretty giant thing to feel deep down inside. For the longest time I lived with this sadness that I had personally massacred my own life. But now I realize that it was all part of the process to get to where I needed to be. There was a lot of pain getting there (as you can all attest to) but I believe it was worth the fight. Worth the loss for all the gain. Thank you for standing by me, dealing with my sadness and tears and lack of belief. I am grateful from a place deep down to my core.

4. I found the color for my dress for Michelle and Adam's wedding! It's a taupe/gray ish color. So beautiful and simple. I broke into a sweat when I found the fabric and color today. Now it's time to start the development of it all!!!!

5. Having dinner with Michelle and Ashley at Bacaro, a place I've been wanting to go to. I love my dinners with these 2 ladies. We never have just a decent time, it's always fabulous. Ash is a badass with a million years of wisdom and Mich is sweet to the nth degree. I hope they don't hate me for being late! Again!

6. Selene. I'm just thankful for Selene. The world works in crazy ways, and this is one of those situations that just can't be explained in words. SEA. LOVE.

7. I get to work with alllllllllll my favorite people tomorrow: Dennis, Chrissy, Olga, Selene, Natalie, Arturo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great night all!!


Interesting little bit of info:
Recent Swedish research found that flotation therapy in a silent, water-filled tank can reduce pain and speed healing. Lying back in a quiet pool for 20 minutes could boost health as well. "Floating produces a deep state of relaxation in the body."

Love that, especially since I've been deeply considering a life as a mermaid lately. Seriously.

heart charm

Love this!

Selene posted this on her blog:

"[I'm] feeling much more energized about everything.

I'm overwhelmingly touched by an email I just got.
Apparently my intern from my days at seventeen magazine is a huge fan of my blog. I told her about it before anyone else, as I bumped into her on the street before Christmas and she asked if I had gift suggestions for her family. Little did I know she's been looking at it daily ever since.
Here is her message:

On days I feel lonely your words make me feel like I'm being hugged and like your talking right to me like you know how I am feelin right then. > I showed my friends and they luv your stuff and writing and say the same thing as me when they are having a bad day. Thanx Nicole
for being a impact on me again. I have a question, can you write more tho? Ha! Love ya, Lauren

I cannot even begin to thank you (Laur) and everyone else that's expressed how much this blog has touched them. Quite frankly, I have been moved in ways I'm still realizing by writing on here each day. I've somehow been looking at life very differently, and feel much more at ease, even when my life is full of stress. I truly hope that everyone is enjoying what they read and are "impacted" as Lauren is. xx

it's gonna be a good day

After the world's best paella dinner (made by mom), followed by a full 6 hours of solid sleep, I woke to these hysterical pictures of Miss Audrey doing her thing.
Such a busy lady!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

hello tushy monster

Summer on the brain

Can we make a promise that little Audy will take a full week vacation to Westchester this coming summer? I think she needs some serious beach and pool time with her aunt. Plus, I desperately need to teach her how to do the backstroke and clearly she's ready for the slide.

Lately I've been using Natalie as my personal librarian, but since I'm almost done with the most recent book she lent me, and I'm sure she's probably sick lugging them to and from work, can someone suggest something?

I'm totally open to topics and writing styles, although I do prefer a book include one of the following:
- memoir
- witty writing
- nothing overly depressing
- inspirational characters
- fluffy - as in totally not serious, if it includes a steamy love scene, all the better!

Miami shots

A few pictures we did in Miami.
If I may say so myself, I think it looks pretty damn good (especially for swim that only costs $9.99 per piece).
Definitely helps that these girls have the sickest bodies ever.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm like a proud parent

I love all the models that I work with, but some become like little sisters (or children for that matter) and their happiness and success brings me joy that only a family member would get. Chrissy is one of those cases where all her joy radiates on to me. So last night when I spotted her on the red carpet I jumped so high I almost hit my head on the ceiling. Look at her! She's such a bundle of love!!!

vegas in a whole new light

took this from my hotel window in vegas with a long exposure and sepia toned.

the amazing iPhone

I recently bought an application on iPhone that allows you to do collages and other photoshop type work on the photos you have saved on your device. This is the small creation I made during an insanely boring model try-on at the office today.
Some of my favorite photos from the little boat ride we took.


This might be really hard to see, and even harder to believe, but I have Amanda, Selene and Arturo to all back me up.
We were on the boat on Saturday and Amanda looks up to the sky and spots a heart balloon more than 5 football fields away. It took my super zoom to catch it, here's the photo, blown up as much as possible.
Incredible, no?

an excerpt from an email from tony

"I know it's been tough, and will be that way for a while, but that's life sometimes. mean and unfair and filled with love and beauty all at once. Keep the love and beauty close, and dump the rest, right?"

couldn't have said it better myself. thank you. how did i get so lucky in the family department? wow.

did you watch the oscars?

Of all the dresses from the Oscars, this is my top pick. Actually, top to bottom she is my favorite dressed. The hair, the jewels, shoes (can't see here), all were so elegant, simple and classic. 
Exactly what the Oscars (should) epitomize for me. 

this girl is perfection

I cannot even begin to tell you how beautiful I think she is. Not only that though, but every interview she gives, she is oozing happiness and love. 
She is without a doubt my new favorite. 

Sunday, February 22, 2009

"For what it's worth: it's never too late to be whoever you want to be. There's no time limit. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you're proud of. If you find that you're not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again."
- The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Oscars update - direct from chrissy

1. Natalie portman is gorgeous
2. Jennifer Aniston has a slammin body
3. Miley is (shockingly) sweet and cute
4. Freida Pinto is more beautiful in person and slumdog was actually
her first film ever!
5. Chrissy is seated between miley and adrien brody & can see brad's
head from where she is
6. She says Anne hathaways dress looks horrendous but SJParker's is
good minus the belt...I happen to fully disagree from this view
7. It's kinda boring (hence the text messages she's sending to me the
whole time)

A ride to burn it all off

Or at least some of it....

The ladies around the half way mark

Food and wine festival

We went to the food and wine festival on the beach today, courtesy of
sweet chrissy.
It was quite a spectacle. The amount of food and drink there is just
absurd. I could vomit thinking of all the tuna tartar I consumed.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Highlights from Miami

Roger King's house!!

Boat ride

On a catamaran ride, thanks to kieran, selene's cousin.
Beautiful. Relaxing.

Ahhh! The love!

I woke up once again to the most incredible emails from Lysa.
I'm melting just looking at all the photos of Mikayla, Lysa and the
big belly of baby Arianna.
I love the fact that there are people in life that you can see and/or
talk to only once year or less and yet the deep love and support is
still so honest and true and infinite.
So fortunate for those relationships.

Toe situation

I stepped on something with my left foot yesterday. It was aching
after and through the night but I just went for a run and now my toes/
foot are a wee more swollen & stinging.
Do you think it's just my toes manipulating me into a new pedicure?
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