Thursday, April 30, 2009

you should sign up for these emails

Each week you can receive emails from the MoveOn organization regarding current issues on everything from education and advocacy to politics. Within each email is a short story regarding important battles in Congress and how you can help (signing petitions and/or donating money).
Check out some of their recent campaigns and learn a bit more about the organizations at:



Amy, thank you so much for sharing this. I cannot even begin to explain how hilarious I think it is. When I was in Tanzania I came across a woman driving in a car roughly the size of a Persian cat, she was, on the other hand, close to the same weight as an elephant with hair weighing in around the same as a banyan tree. Here, we have what looks like her cousin or at least a very very dear friend.


more incredibly amazing "loves and hates" from lori!

Lori's loves

1. The sound of rain on a tin roof
2. The beach (Ban Tai and Tamarindo)
3. Hugs and kisses from my baby
4. My man's sexy shoulders
5. Singing in the car at the top of my lungs
6. Friday 5:01PM
7. Volleyball
8. Feeling good in a new outfit
9. Bargin hunting
10. Working in my garden on a warm sunny day

Lori's Hates

1. Bad drivers (I'm from MA I know how to drive!)
2. Crocs and sweat pants
3. garbage/ not recycling
4. When "people" embarrass me in public
5. Leaving my baby to go to work
6. Regretting decisions/actions
7. Finding a strange dog's poop in my yard
8. Anxiety attacks
9. pee on a public toilet seat
10. Being land locked

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hey chrissy & john!

This one's for you!

Miss you already. Thanks for everything - like for offering up your
charleston chews to chuck at that old hag in the car behind us and for
driving the troll to the bathroom (next time flush her) and for
teaching us about human intellect - small head = dumb, big baby =
genius, Asian failures = hard workers, lobster claws on people =
grotesque, Natalie = Kathy, bar mitzvahs = mucho dinero.

Big kiss.

I've been slacking

A few hearts to show my love since I'm too out of it to write anything worthy.

Today was a rough day, too many 5am call times in a row, too many miles walked while shooting...
Hate to complain but I'm tired. Really really tired.

Night, night.xo


Words cannot describe how happy this picture makes me.
After years of watching the most wildly talented group of guys work on ccs, my (ex) brother brand from alloy, this week their first free standing store opens.
They were sold to Footlocker around December and have been working hours only bankers typically clock. Finally the sweet sight of success. Working with my company, as much as they were treated like the Gods they are, a store was never a thought. Now, about 6 months later, bam! I cannot help but assume they all feel a bit vindicated as they watch the final touches happen.
I, feel pride and oh-so-much joy for them.

bountiful, beautiful, blissful

As Lysa's due date draws closer, I'm energetically being pulled to check my inbox hourly to see if the arrival of her baby bun has happened.

When the note with the attached photos popped into my mailbox I nearly knocked a kid over trying to get better reception with my phone to retrieve the pictures. Alas, no pictures of the sure to be prophet child, but instead this gorgeous pictures of Lysa and Mikayla (and Mike, not seen here) celebrating the near arrival of angel Arianna as well as all the love this little family holds.

Lysa is such a strong, inspirational person, these photos detail just that for me. In each photo the love and peace seems to be captured all around as well as within her. What a fortunate child Little Ari is. Every child should be brought into this world with as much love, knowledge and awareness as Lysa possesses - the world would be a much more peaceful, beautiful place. Hopefully one day.

ps, let's all start the highly regarded dialate chant! as much as Lysa doesn't want to wish these final moments of pregnancy away, being comfortable would be a pretty great feeling too. Deep down I'm hoping Arianna holds off for the 7th so we can share a birthday!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the cutest thing ever

Lori emailed me this list, also known as an insane amount of happiness, this morning. I cannot even begin to tell you how great this was to get today. Made me glow!

Things Audy loves...
1. Cats
2. Baby dolls
3 being pushed high on a swing
4. any body of water, sprinkler, sink or tub to play in
5. walking the dog like a big girl (holding the leash)
6. her "B" (pacifier)
7. reading books
8. climbing the stairs
9. fruit-watermelon, grapes, apples, oranges
10. when you lay down on the floor next to her (Tilly too!)

Things Audy doesn't love....
1. When kitty cats run away or worse swat
2. being told not to throw food on the floor
3. when you won't let her go outside
4. wearing clothes
5. baby gate
6. getting her hands dirty
7. waiting patiently for a "B" or "ba ba"
8. blankets and covers at night
9. wet shirt (after eating)
10. sitting still at restaurants

Bully babies

Saw two fat bully friendships this morning. Boyfriends for baby taloo
I hope my girl has been getting a good daily workout in because these
men are handsome with plenty of lady friend options. Taloo's waistline
needs to be in tip top shape.

Sleepy models

Working hard in the job.

The sun is shining

Breezy and beautiful.

I feel as if I've been here for a month and been participating in an
all you can eat contest the whole time. Yum.

Monday, April 27, 2009

A billion brides

In the biggest dresses ever. Weird.

fascinating bit

Researchers have proven that looking into each others eyes, actually stimulates the release of the "love" hormone oxytocin, the same hormone that gives women the universal sense of "falling in love," during childbirth.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

say hi... amanda's baby belly - her little girl is growing big in there.

she's actually much bigger than this photo shows.

day well spent

We scouted all of Charleston from 9am till just now. There isn't a square inch of this city and it's outskirts that we haven't seen. Nor is there a foot space I don't love. Everything is picturesque, everything is quaint, everything is easy to navigate.

Usually at this point in my shoot I begin to get a little nervous, at around the same time I no longer sleep or eat properly. But this time, this shoot, it's a whole new world for me. It's going to be beautiful!!!!!

This is what I call karma working on my side. A whole week with a killer crew of people, in a stunning location with a weather forecast that is what dreams are made of.



I asked the mother duck and she said it was ok to take her little hatchlings back to NYC with me.

According to my producer on the shoot, ducks can be fantastic pets. A friend of his has one that wears a diaper and chills in the house with the whole family, couch, kitchen, bed. I wouldn't go that far but I sure wouldn't mind a bathtub buddy.

Sweet somethings

I love this place. It's my top choice if I win the lotto or strike it
big somehow otherwise.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm REALLY happy

Arrived to charleston. It's mid-80s, I'm strolling through an organic
farmer and craft market across the street from my hotel and I have 2
hours alone to breathe.

I cannot recall the last time I felt this great.

Life is good.

On the plane

This is my seatmate.
Which is an understatement. More like the woman sitting on my lap.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Empathy is your pain in my heart. -Ashley

I just got to spend a wonderful a few hours with Ashley as the sun
went down.

She is one smart, generous, loving gal. It's crazy how there are days
where I can feel a great energy pull between us, she's got something
really special to her which constantly keeps us bantering happy words.

Mom, she knows 3 squeezes! That right there says it all.

Ash, I love you and am really so psyched to call you my friend. You
are a rare soul full of goodness. Thank you for sharing that good with

a simple thank you

I just want to thank my parents for raising me to understand the power of a thank you. Whether it be a simple phone call, text, email or a hand written note. It's incredible how far it can go.

That being said, I sent Deana from the beach club some goodies and the thank you note I got in return has brought me to my knees. I'm in shock over how kind her words were and how quickly I got her thank you in the mail. It amazes me how sometimes you don't think what you're doing means much to people, but then you get their reaction to it and then you're actually the one who's thankful.

when reiki entered our family

A lot of people reading this are actually outside of my direct family, therefore chances are the only stuff you know about the other Fasolino's that have lived at 12 Stone Hollow Way, is based off of what I write about them here.
So instead of me always talking to you regarding them, I've asked them to answer some questions so everyone else can get to know the greatness I get to experience each day.

Starting here today, with my mom, through an interview you'll get to know about Reiki, the phenomenal practice that has truly changed our family forever.

Me: how do you explain to someone who knows nothing about reiki, what it is & how it effects people?
MOM: Reiki is a hands on healing that has been around for thousands of years, noted in the hyroglyphics and more recently came to the western world in the last 30 years, although has been used in the Eastern world and South America for unknown amounts of time. The hands on healing uses the universal energy that is all around all of us. It works on 4 levels: the spiritual, psychological, emotional and physical. There is absolutely nothing dangerous about it and it has been proven to clear the chakras of the body to balance them, relieving any dis-ease of the body and mind.

Me: briefly discuss your 1st experience with it and what made you get into this field:
MOM: My first experience with energy healing was when you were a Freshman in college and you were healed after many doctors could not diagnosis you and you were failing right in front of my eyes. My angel nurse walked in. She was trained in Reiki and Therapeutic Touch. Within just a few minutes I could see the healing take place---my daughter was healed!!! It was definitely a miracle--even your Harvard trained doctors asked "what miracle happened last night". Needless to say when you said to me "you must learn this," I did!

Me: so on a day to day basis how does this work effect your life?
MOM: Although I always believed in the power of prayer and God this work has just enhanced my beliefs. I have seen great changes in people in many aspects. I truly believe that we are the makers of our destiny-good or bad. However, we all can change and I have seen this with all of my clients. People with huge crisises have learned to "live in the now" and really LIVE. I personally pretty much keep a very positive attitude about life but when I become "human" and get down I just remind myself that this too will pass--guess what? It does and life only gets better. Also, I insist that people search inside themselves and be grateful for both the negative and positive things that are handed to us. Great growth from this. Also, I ask them to "forgive" because in forgiving we can go on to a better place. This does not mean that you must forgive the "act".

Me: obviously there are people who don't believe in this work, what do you tell them?
MOM: I simply tell people that are non-believers to just enjoy the peace of the session. Inevitably they love the balance & comfort they get and normally ask for more. I believe that when you were healed that I thought that you were simply hypnotized and that you would get sick again----when you stayed healed, I truly believed.

Me: are there any ages that react better or are more open to it?
MOM: I love working with children. They are so open and "feel" the energy even more than adults. Most have described it as having "the angels flutter all around me" Even those who were never "told" about angels. Very exciting!

Me: you are constantly giving me life changing advice, what are a few words you'd like to tell people reading this to live by?
MOM: My advice is always, live in the moment, your words and thoughts create your reality, be grateful for everything and forgive. Those are most important .

Me: do you have a mantra of sorts you work with to keep yourself and others balanced?
MOM: My mantra to all is "I am healthy and happy and I intend to stay that way." Without question this affirmation is the most important, it covers all bases.

Me: can you tell me the top 5 things you are thankful for at this moment?
MOM: Top 5 things that I am grateful for right now is. 1. Cousin John pulled through his crisis 2. your blog 3. my wonderful family 4. our health, especially Audrey 5. my animals and the wild ones outside my window (this was done a while back, must add 6. 10/24/09)

Me: anything you'd like to say about love and relationships?
MOM: What can I say about love and relationships. First I would say that without love there just isn't anything. To love you must love yourself first and foremost then respect and be honest with our love ones and give them "space" and independance. We must work hard at all of the above. Also, humor MUST be part of the equation. You personally don't need the wit but appreciate it in others. Stay healthy so that your relationships will last even longer. "Things" are only things but people with all their uniqueness and quirks are interesting and keeps life zesty. LIVE life to the Fullest. Then and only then will relationships work. Truth and honesty is essential ingredients to any relationship lasting.

Me: if you could spend one afternoon with one person, who would it be and why?
MOM: It would definitely be my mother and father (I know that's 2) but they were a special pair. Why? Because they were funny, loving and never pressured me and I miss them terribly.

Me: what are the 3-5 things you are most proud of in life?
MOM: I am most proud of my kids and the way they grew up to be very endearing, loving, giving and beautiful adults in this very tumultous world. I am happy and proud that I can be of help to strangers as well as friends, proud that dad and I were able to keep our love growing for 38+ years, who's counting the first 5 of dating? My patience and patients and my ever growing friendships, but mostly my old friendships and lastly my wonderful pets that have taught me what unconditional love is all about.

Me: want to say a little something about your family
MOM: My family---where do I start? Each one of us are very unique and normally we respect that in each of us. I believe that we will always be there for one another regardless of distance or situations. My family is my everything and I am proud of that and them. My parents and extended family taught me the real importance of life and living. Even though money is extremely important, it is at the bottom of my list. The joy of a hug, a smile and arms outstretched by Audrey and the "I love you Mom's" are the absolute payola. Life is really that simple


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another iPhone app masterpiece

Thank you Alusha.

Thank the lord

The forecast for charleston for the next week. Just as long as it
keeps up for the remainder of the week that I'm there it'll be all good.

Anyone been there and have good ideas on spots to see, places to eat
and shops to hit?

I'll be shooting around the clock so the shopping is the least
important. But food and site suggestions would be muy bueno.


That's a cat on that mans head

this is absurdly good!!

Sophie and Sadie

Say hello to the Zaro's new pup, Sadie. She's getting loved by her big sis Sophie in this photo.
Heaven in a labradoodle dog suit.


Alan shared this outstanding photographs with me, his friend actually has a book load of them from his family who fought in WW2. Apparently he's hoping to do a photographic book with them, as he should, including stories for each photo from what's been written on the back.
Inspired me to search through all of our old photos, there's such a story to be told from old pictures. Such a real moment. Rather than now, when we take 30 pictures just to save one.

Enjoy these photos, really take time with them, there's such a daunting, yet magical feeling if you really look into them.

how are you?

Audrey, are you out there? How are you and your mom and dad doing? Send me a sign!

Miss you guys!!


I had this crazy dream about Rob Flower last night. He was the captain of a boat that all these brides were on - like the whole thing was filled with ladies in wedding dresses and he was there in a skippers uniform driving the boat on the Hudson River. I was going on my evening run and saw him and all the girls were screaming to me trying to get my attention and Rob was honking the big horn on the boat. What could that be all about????? Ideas?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some guy named Jake, 32 yrs old

Read this on a blog where they asked 10 guys to answer two questions -
name 10 things you love and 10 things you hate. This guy jake's
answers are phenomenal.

Things you love:
My family and pets
Different opinions
Sex during a thunderstorm
Deep beauty
The first 20 seconds of "shut your eyes" by snow patrol
Sarah palin's hairdo
The movie pineapple express
The dessert my great auntie makes on Christmas
Girls that can talk without speaking

The extinction of polar bears
Girls that desguise themselves as good people but are secretly twats
LA traffic
Wishing the day away
A solid girl who dates a douchebag
Opening my wallet to find only $1
My mom's famous quote: "I don't need anything" but when you show up
empty handed she's upset for a week
Thongs and songs about them
A chick who doesn't feel comfortable in her skin

He then went on to say:
"is that too many things about girls being weak? Is it obvious my
heart's been smashed? Haha." Oh jake...

What would you answer? Lori and T, what would audy answer?

words of wisdom, part 1 from DAD

I'm going to write weekly a few pieces of really really solid advice that my family has taught me through the years. Things I never want to forget, things I want to be sure to pass along to my children, things I want my friends to learn and in turn pass along.
Today's post might be the best lesson of all, thanks to dad for instilling it within me since I was a wee one.

"take a shower, you'll feel better."

if you don't believe him, go for it. Come on, give it a try. And when you indeed feel better from the shower, call him to thank him - this is advice that will stick with you for a lifetime. Truly.

I work with this girl

Can you imagine having the balls to bring this to work and show to people?
If this doesn't make you laugh, you're hopeless.

chemo can be a least for me.

I know this is going to be hard to believe but the best part of my week so far was going to chemo with Selene this morning.
I am not exaggerating when I say it was the most laughter I've had all week, maybe even in 2 weeks.

She is a champion, such a brave soul. Being in that teeny, dingy, freaky room for that hour+ was one of the more fulfilling things I've done in quite some time. It gave me the same feeling that cleaning out my closet or washing a really filthy car or painting and repainting the back deck with dad would do.

Clearly the time in that room had a different effect on Selene, but I could tell she wasn't anxious and was actually quite enjoying herself. I guess there's something nice about erasing the rest of the world for a moment and just being there, in that room, having nothing else to face other than what you're living at that second. So instead of being scared or sad, it was fun and joyous. The way all of life should be. Day to day.

I really wish everyone could learn to live like Selene. To see it's the little things that are most important in life. How it's the little things that people do for you that show who they are how much they care. Small gestures can mean a lot. And how just appreciating people for who they are and what they bring you in life is what it's all about.

reasons to smile

Jenny sent me this brilliant list. Hope it makes you as happy as it made me.

Things to look forward to:
Wet dog noses
The smell of rain in April
Making out in taxi cabs
Cherry Italian Ices
Boys who play guitar
First kisses
Bad reality TV
Chinese food when hungover
Great vintage fashion finds
Sleeping with the windows open
Sunday Styles section of the NY Times
A good supportive bra
Sleeping babies
Falafel cart in midtown
Girlfriends who hate your ex boyfriends
Sleeping late
Cashmere blankets
Peanut butter sandwiches

Want to win a free day with me?

Meals included.

If you can guess who sent me this picture you win the coveted prize.

May the games begin!

Restrictions: _________, since it was you that sent it to me, you are
not eligible for the winnings. Sorry. You'll get a free day with me
just for spotting the heart of a lifetime.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Friends, part 2

Had another amazing dinner...just as tasty as last night but with much
better company.

Shared my grains and tofu with Jacqui, over conversation that brought
me heaps of insight and a giant mound of love.

Oddly, much of what she was saying was pretty identical to what dad
has been telling me. Great minds think alike.

I wish I could draw giant hearts around people, like a big bubble of
love that follows you around to remind you that I'm grateful for you
and loving you.

Thank you Jax for everything! Go play tiny dancer and sing your heart
out. I'll do the same.
Love you all - xo


why we need each other

this picture kinda sums up a lot for me. just when you think you can do life by yourself, there are days when you realize it's much better shared.

I should be an iPhone spokesperson

I got a new application for my iPhone this week. I played with it
while on the bike at the gym this morning and came up with so many
excitingly fun things to do with it.
This photo is one of my favorites now bc I think I look just like my
mom. The grain has a 1970s feel which really makes it comparable to a
photo of her at that exact time.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The lovely Ms Kristyn Lobo Lobo

Sometimes I'm shocked by how fortunate I am to be surrounded by the
friends I have. Not only are they all absurdly generous, soulful and
hilarious but they are all beautiful beyond words.
Miss Lobo Lobo over here is no exception and might even top the charts
in more than one area mentioned above. Not to mention the girl could
bring my dad back to his 25 year old self in under 2.4 seconds. On
some days maybe a few more milliseconds needed, but never does she cease
to bring a smile to his face. Or mine. Or really anyone she meets. I
love the way lobo lives life. She's bohemian in a way that people no
longer are. Her spirit and mind are free of all the toxic crap that
NYC or really that society fuels most people with. Oh lobo. In my next
life I'm coming back as you. Or your brother. Or sister. Or a lobo
dog. Even if I'm three legged. It's all good.

Thanks for my heart. A glass heart is the most precious kind. xx

Is it a prerequisite?

Wait, do all baseball fans have to have a belly large enough to fit
baby elephants in?

Best dinner

I made dinner for myself tonight. After a very short session at the
gym I went so far as to grocery shop for more than water, soy milk and

This lovely dish is my masterpiece. Barley, carrots, celery, raisins,
parsley and peppers in an agave and almond milk sauce. I was going to
add tofu but I got lazy and hungry.

So yum. So full of pride.

just got this email from an old coworker

If anyone is interested, his email is:

Hello. I wanted to let many of my friends know that my wife and I are planing to open our own business. The idea is to recycle maternity clothes and other related products, i.e. diaper bags. We are buying up many lots of maternity clothes from all over the country in preparation for a store opening. If any of you have maternity clothes that are just sitting in bins taking up space, here is a chance to make some cash for them. If anyone you know is looking to sell their maternity clothes, please feel free to send them my info. We are mostly looking for designer clothes, but are willing to take a look at the lower end stuff as well. We will buy the whole lot, so anything that we do not re-sell, we are planning to give to a local charity that supports pregnant women. Thanks.

on my ipod

Listening to Tiny Dancer nonstop on repeat.
God how I love that song, but I'm especially fond of the following lines:

Always with me, tiny dancer in my hand
But oh how it feels so real
Laying here with no one near
Only you and you can hear me
When I say softly slowly
Hold me closer tiny dancer
You had a busy day today

Karma karma karma

I jumped in a taxi today and discovered some poor person left his
laptop, cell and tons of papers.

After going through his cell phone text messages (nothing juicy) I
found his home number, called and spoke to the owner who was screaming
with joy.
He offered me a reward and being that he lives at the prestigious 960
5th ave, I figured it would be good. But I declined in the hopes of
karma rewarding me instead.

Come on karma, cut me a break one of these fine days!


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, as I did.
The sun shining was exactly what the world (or at least the tri-sate area) needed. For me, a day at the beach, followed by another day of reading outside on the back deck and eating endless amounts of mom and dad's goodness. Life is good.
This sullen Monday is much more bearable because of the bright rays that came down all weekend. Enjoy today and this week, just think back to the weekend heat whenever you feel like pouting over the cold today.

Friday, April 17, 2009


This blog was originally started to keep my mom, mostly, updated on my life. To keep her in loop as I travel from place to place and work around the clock. Since it began only a few short months ago, it's become much more than that - especially to the relationship I hold with you, mom.
Somehow I feel like our relationship has gotten stronger through this daily banter. And because of that I've been able to see you in an even grander light. A few things I want you, and anyone reading this to know:

They say mom's are always right. Well, my mom isn't just always right - she's right without an ounce of "I told you so." She's right before I even know what's wrong. She's right when I'm laying on the table getting reiki not saying a single word. She is so tapped in to the universe, to be wrong would be questioning science and all things publicly "acceptable."

The word accepting was truly defined the day my mom became a mom. I've been a terror in my life. Done things, said things, ruined things, tried to run things. But she has taken me for who I am and let me run with it until I sorted my bad self out. Still a work in progress, obviously. She's opened her doors to the world. To degenerate boyfriends, to hopeless friends, to random strangers, to sick cats, pigs, turtles, birds and countless other creatures that roam this planet. She gets them all to understand what this life is about - forget the money, forget power, forget physical beauty, look within and find yourself and what YOU love. What will make YOU happier as you walk this world through your lifetime. She accepts that some may want to remain degenerates. She accepts that some make mistake after mistake after mistake. She accepts that not everyone believes in her work right off the bat. But she makes every person and animal feel the same things: Loved. Accepted. And you don't have to be on your own. She will take you home, to a place you deserve to be. To a safe place and she'll teach you how to accept yourself and stay there happily forever.

Her wisdom is something she knows how to pass on. Which is rare. I could go on and on but I want to save some of this for another time. Before I sign off though, I want to say one more very important thing: I love you and cannot wait to be a mother of strength, happiness, love and brilliance, the same mother as you've been to me.

Have a great weekend. Much love, n


Love this photo of Nicole Richie. And love even more how my old intern Lauren sent it to me and said "for some reason this picture reminds me of you and your effortless beauty."
How damn sweet is that? Especially because lately I wouldn't fancy myself a beauty queen. Effortless? Hell yeah. Beauty? Not so much.

Must get suntan pronto. A little bronzed up cheeks change everything.

Mom and dad, we're getting some beach time in this weekend, even if I have to go with a sweatshirt and snow boots.

And the little sister

Liv, peacefully asleep. Another lucky Kahn.

Big sister Ava

Jenna and the little lady are out enjoying this beautiful day. I couldn't be more jealous.
I want a balloon and my face painted. And to sit in a stroller while someone wheels me around as the sun shines on my face.

Ahhhh, the life of a Kahn lady.

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