Friday, July 31, 2009

Meliss does Elaine

Meet Melissa, my old old old intern from seventeen and the current fashion director at Delias. She is hilarious and happy and full of life. Here she is doing her best impression of Elaine from Seinfeld. Love her.

H&M home store

I cannot believe I didn't know about this sooner...apparently H&M opened a home goods store in February of 2009. This is what I just found out from the blog on

Per the press release, the range will be exclusively available online and through a directional mail order catalogue, this is H&M’s first foray into the interiors arena and will offer shoppers the opportunity to stylishly transform every room of the home. The first collection will be available from February 2009 in the markets where distance selling is already established: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. (Too bad US is not on the list yet, but I’m sure it will make way here soon if the outcome is good!)


*image from kissing cage
A handful of stars for you to start your weekend - hope it's perfect.

found this in a stack of inspiration photos. it's a good one.

from Jenny, my godsent

5 things that make me smile.
1. the above picture, two of my oldest and closest friends, who put up with all of my drama.
2. jojo strom, my best friend's adorable little mini-me
3. madison monchichi meyer, especially her pink belly
4. the end of fashion week
5. forgetting sarah marshall

My Jax

the below email from Jax made me smile, so big.
thank you sweetness. thank you thank you.

5 things
That make me smile….


  1. 1. your belly
  2. 2. scot – everything scot, but especially when he does his silly dance with the snapping. The snapping is the cherry on top.
  3. 3. pokey and marly
  4. 4. the thought of us all being together in italy
  5. 5. the next generation of us. And how your little lover taco face is going to be a role model to my little peanut nose.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

sorry for the sad post

Here's some joy.

I wish...a totally random stream of consciousness...

I wish I was sitting at the desk in the photo above. I wish I had the time to do all the things I close my eyes and dream of doing on a daily basis. I wish I could take all the drugs, cancer, bullshit radiation talk away from Selene and flush it down a really strong toilet and never let it see the light of day again. I wish the hours would go by slower so I could be everything for everyone and never disappoint a single soul even for just a moment ever again. I wish it was July 1st and I had the whole month to do over. I wish I could exercise and go for the longest run of my life and listen to every playlist I ever made along the way, recalling each and every reason I put each and every song on. I wish I was with Tallulah at this very moment and she could speak and tell me how she feels and put my mind at ease so that I don't fear that when this child comes Taloo's jealousy will be an issue. I wish I could sit with my grandparents and have them tell me stories about their life and have them advise me on how to live my own. I wish there was a person on my shoulder to whisper "you can do it" when the days get tough or when I get tired. I wish for just a moment the future was clear and only beauty sat on the horizon because deep down I know it's all going to be magical but there's always that "but" that holds me back. I wish my feet never got tired and my sandals never got dirty so I could walk forever and ever and see every bit of the world with my own eyes. I wish people would be honest and open with their feelings not just to the world around them but to themselves. I wish more of the population could feel more compassion and see that money and things don't mean anything and that this life is all about true love and understanding and giving and enjoying. I wish that with every penny I threw in every fountain every wish would come true. I wish all my friends would have an easier day and write me an email with a list of 5 things that make them smile. I wish no one I knew had to ever worry about money or health issues. I wish I liked hugs because right now one would probably be a good solution to my temporary lapse of sanity and happiness. I wish I had a million amazing things to blog about so I could make everyone smile the way they deserve to. 

About time...

U.S. Adviser's Blunt Memo on Iraq: Time 'to Go Home'

A senior American military adviser in Baghdad has concluded
in an unusually blunt memo that the Iraqi forces suffer from
deeply entrenched deficiencies but are now capable of
protecting the Iraqi government and that it is time "for the
U.S. to declare victory and go home."

Read More:

I'm tired and wish I was on the beach. There's really nothing more to say. Oh other than I hope you have a peaceful, happy day.

*photos from dancing to the beat of rain

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Loving this bright and happy street style picture from here.

it's official

I've got the biggest belly button in the history of mankind. AND, I'm ok with it.

I came across this photo today and it made me so happy yet so sad at the same time. Time and the feelings that can erupt from days gone by and changes that come can really stun you when you least expect it. 

a little something for everyone on this dreary day

*photo credits: left: Myla, middle: Matthew Williamson store in London, right: Topshop

Dad, the image on the left is for you.
Mom, the one in the middle for you.
Everyone else, Kate Moss for Topshop. Cause everyone loves Kate. Right?


I left the office after a big rain and thunder storm a few nights ago, to be greeted by the most tremendously peaceful pink sky. As I walked along I noticed that the streets were glowing pink as the all the puddles from the rain were reflecting the same pink sky. 

Here, my walk, puddle by puddle, until a little thing called a heart sat literally below my feet. 


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Luxury Link

Do you know about this website? It's a little piece of heaven on the internet.

Luxury Link:

mom, I love you

And thank you for always loving me.


*I'm living for these shoes today. picture from
Although I've been running around like a lunatic all day, thought I'd stop for a moment and share some bits of happiness I'm thinking and feeling today...

1. I got to spend some brief time with Rachel, whom I never get to see, so it was truly a treat. She is one of the best moms out there and yet balances all of life so seamlessly that I can only pray to the Goddesses of chillness that I be so capable.

2. today is my friend Rocky's birthday. And although almost all of you don't know him, you must have trust in me when I say this man is perfection and deserves the best evening of celebration and the next year of his life to be full of nothing but goodness.

3. the sun is shining and the air is HOT. my ideal day.

4. I just spoke to my doctor and apparently all is wonderful with the babe. I had a huge scare last week but in the end she says everything is great and there's no need to be worried.

5. Jenna, after a huge scare of her own and being in and out of the hospital, is finally ok. She's such an unexpectedly tough one. You never ever hear her complain about anything. Amazing.

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My sweet coworker, Laura Kim, lost her pup to a horrible complication with a vet a few months back. Below you can find Zooey and the kind words that will forever immortalize her on the NYT website.

if I were a blog, this is what i'd be

It's fabulous. So become a follower, enjoy it daily, dress better.
Or this look. Love it.

From the new J. Crew catalog for Fall 2009. They constantly do a brilliant job. Season after season they blow everyone else away. How do they do it? Oh yes, I know, they have a team of the most talented people in the business. Lucky. I need to go work over there soon...

Does anyone know who shot their new stuff? Please leave a comment if so.

So I just pulled this picture off of A Girl Named Bong. Although she isn't into the look, I am loving it, wishing I was wearing it right this very moment, instead of the giant moomoo I'm sporting.

Run Ashley, RUN!

As most of you know from my begging and pleading for a great running playlist, Ashley (seen in the photo above) is running the NYC marathon on November 1st. Please click on the link below and donate to her amazing cause - Free Arts NYC:

To find out more about Free Arts NYC, go to:

Monday, July 27, 2009

all my girls feeling the love

Cole, Jade and Luca

How incredibly lucky is their mom, Missy? Cutest, sweetest, mushiest boys ever.

I love this spend, save, help idea

Shop away!

Nicole, 6.5 months. Arturo, 7 months.

Who is Gail Collins? Cause I think she's a genius...

This comes from the NY Times yesterday...sooooo funny.

Things Can Always Be Worse

by Gail Collins

Once again, it’s time to look for a silver lining.

The health care bill is a mess in Congress. But at least the Senate voted to stop constructing the stupid F-22 fighter — and they did it before the plane contract’s 30th anniversary!

California is about to whack the heck out of funding for its school system. But on the plus side, the Legislature rescued the money that localities needed to continue identifying dead bodies in their morgues. We hate it when they balance the budget on the back of the corpses.

In New York (Most Dysfunctional State in the Union! Thanks, National Journal!), Albany is being run mainly by thugs and people who were appointed to fill sudden vacancies. But I’m happy to report that we do have a lieutenant governor for the moment, thanks to an emergency swearing-in ceremony at a steakhouse in Brooklyn, two minutes ahead of Republicans waving court orders.

The governor of Nevada is being sued by a cocktail waitress, who claims he assaulted her outside a nightclub, and his wife, who wants a divorce. But at least he is doing better than the state’s lieutenant governor, who is facing felony charges for misusing funds when he was the state treasurer. And not all that much worse than Nevada’s U.S. senator, who had that affair with the campaign bookkeeper who was married to his chief of staff.

No matter what dreadful embarrassment your state is facing, you can always console yourself by remembering that you do not live in New Jersey. On Thursday, a vast corruption sweep there netted three mayors, two state assemblymen, five rabbis and a guy who had allegedly been running an organ-trafficking business that has left swathes of the population of Moldova walking around with only one kidney.

If you do live in New Jersey, console yourself by remembering that the organ-trafficking business was actually run by a guy in Brooklyn.

Among the indicted mayors was Peter Cammarano III, Hoboken’s 32-year-old “thoughtful fighter” whose reform agenda had raised hopes in a city so beleaguered that it had been under control of a state monitor.

“Though we campaigned with fists raised, I now extend my hand,” Cammarano said after taking the oath of office. This was three weeks ago. At the time, no one understood it was a double-entendre.

I hate it when reform mayors get indicted. Although it does make me feel better about the fact that in New York, the reform governor was not actually indicted but only forced to resign because of a hugely humiliating sex scandal.

The New Jersey story is particularly dispiriting because it appears that the original federal investigation was not aimed at government corruption at all, but a money-laundering scheme centered in a town appropriately named Deal. This case involved Israel, Switzerland and an Apple Jacks cereal box stuffed with $97,000 — all of which was very regrettable, but not the sort of thing likely to give nightmares to lovers of democracy around the globe.

However, it turned out that once the informant began driving around with a trunk filled with laundered money, government officials popped up like so many beagles sniffing an unsupervised hot dog. And these public servants were depressingly inexpensive. Five-thousand dollars appeared to be the going rate for pretty much everything in the political favor department. Although there was a reform assemblyman who allegedly got $15,000. And, of course, the kidney would set you back a bundle.

According to the indictments, one employee of the Hudson County Board of Elections did complain that he was being shortchanged when he was paid $2,500. And although his name is now linked to a scandal that is roiling New Jersey with shame, he is probably comforted in the knowledge that he was absolutely right.

Hard to come up with any consolation for the people of Hoboken, who turned on the TV Thursday night and saw their brand-new mayor being hauled off in handcuffs. While Cammarano was campaigning to “build a better, stronger, more-affordable Hoboken” he was also allegedly sitting down at a diner with a federal informant, who promised to give him two $5,000 payments in return for help with various development projects.

And, oh, bitter pill — the prosecutors say he lightheartedly told the informant that he was so popular that he could win the election even if he was “uh, indicted.”

The voters can tell themselves that at least they tried. Cammarano’s official biography boasts that he championed ethics and open government and sponsored a law requiring “that all wood products purchased for municipal projects are certified as non-rain forest in origin.” Whoever told us to beware of politicians bearing rain forest resolutions?

And it could have been worse. At least Hoboken’s indicted mayor isn’t the cut-rate $2,500 kind. And at last report, everybody was still hanging on to their kidneys.

What is wrong with this woman??????????

"a thing of great beauty will soon bring you great joy"

(my fortune last night)

Naked baby Taloo

She loves to play the victim early in the morning. Poor fatty rooroo.

Princess Audrey Simone

In honor of audy's 2nd birthday yesterday, a giant rainbow appeared
over the beach. This was 10 min after it first shined so you can only
imagine how vibrant it was to begin with.
Beautiful, just like the little princess of jumping castles. Happy
birthday Little A!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I took my first birthing class today. Max was kind enough to join me as he actually plans on being part of the whole push, breathe, push, breathe, here's the baby head process. 
I've decided to birth through a process called hypno-birthing, which involves something very similar to being hypnotized, but is more along the lines of meditation through visualization. I've been fortunate enough to work with my mom with these techniques through the years and have found they are the most calming, smoothing and controlling ways for me to take both my body and mind to a stress-free state while being totally in control at all times. 
If you don't know much about any of these practices, look them up and try them yourself. It all may seem quite hokey, but the more you believe and try them, the more you will start to see how incredibly useful they can be on a day to day basis. 
Now just hope they can carry me through labor in a chilled out state...ahhh....

these pictures sum up why i love life so much & why this photo crew makes me cry with happiness

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