Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a quick note

have now been in venice for 3 days and am madly in love with it despite the extreme heat during the day.
i am moving slow but happily doing so.
my dream is to one day fly all my family and loved ones here to celebrate and enjoy life together. it is just so magical and beautiful.
i am staying at a gorgeous place called san clemente palace and it is truly a slice of heaven on earth.
hope everyone is staying cool and happy. thinking of you...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

And I'm off

I've got my circulation socks, water and alarm set for every 25
minutes. This should be a very interesting trip.
Can't wait to arrive so I can put everyones mind at ease.
Thank you all for your calls, support and advice. Me and babe will be
Big hugs.

I met this little love at the airport. She's hilarious and making me so happy

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

i'm obsessing over this song

Walk home hearts

photo from here
I just read that people's memories are better linked to smells than faces. Which is a frightful thought for someone like me that revels in the sweet smell of sweat. Pure, hot summer sweat.
I'm thinking I might need to pick a scent to start this new chapter of my life.
Any ideas on where I should begin. Willow is my favorite smelling friend, but can I steal her scent? And how on earth do people get those smells to stay on all day long? Mine wears off before I leave the house. Help! Ideas? Thoughts?

what a lucky life

So far my little one has had it reeeeeeeal good in the musical department. Danced with Madonna, rocked out to Kanye, kicked and twisted to Depeche Mode but the biggest and best of all has been the evening at John Legend's concert, being serenaded to the little one's most favorite song EVER "Good Morning."
Since the day I found out I was with child I have played this song to the tummy. The angel has certainly gotten to know it and showed from the beginning that It loves the song. How could you not?

Check out this short video from the show, please take note of the end part of the video when Johnny looks over at me - as he said after, that big smile was for baby! 

Here it is, sorry for the weak cinematography skills.

This post is for Audrey

Little A, saw this on the street and thought of you immediately. Wish you had been with me so we could have grabbed some chalk and colored in the baby chicks together. I've taken note where they are, 26th street between 11th and 12th ave, so next time you are here we can go and play with them.

Missing you! And your cousin, It, says hi and cannot wait to meet you!

I came across this photo last night. Cannot recall the last time I wanted to jump right into a picture so badly and get right in the middle of a hug.
This was taken at Tony and Michele's wedding - each and every photo from it is SO FULL of love and laughter. What all weddings (and days) should be.
Oooooooooh Rosie!!! I just want to squeeze her!

pretty picture from my new favorite lookbook from arnsdorf, find it here
"People often change for two reasons: either you’ve learned enough that you want to change or you’ve been hurt enough that you need to."
-Unknown (via thresca)

photo from samdesantis
Tonight I got to sit for a few hours with a friend that has been a huge source of support, intrigue and confidence for me and has been so without even realizing it, I'm sure.
And tonight, sitting there with this person I've only known for a short amount of time, I realized that life changes without you being able to control it. Sometimes you get stuck in things that you never thought you'd be involved in. Things slap you in the face no matter how hard to you try to dodge it. What you desire most doesn't always prevail. But genuine goodness does.
And if you have solid people - truly kind people - to keep you going through the rough patches, you will make it through with your heart, confidence and dignity in tact.

Oh and a smile on your face.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy happy to the man that makes my Jax happy happy

You two are a match made in heaven. So glad you have each other.
Hope 30 treats you perfectly Scot! Just like you treat lady Jacqueline.
Love you!!

Baby mania

My girl Ellen and her boy Dustin are the proud parents to this gorgeous beast.
How handsome is he?
Taloo, be good and you can date this chocolate mush.

am I becoming obsessed?

photos from here
I'm so sorry if all i ever talk about is being prego and children and other boring stuff like that. When I'm not working (which is rarely), my mind is either on the babe or another babe. 
But truly, I cannot help it. I'm so fucking excited for this moment in my life. Everything I do now is thought out with the kid in mind. From what I drink and eat to what products I buy for cleaning to how I look at everyone around me. It's just all about IT. And what is it? 

Errrrr, the endless curiousity is so damn fun! I cannot ever imagine knowing what IT is while growing within...

Today, I think girl.

Anyway, I promise to take it down a notch and only talk about IT once in a while. Or at least I'll try.

my closet... treating me badly...
photo from here
I go in every morning and do what I distaste most - try and try and try again - until finally something fits on this ever expanding waistline. Do I dare go out and buy maternity? Oh fairy godmother of giant dresses, please sprinkle me with goodies. Or, just hypnotize my friends into forgetting what I wore from day to day so I can repeat, repeat, repeat.

countdown to Italia

I leave this Saturday for Europe, starting in Belgium, moving to Venice and then to Florence before my departure from Rome. 
Oh how I wish I didn't have a giant belly to lug around with me. This heat is brutal, making me feel like a 105 year old woman. Any suggestions on how to stay cool in the 100 degree temps over there? 
And no, mom and concerned friends, staying home is NOT an option...

the storm last night was nutty

so fast and furious. so shockingly tranquil.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not even 12 hours old, and look how beautiful!

Amanda is a true warrior. The birth was natural and a cinch, took less than 2 hours after arriving to the hospital, and bam! A perfect baby girl.
So happy for this tremendously sweet family. 

Jack thinks...

Loving this photo of Chrissy, Selene and Olga taken on The Day Of Perfection, formally known as August 13th, Selene's birthday.
I look at this photo and have this urge to sing That's What Friends Are For by Stevie Wonder at the top of my lungs and hug some strangers in need.

washington square park, aka the best place in NYC on a hot summer's night

here she is

Paloma (aka Lolo), 7 pounds, perfection.


Amanda is a champion! At 9:46am Paloma was born!
Once I get all the details and hopefully get over there to see her today, I will post all the proper info on this beautiful child.


taken from

‘Purple Lady’ (above)
By Saz80 (London, England)
When I look at this image, I just want to know her story. She looks like she’s led a fascinating life, and has amazing stories to tell. I love the flower in her hair, the look on her face, and the wonderful lighting. I even love the coffee cup—it all adds to the story. The colors work so well together and the composition is spot on. The shot, and the subject, have an awful lot of character. I wish I had taken it.

heart trend

I get weekly trend emails from WGSN, the trend forecasting company we use here at work. Today there was this one on hearts:
of course it's a trend...I'm shocked how long it's taken them to catch on...

A dove or a pigeon?

On my walk to work this morning I spotted this teeny love dove walking
along with the crowd.
I normally wouldn't be concerned but it was just so fluffy and small
that I'm convinced it's a baby and either hurt or can't fly.
I, along with another girl, stood by it trying to corral it into a
safe spot.
After 10 minutes or so we both decided it was indeed a dove, not a
pigeon, and it wasn't hurt or a baby but rather a love dove on a
morning mission.
So if you're on 23rd street today and spot this blue eyed baby, be
sure not to step in it.

Phish show on Sunday

No, I didn't go. But those who did got to witness moments like this - a mom and her little one dancing in puddles. Could there be a better way to spend a hot summer's night? I think not.
*photo from aloosh

She's on her way!!!!

Little Lolo is on her way down the birth canal!!!
Amanda's been in labor since 5am and already at the hospital. Say some
prayers that the lady friend comes quickly and easily!!!!
So excited to meet this little one!!!

Hearts in soho

On my walk home.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Seriously, what's going on??

Why are all these people suddenly being diagnosed with brain tumors? Some say it's cell phone usage, could it be??? We all need to be cautious. Call me on my work line from now on, or text me. I hate the phone anyway...

>> Friends of Corinne Day Sell Kate Moss Prints to Help "Save the Day" 
—Corinne Day, whose photographs of Kate Moss at 15 helped launch the model's career, has been suffering from a brain tumor for the past ten years.  Treatment and surgery have so far proved unsuccessful, and because the illness has not allowed Corinne to work for the past year, her friends have banded together to raise funds for further necessary treatment by selling limited edition prints of Day's photographs of Kate Moss — has more details. [

red heads

My mom is convinced I'm holding a redheaded baby in my tummy. And although my mom isalways right, I don't think she is on this one. For one, she thought lady audrey would be white skinned, blonde and light eyed. Instead A is darker than anyone I know after a month on the beach.  
This redheaded idea kinda bothered me for a few months but now I'm embracing the possibility...cause really, anything is possible. 

Here, the gorgeous Taylor Tomasi, senior market editor at Teen Vogue, proudly boasts the beauty of red hair. So whatever comes out at the end of October - red hair, baldy, monkey boy style, whatever, it's all good. Just please be healthy and happy. 

And today I still think it's a girl.

pole dancing - hot or not?

Chrissy and I had a (pole) dance off in the studio the other day. 
I won. Clearly. 

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wishing this day would never end


A meal by meal account of my day.

Ideal day

I am so thankful to max for having us all to his amazingly perfect home all weekend. this has been such a perfect weekend, from the weather to the company to the food. I feel so happy and rested. I just wish I had the chance to stay here all week long and enjoy the sunshine and sea air. Next year...

I fell in love with this line from an email to Selene from her grandmother

> I wish I had little Katherine [her great granddaughter] here with me
> and I could teach her the finer things of life like gin rummy and
> poker,etc!!!

Grandmothers are the best. Ever.

Best morning

So happy. Wonderful day already and it's only 11:30am.

Breakfast hearts

Good morning!
Hope everyones having a fabulous Sunday!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

a wish

I'm seated at my computer overlooking the ocean, everyone is out so the house is super quite, all you can hear is the wind and sea.

All I can think about is my child to be and I just keep praying so hard that this little one has a life as good as I do.
I pray that she sees the beauty in the small stuff and learns from day one to love people for who they are and not who they could be. I wish with all my heart that this child adores the water, long days with friends and family, running barefoot in the sand and grass, dancing, singing at the top of her lungs, finds a thunderstorm intoxicating, understands the peace in listening to your own heartbeat, feels comfort in alone time, basks in the glow of hard core laughter, loves working hard and rewards herself from a job well done, patiently listens to others and never interrupts or tries to outdo, gives a stranger, a friend, a family member extra attention when they are down, wants to have Sunday dinners with me, is never greedy, is selfless without forgetting the importance of giving to herself, has respect and compassion and deep empathy, finds beauty in everything, respects the world and feelings of others, makes wishes as a shooting star goes by and believes it will come true, lives for true joy, never becomes jaded, doesn't stress over weight or body issues, leaves an imprint on everyone she meets, feels confidence when speaking and listening and doing something new, appreciates my friends and family for all I see them all to be and wants to spend time with them even through the tough adolescent years, discovers a world of cultures, finds excitement in the mundane, brings her own sunshine wherever in the world she may go.

And I pray this child enters this world with a smile and it rarely leaves her face.

And I pray she loves me as much as I love her already at this very moment.

And yes, today I think it's a girl...although tomorrow I may think differently.
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