Saturday, October 31, 2009

this is part one, PLEASE watch this first - even funnier than the video

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Slim Thug Feels the Recession
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this is hilarious. selene worked on this faux-video, it's a much watch. too funny...

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Slim Thug's Music Video - Still a Boss
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political HumorHealth Care Crisis

inspiration for the kid

I wanna be this. so come out. now.

It does not get better than this

Jordan, Rachel and Tommy's little angel, walking the manliest bulldog around.

p.s. I die for that jumper she's wearing. I might sport the same one the day I give birth...if I ever give birth.

Part of molly's costume

Queen of hearts! So genius! I'm stealing the idea from her next year.


Sad the little Fasolino didn't arrive for the holiday. I was
considering both of these costumes for it.

Friday, October 30, 2009

some weekend love

happy weekend to all

hoping all of you have the weekend of your dreams.
this is undoubtedly the last weekend of my life not a mom - which feels oddly strange, even though it could have been the case weeks, even months ago...
well i'll be enjoy these final days, as I hope you will too.
sending everyone all of my

Food for thought

Sent to me from a reader. A heart burger. Looooove it.
Two of my favorite things combined!


So a few things about the Yankees win last night:
* I actually loved watching the game. The first baseball game I enjoyed since I was 6 years old, sitting on the ground at my grandparents house watching on a fuzzy tv, not understanding a thing that was going on.

*when did John get to NYC? I thought he was hanging out in Cali with my girls and the troll. And upon arrival in NY, did he bring my favorite friend to coax the baby out?

* the whole time all I could think of was how my grandmother used to love love love those games and how hot it would get in the summer with no a/c as the games went on and on. I can't help but wonder how she'd feel about Kate Hudson dating A-Rod and were there celebs that dated players back then?? Ddi my grandmother ever wish she was a yankee wife? hmmm...

*I'm so sad I missed this performance. Heard it was amazing.

I really hope they win the series. It would make me really happy as it would be such a great connection to my grandmother and the new Bells baby family member.

sample sales meet Daily Candy? Perfection

sign up here, there's no reason this site shouldn't be absolutely amazing...the idea is genius and was put together by the editors of Daily Candy, one of my most favorite sites for the past 8 years...

speaking of sales, two great ones going on now:

Yves Saint Laurent Sample Sale
What: Up to 80 percent off retail prices on ready-to-wear.
Why: In honor of All Saints Day.
When: Thurs., 8 a.m.-8 p.m.; Fri., 8 a.m.-2 p.m.
Where: Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W. 18th St., 4th flr.

A.P.C. Overstock Sale
Women’s, men’s, and accessories up to 80 percent off.
Why: You’re not over it.
When: Fri.-Sun., 11 a.m.-7 p.m.
Where: 33 Grand St., b/t Wythe & Kent Aves., Williamsburg.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

heart head

We met this bully baby named Balthazar on the walk to dinner the other night. It was his handsome body that first attracted me. But on a closer look it was clear that this angel was sporting his very own HEART head. Not as clear in these photos as it was in person unfortunately.
If only I knew they were going to quote me word for word, I would have been at least a bit more articulate.

click here for the article.

taloo's new title

There's been a fear around town that Fatty Taroo Roo might eat the newborn. But last night as we compared bellies and talked about her upcoming position as Big Sister, she assured me all will be good and she will refrain from going dingo-like and eating the baby. Phew.

May I also add how beautiful this child, er dog, is. I mean she's drop dead gorgeous. It's shocking sometimes how she takes my breath away.

Please excuse the unflattering photograph, it's the best she and I could do while showing off our giant tummies.

amanda pratt

on top of making really beautiful babies, being a great friend and always making me laugh, she takes ridiculously amazing photographs. Loving her new stuff...

find all of her work at kate ryan inc. its heavenly.

New York day to night

Found this little New York experiment of sorts on New York Social Diary today. A photo journal of NYC by day vs night. It's beautiful.
Find more of it here.

Meet Bug and Heather's little men!

Liam and Quinn

I made my bed....

So apparently when I said throughout my pregnancy that I loved it so much I wouldn't mind being with child for years, like an elephant, someone took me seriously.
Overdue by 5 days isn't uncommon, in fact 75% of first pregnancies do go past their stated due date. But that doesn't mean giving birth in December is an option.
I am loving each day still, and I am beyond certain this baby is happier than ever before (especially after the best home cooked meal from my mom last night) but I really don't want to be induced, which is now scheduled for November 3rd.
So please, I ask you all to send me dilation vibes to get this kid out on it's own. Please! As much as I love the little belly and the big kicks, inducing will go against all I ever wanted for the please send me love, vibes and most of all messages to the kid that life is even grander once it gets to meet all of you!

update - the ladies in cali

I know you all (dad) were wondering how Chrissy and Olga are doing today. So here, sent from Selene, an update...all is great.

loving this song - the words make me so happy - apparently they're playing it tonight at the yankee game

From Amy - so beautiful

I feel that each and every one of us has a song in our heart. We've come
into this world and chosen this time and in this place to sing it. That
song doesn't necessarily translate to to fame or fortune or creative
pursuits or business conquests, and that's okay. If you ask me, your song is
simply what you value and work to your highest potential to live up to every
day – good relationships, generosity, gratitude, kindness, humility,
service, grace, or simply being loving and kind when it don't come easy.

From Wide Awake in Wonderland

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Nobody could hold a candle to him. He was just there, didn't have to say 'hello' or 'goodbye'."
-Bob Dylan on Mickey rourke

as I've stated before, I love the power of silence. the power of just being...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

stolen from a girl named bong...

So for any of you who are sad for whatever reason, don't be. You can't get back the time you spend in Sad-ville and at the end of the day, it doesn't solve anything.

If you are sad because someone is mean to you, think about all those that love you (including yourself) and don't let them be mean.

If you are sad because your heart was loaned out to someone who lives a zillion miles away, don't be... you'll find the guy your heart truly belongs to.

If you are sad because you are homesick, don't be.. Home will always be there but this time to be adventurous won't be.

If you are sad because this weather on the East Coast sucks donkey b*lls, don't be.. You can always get a great deal for a flight to FLA.


Going through old disks to work on my book/portfolio and found more outtakes from a shoot I was on last year.
We went bonkers with wigs and I actually fell deeply in love with one. I'm clearly not doing well not being on the shoot...

a little something for everyone

well maybe not everyone, but a lot of you...inspiration, excitement, happiness.

I forgot to post this yesterday, but two nights ago I had a dream I gave two bulldogs. Angel and Vinny.

I came across these photos I took in Cali last year at this killer Moroccan style house I shot at.
Oddly, I admit, they made me want to wash my clothes and drink water. Does that make sense? Ok either that or paint a wall really white. Or move to a place where the sun always shines...

Up, wide awake

It's 4:30am. I've been awake for hours trying not to be.
Why is it that when you are the most tired you have the most trouble
falling asleep? Your brain immediately starts to fill with thoughts so
far from anything you wish to think about but there's no stopping it.
I've been staring out the window and in actually quite amazed at the
number of stars one can see in the NYC sky. There's a red haze but
every once in a while there's a small clearing and you can spot these
little stars glimmering.
And then there are the number of apartments where other people are up
- watching tv, on their computer, painting at sva, drinking at their
sink. I wonder if any of them are (pretending to) patiently wait to go
into labor as well?

Monday, October 26, 2009

oh Giselle!


Ok, that last post my not be entirely true.
I wrote that and then thought immediately of my uncle Mickey - whom I happen to think is the most gentlemanly creature to ever walk the planet.
Yes. Literally.

One thing about him that makes me believe that : he has two granddaughters whom he buys donuts for each and every Sunday. Julia gets strawberry glazed while Sophia gets chocolate with sprinkles (my memory could be wrong and it may be the other way around).
Either way, he gets those donuts for those little ladies each weekend. And they LOVE him THAT MUCH more for it. And I, love him and life THAT MUCH more for it.

So thanks Mickey. You keep my spirits alive.

it's official:
chivalry is dead.

this is not complaining but maybe just moaning a bit...

My whole team from work is away on location in Cali for the start of the spring season photo shoot. I am so beyond bummed to not be with them. Selene and Natalie are sending me pictures along the way and I swear they make me tear up. I guess that's when you know you have a great job and work with amazing people...
But here I am, at my desk, 3 days late giving birth, wishing I was with them instead of waiting like a broken hourglass for the time to pass.
I'm trying my hardest to continue like all is normal. But this is fucking hard. I'm walking around looking and feeling like a giant exercise ball with legs. I get these stupid pains that literally take my breath away and I think for just one second, OH! THIS! IS! IT! but then it passes. It's like the damn boy who cried wolf. Yes, that's what these Braxton Hicks things are - they are just the boy that cried when the real thing comes I'm going to be like "nope baby and body, you're just fucking with me - this pain is temporary." and I'll keep moving like nothing is happening...
On top of that I'm not good with being bored and therefore I'm doing work that my intern usually does just to keep myself occupied. What does one do while they wait to go into labor and all the happiness in their life is on the west coast shooting bikinis and pretty dresses??
Oh how I wish I was there to enjoy and make beautiful photos...such is life...sadly....

laura - part 2

Don't know how I just came across these photos but they are of my ex coworker Laura, the one Willow and I did the whole LAURA act for...
she was the cutest prego person ever. luckily she's on her second baby bump now and looking more ravishing than ever I'm sure.

from a random reader named Julia. Thank you! You made my day...
There are two types of people in this world - one that thrives on speaking for filling a space is the only way they feel secure. the other kind of person, the secure kind, revels in silence. feels the attraction between them and the world when there is quiet calm. It's the latter that has the most depth, as they are able to see the beauty in everything with their eyes.
What happens to talkers is they begin to speak about nonsense, they speak and don't have enough positive to say so they talk negative. And the empty space is filled with bad energy.
So talkers here's a piece of advice: be quiet, open your mind not your mouth.

-via iamrose

Sunday, October 25, 2009

if you could wake up anywhere tomorrow, where would it be?

Yesterday I ended up meeting with my doula for a brief lunch and then made my way downtown to purchase this notebook I've been lusting for months.
Along the way my sorry ass got tired and I ducked into this dingy diner to have a tea. I never do food things alone. Ever. 
I'm not the kind of person to make food for myself or order alone and sit there and eat. If I'm alone, I'll go hungry. I don't know what it is about being alone with a bowl and gobbling it down, but something inside of me screams sadness when I even consider it. But the oddest thing is I never consider it. Almost as if I never get hungry unless I'm with other people. And even with others, I'm not hungry ever, it's more the social interaction of eating that gets my appetite in motion.
Well yesterday when I stopped into this little diner someplace along Thompson Street (or was it Mercer?), I sat alone as a woman around mid-50s waited on me. I first felt guilt for not wanting to order food, so I ordered a tea but kept the menu in an attempt to make the waitress believe I'd be filling the table with plates galore.
What did she care? If anything the longer I sat there, the more she came by to see if I was "ready to order" and the more frustration I caused in this poor soul. Well she called me out on it. "You can tell me truth, ya don have to ge anything, cha know?"
It was like staring straight in a mirror and realizing your eyes aren't actually brown, but instead have a ring of green on the inside. 31+ years thinking you had pure brown eyes and now seeing the truth....
I must have looked horrified because she took a seat across from me with her pot of coffee still in her hand. "when is baby coming?" she asked as if to stop the shock of what was going through my head. "hoping today, but so far no coming attractions."
Why I said coming attractions to a woman new to America is just beyond me...
"What's wrong?" At which point I felt more connected to this being than anyone else in the world. I wanted to cry on her shoulder and tell her nothing was wrong other than the suspense was killing me and the phone calls and the text messages and the cramps and the anticipation...
but instead I asked her where she was from and how long she'd been in NYC and where she lived and where the rest of her family was. Dominican Republic. 7 years. Astoria, Queens. All in the DR.
And then I asked her what she thought I was having. And she said "a healthy and happy baby."
So I asked her if she had kids, "oooooh ches! (translation "oh yes!") 4 girls and 2 boys."
I told her I thought it was a boy but I'd be happy with whatever and I just wanted it to come so I could see him/her and make sure it was healthy and ok and how at this point I didn't care about anything else, but the health, its the health that I'm most concerned about.
"Es possible tomorrow morning you wake up with the healthy baby so jus relax en enjoy today."
Which led me to ask her "where would you like to wake up tomorrow?"
Her answer:
"Under the sea, where there are no coffee cups, no bills, no rent. No yelling or beeping cars. Only angel like fishes. but I would want my whole family there with me, swimming silently as a team."

Happy Sunday!

No baby on my end but jenna's two are enough greatness to go around.
Hope your weekend is going great.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

jax turns 3-0h!

So much to celebrate today - maybe that's why the monster within wont arrive - it wants its own day, not shared with mom and dad or jax's 30th...hmmm...
That being said, I understand as sharing a birthday with someone like Ms Jacqueline would take a lot of living up to...
But on the other hand clearly it's a perfect day that creates perfect, gorgeous, loving, kind people.
Jax is all of this. And more.
She's got this love and laughter that make you want to love and laugh.
She's got this hair that makes you want to grow your own to your ass.
She's got this smile that is infectious to a room of strangers.
She's got friends that every girl should have.
She's got a family that loves her like the princess she is.
And an apartment the size of the taj mahal all equipped with a hot/sweet boyfriend, a furry 4 legged beauty and charm that would make anyone feel like they just stepped into their childhood home.
She's got it all. Truly.
With that, please help me in wishing her the happiest of days today and a year of perfection, as she truly deserves.
LOVE YOU JAX. Baby and I are sending you looooooooove and wishes like never before.xxxx

happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dearest mom and dad (aka gigi and sir),
I came across this photo not too long ago and was sent into a long daydream about what exactly you both were thinking and feeling within on your wedding day. Did you ever imagine your life to be so blessed? Did you have visions of all of us together? Did you think for even a second you'd be lucky enough to make it all these years as one perfect unit?
It's an incredible feat to make a marriage work these days but the two of you have given the world inspiration like no other couple.
The way you work off of one another, the way you still admire the other, the way you can you fight for .2 seconds and moments later laugh. The compromise, the soulful love, the depth in which you understand each others needs even if it's not what you yourself want.
That's what a real relationship is about. Giving and taking equally. Loving and understanding equally. Appreciating this beautiful person next to you for all they are and all they aren't.
Being a part of your lives, an accessory to powerful love, has made me what I am today. And I know it's what makes T the phenomenal dad/husband/friend/brother he is. We are the rarity in this world, the lucky ones that come from deep true love. A love that creates comfort and stability and security deep within. For that and for everything else you both have given me through the years, I thank you.
I pray this baby comes today, as a gift to you both, a happy/loving addition to our amazing family.
I love you with all I have within me. Thank you and happy happy happy day to you

baby, come out and meet your dad. he's handsome...

outside my office window

I was really convinced the kid was coming today. I finished all my office work, said goodbye to my desk and took one really nice long look out the window and left.
Now I'm not so certain yesterday was my last day there. Despite having cramps for over 2 days now, no action. I'm seriously annoyed...let's get the show on the road kid...time to enter the world and say hello!
send me some vibes please.

to the babe.....

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