Monday, November 30, 2009

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as natalie put it, some "thinspiration" for us all after an indulgent thanksgiving.
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aww, i miss you three

so sad without you here. come back super soon. and thanks for everything - you make life so good.


I love New Jersey like a homeless person loves finding a winning lotto ticket. In college I considered getting "NJ girl" on my NY state license plate. I attribute this extreme passion to a few things:
*the solid citizens that were born and raised there, or whom now take residence there (Lobo and Tara naturally topping the charts)
*you don't have the option of self-service or full-serve when it comes to pumping your own gas, no, in NJ it's illegal to do it yourself. And it's not like the gas is more expensive since you have someone waiting on generous is that?
*and last but not least, the Jersey Shore. Oh so many memories from that long stretch of beach - none of which bring anything less than pure joy and satisfaction to my heart. The people that plant themselves on this sandy patch each summer have no problem whatsoever boozing away while belting out Bruce Springsteen at the top of their lungs each and every single summer weekend. More drinks and louder singing with each ray of sun they catch. That's why I am obsessed with this NY Post article. And sad, because I truly wish it was summer so I could jump on the Garden State and spend the weekend filled with Jersey joy.

birthday girl!

I recently read that those born on or between November 19th and 30th tend to be close to absolute perfection. I wouldn't believe it if it weren't for the fact that my sweet mother celebrates her birth on the 19th and my spectacular friend Chrissy came to this world (not too many) years ago today, the 3oth.

For anyone that reads this blog regularly, hearing me say that Chrissy is heaven on earth is nothing new. I love this girl and have from day one. When it comes to kindness and pure selflessness, she has it mastered. Funny is an understatement, as she makes you pee in your pants with her ridiculous wit. This is in addition to the obvious: she is an absolute knockout. Her legs make men weak, her smile and the true joy it radiates make girls young and old jealous. 
Each day I know this creature I feel more and more fortunate. 
Please help me in wishing her the best year of her life starting today, on this magical birthday.
Love you Chrissssssy! xo

pink for selene

suit by abaete

S, thanks for keeping me entertained at 4 am.
Some pinkness for your day,xx

I spy...

Awake at random hours of the morning you spot lots of strangeness. But
today, as the rest of manhattan seemingly slept, I saw a man oh so
delicately putting Christmas lights up on an outside tree. It's no
less than 4 city blocks away, but I could tell from watching for 40
minutes that whomever was working on this task surely took it very
Now it's 6am and the tree is glowing red on the edge of an otherwise
blah balcony.
It's shockingly emotional to see - something about the idea that this
person single handedly made the city a bit more festive, my skyline
view a bit more sweet.
I wonder if he even knows the good he's done already today?

Photo to come.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

So thankful

Seriously this kid is absurdly great. So thankful and excited he's
mine forever. And ever.

I love coffee...

seriously, i'm so thankful for caffeine these days. one of the many things I'm grateful for on this thanksgiving...

Happy thanksgiving!

This is the 3rd time I'm writing this bc Luca is feeding and has
knocked send with his hand as I'm typing, sending the message
prematurely. That's how wild this bear is with his hands.

Thanksgiving happens to be my favorite holiday. There's nothing
complicated about it - family, friends, foodball, fall weather and
tons of food.
Pure goodness giving us so much more to be thankful for.

Top 5 things i am most grateful for:

1. my whole family is together - the smell and noises in our home
makes me so happy that I literally feel woozy with joy around these
2. Luca, naturally. But especially that he's healthy and happy and
quite honestly the easiest child on planet earth.
3. Everyone I love is healthy, including Selene - who is over her
endless flu and ready to take on the world again.
4. All my friends. I'm truly thankful for each and every one of my
friends each for a different reason but overall bc they all make me so
happy and peaceful.
5. The choices I've made in life. Although I've made some particularly
made moves in my life, I happen to think where I am right now is
pretty a-ok. I could definitely stand to make a change or two but with
time it will happen. So for now I'm just thankful for all that I've
done thus far - from little things like talking to a stranger that
made me instantaneously happy to bigger decisions like my journey to
Tanzania. All if it's led here. To the way my brain now functions and
well, I'm happy with that.

Bonus: I'm thankful I finished this before bear hit send again.

Happy t-day to all. Eat well. Laugh lots. Smile.

Happy thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving happens to be my favorite holiday. There's nothing
complicated about it - family, friends, foodball, fall weather and
tons of food.
Pure goodness giving us so much more to be thankful for.

Top 5 things i am most grateful for:

1. my whole family is together - the smell and noises in our home
makes me so happy that I literally feel woozy with joy around these
2. Luca, naturally. But especially that he's healthy and happy and
quite honestly the easiest child on planet earth.
3. Everyone I love is healthy, including Selene - who is over her
endless flu and ready to take on the world again.
4. All my friends. I'm truly thankful for each and every one of my
friends each for a different reason but overall bc they all make me so
happy and peaceful.

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Happy thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving happens to be

A bonding moment

I found myself wandering the aisles of home depot with my dad today.
I have to say it was one of the more educational 10 minutes of my
recent life. Better than that though, how could you not feel more
connected to someone after roaming a place for toilet paper dispensers
Oh how lucky I am.
My dad always has these killer stories about his years working. I
could happily sit for hours listening to the things that went on with
him back then. In fact I'd choose a dinner filled with those stories
over an evening with Madonna. I kid not.
I live for these moments with my dad - they bring so much insight into
who he is and ultimately who I am bc of him.
I wish I could repeat the story he told me right now but I know I'd
butcher it. So instead i'll wait till I can get him to tell me word
for word while I type it out.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

if you had a quarter, which slot would you put it in?

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From joy to depression in under 5 seconds

I never look at the weather report. Which means I'm always unprepared.
But early this morning I decided that I'd do luca a favor and check
out what sort of situation was outside our apartment doors.
Well it was quite a debacle when I skipped from my closet all the way
to the elevator as I thought I was heading out into a world of summer
And then it dawned on me, perhaps I looked at the wrong city. indeed,
I did. I don't live in LA (maybe I should), so I scrolled to the NYC
forecast - ah ha - a dismal 6 days.
Poor Luca. Born into a world of gray skies and wet ground.

Audrey is the best

Such a helper!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

to the bear...

this photo reminds me of Tallulah (she'd be the girl laying down) and Emily if they were human. Oh ladies, how I love thee. Together you are a comedy show. Love that you have each other. Everyone should have a Taloo/Emily relationship. It would make the world a better place.


So the bear is really turning into such a big man these days. Three weeks have flown by. Hard to believe how much has happened since that crazy day. More than anything is how shockingly big and strong he already is.
Here are some fun facts on the baby bear this week:
-He took his first train ride from Westchester back to the city. Obviously he was an angel and slept the entire time. We were seated next to this adorable family with a daughter named Samantha, 4 years old, on their way to Radio City Music Hall to see the Christmas show. The little girl kept trying somewhat discreetly to wake Luca. He wasn't having it. I think he was dreaming of milk...
-That dreaded belly button finally fell off. The man has the cutest, most perfect innie/outie like his mom
-The navy blue in his eyes that once looked like it was getting lighter, now looks like it's getting darker. He seems like he's going to have super dark eyes, but it changes daily
-His first legit car ride was from the city to westchester, he slept most of it, only to wake up while taking the biggest, manliest shit ever 
-The newborn diapers are no longer size right. He's wearing 1 month ones now.
-All of the newborn onesies are snug as can be on him, he's clearly grown considerably since taking him home
-His hand/eye coordination is getting much better. But more than that, he grasps on to whatever is near him and does so with an incredibly strong grip. while he feeds he does this hand dance - where he looks as if he's leading an orchestra, sometimes scaring himself as if he doesnt know they are his own hands waving around
-He's met all of his aunts and uncles now and his cousin lady Audrey
-I took him to the Highline for a long walk with his new friend Liam, Ashley's little monster man. Naturally Luca slept the entire time. 
-The stroller is an instant success when it comes to fussy time. He spots that thing from the corner of his eye and he's asleep. ***Note, he does do things other than sleep. Hard to believe I'm sure since all the photos of him are eyes closed and snoozing away. But he's a great great sleeper (thank you dear god)***
-I take him out to restaurants at least once a day and he has yet to do anything but sit peacefully. Even with the noisiest places, he's chilled out
-Those sling things that everyone and their mother raves about - yeah well Luca and I have yet to master those things. He was basically hanging by an ankle (major exaggeration) as I tried to stuff him in one. I had a team of 3 working with me to get him in it but we were entirely unsuccessful. Poor bear is too big.
-While giving him a bath, which he loves more than feeding time, he went to the bathroom ALL over my hands. Yes, numero dos.
-He has so much control of his head - he fully lifts it up when he's on my chest and doing tummy time. If I talk he also picks up his head and searches furiously for me. 
-There's no silence when he's eating. It's constant little squeaks and squeals. 
-We went for our first stroll through Central Park, it was extremely short, but the bear loved staring up at the trees and colors above
-He met his sister Taloo for the first time, and unfortunately I wouldn't say it was love at first sight...
-He peed in my face, actually my neck, while I was changing him
-Cuddled up on my chest with his head nuzzled into my neck is his favorite position and will silent him in 2 seconds
-He only cries when he's hungry, wet or needs to burp

Yes, I know I am the luckiest person on the planet. This child is perfection. Each day he gets better and better. And bigger and bigger. He weighs in at over 9 pounds and looks like a mini giant next to other babies his age. 
AHHHHHH how I love my boy. Perfection.

megan fox, hmm??

I was in the waiting room at my doctor's office today and somehow got roped into a conversation with 3 other people about megan fox. 
How do I feel about her? (I simply don't know how I really feel about her. I want to love her but there's something that irks me severely) Do you think she's the next Angelina? (she's not clever enough to be the next Angelina) Why do you think she dates Brian Austen Green? (bc he's hot and probably more normal than 99% of Hollywood) Have you ever heard her speak? (yes and I think she sounds like a bore) Have you seen any of her films? (never and have no interest)

Anyway, we all talked for a good 15 minutes about her and I brought up the article from the New York Times Magazines last weekend, The Self-Manufacture of Megan Fox by Lynn Hirschberg, found here
I was the only one in the conversation that felt anything more than hatred for her. Everyone else agreed that she's unarguably the hottest thing in Hollywood right now but an absolute fake. What I love about this NYT's article is that she admits to this and is now trying to go in another direction with her image. Which both pisses me off and pleases me at the same time.
How do you feel about her? 

if i could wear anything today....

wish i was cruising around nyc in this today...ahhh, cannot wait for summer!!
matthew ames, spring summer 2010

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hearts from Katherine, Selene's superstar neice

literally obsessed

I desperately need all of Vanessa Bellanger's clothes featured in this piece. And I need them now.

found here

It's amazing how since luca arrived into this world I no longer worry about my heart being broken. I realize now that I had such a huge wall up between people and things, a protective shield to block things from hurting me. And now, I am no longer scared. I am so content and comfortable and unafraid that the world will break me. 
For this and so many other things, I am eternally grateful.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

"You know that feeling? That feeling when you just want the right thing to fall into the right place, not only because it’s right, but because it will mean that such a thing is still possible? I want to believe that."
Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist

En route to westchester. Finally.

Sadly things didn't work out well today and I missed 75% of the day
with my family. Including donuts with uncle Mickey. Super depressing.
But the bear is in full costume which keeps me smiling. Hope it does
for you too.

From Molly

Heart tissue discarded on the sidewalk. Xoxo


Right after i saw this, I think I heard a tiny little voice coming
from my penis that said "I quit" right before it disappeared inside me.

Early morning stroll

It's a perfect fall Sunday.
I cannot wait to go to westchester and have a full day and night with
my family. Little Audrey and crew are in town - nothing, and I mean
nothing, makes me more content then being with all the Fasolino's (&

its the little things

look around, up & down, there is a story in everything surrounding you. just take it all in. don't let it pass you by.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

L and his lady loves

Hearts from Susan

My love Susan came over to meet the bear last night. She came with the
most delicious heart gift. I am tempted to fill my mouth right this
moment with some of the killer chocolates contained within the mug.
But it's 7am, which might not be the best way to start off my day.
However tasty it may be.
Thank you Susan. I live for our long talks. I'm so excited for Luca to
have you in his life - I can imagine him laughing nonstop with you

Happy weekend! love, Benjamin Button

At certain times during the day I'm convinced Luca is just a 99 year
old swaddled in a blanket and onesie.
It cracks me up. And freaks me out.

Friday, November 20, 2009

loving this idea

I've always wanted to open a store that does exactly some point in time I need to just do the things I think of instead of waiting for someone else to do it and make bank on it.
check out Rent the Runway for designer looks you can borrow for super cheap:

Brangelina for ASPREY

I actually don't know how I feel about this...there's part of me that's jealous as I'd love to do .3% of what Brad and Ange do. Another part of me just thinks they need to stop being such overachievers and relax for once. I mean don't they realize how shitty they can make the rest of the world feel by doing doing doing?? 
Read the funny little blurb on the collaboration below...

from here.
"If it weren’t for Asprey (and for charity) we might be throwing up in our mouths just a little bit right now. But as reported by WWD, the limited edition collection, conceived and designed by Pitt and Jolie, has been in the works for more than a year, and will go on sale at Asprey stores in London, New York, Beverly Hills, Tokyo and Dubai later this week. The capsule collection of gold jewelry and silver accessories starts at $525 and is inspired by the snake. The serpent theme was born, no pun intended, from of a gift- a serpent ring given to her while pregnant with baby Shiloh.  Since then she’s considered the reptile a talisman and protector of her family. Gosh what these two won’t do for the children!?"

While the rest of the world works....I'm breastfeeding while cleaning
or washing Luca while talking on the phone. It's all about multitasking.
Not easy. No, not easy at all. But so fun.

clean up

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