Monday, January 25, 2010


Well today was my final day on maternity leave. It was the fastest yet most fulfilling three months of my life. So much has changed in such a small amount of time but what will be interesting will be how much has remained the same back at the office. 
My creative team is on location shooting for the week, so I have to go a full week without Natalie, Amanda and Dan - sad for me - which will be incredibly odd to return without them. Lucky for them they have a week in the gorgeous Grenadines on Canouan Island. Check it out here (warning, it's so heavenly you might cry from jealousy).
As hard as it will be to leave my little man each morning, I know he will be in great hands whether with GG or my amazing sitter, Eugenia. Ahh, as I write this I just want to throw up. I just cannot believe this day has come. I've been feeling so strong and peaceful about my return but now, as the words come off my fingertips, I just want to weep. 
But I know it will be ok. I know he will be ok. I am actually more worried about myself than I am for him. The thought of him being in the arms of another woman! Laughing, loving, strolling through the city, cuddling on the couch, long naps on a rainy day. Ok, I'm totally torturing myself here. I gotta get over it and be strong.
I commend every parent on the planet that gets up each day for work and leaves their children at home. It's something I never suspected would be as difficult as it actually is.
It's all about working hard to provide the best for him and tomorrow starts that whole process...
Please send me and bear lots of luck tomorrow.

I've decided to take one question each day (from that list of questions I posted last week) to answer each workday. A little something to keep me grounded and thinking as i've been thinking for the past three months. Feel free to answer them with me, please!

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  1. the first week is the hardest. sending you lots of love.


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