Friday, February 26, 2010

Kendal Jenner for Forever 21

I'm a HUGE Kardashian fan. It all started about a year ago when I was at my parents for dinner and heard my dad scream from the living room to my mom across the house "get in here, the ker-dersh-i-ons are on! hurry up!" Which followed with a marathon of watching the show for hours on end.
It took about a quarter of an episode for Kim to take over as my new love - replacing J.Lo and her ass.
Let's be honest here, who doesn't think Kim Kardashian is hot? That body?
It's my post baby inspiration.
I just read about a younger Kardashian, or rather a Jenner, on Natalie's blog and now have a baby crush on her. So damn cute. So so tiny!
Clearly it was the Kardashian's dad that passed along that amazing ass to all his daughters. I wonder which of my parents passed along my ass? I do want to thank whichever one.

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