Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3 years ago

Time is an incredible thing.
Three years ago this month I packed a bag and boarded a plane for Tanzania. I had limited knowledge of what kind of work I would participate in once I touched down, only having one random email correspondence with previous volunteers at the location I was going to. I knew I was to work with children with disabilities, to what capacity that meant, I had no clue. What I was absolutely certain of, as I got on my KLM flight bound for Amsterdam and then Kilimanjaro, was that something big was about to happen to me. I knew from deep down, that I was meant to embark on the journey of a lifetime and I needed to do so with my heart wide open.
Of the month I spent on African soil each minute meant something in relation to my existence. There was no wasted time, for time was so precious there. Things needed to be done and they needed to be done stat. Babies needed to be fed, classes needed to be taught, children needed to be saved, shots needed to be given, tears needed to be shed, sights needed to be seen. And that's precisely what was done. I woke each morning to live.
My spirit came alive and my heart began to know love again and I gave myself fully to all the beautiful souls around me.
The people I met danced in my head as I closed my eyes at night, they played songs to the beat of my heart and in the morning, when I heard that first rooster crow, I'd feel the energy of the people get me out of bed.
It was an epic month which will forever be inside of me, a time when I was my absolute happiest, most fulfilled. I don't know if I ever felt as pure - before or after - as I did when I was there. And what I learned was to be your absolute true self is the best feeling in the world.
I suppose it's why I dream of adventures and travel all the time and the reason I feel so attached to all of the people I met there. Even if I never see them, or hardly speak to them, my heart is connected to them and forever grateful to them for showing me how to love life, myself and others once again.
It's been ages since I looked at the photos from my trip, scrolling through them now brings me so much joy.
Click here to see them all. Perhaps they will bring you some love today.

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  1. You are a inspiration to us all. Miss you gal. luv, LZ


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