Thursday, May 27, 2010


Last night as I was putting Luca down for bed he was struggling, as he sometimes does, between the world of dreams and the party he thought he was missing by passing out. So I decided to tell him a story.
I told him to pretend he was a bird, flying with all the friends he could find up in the sky. Swim in a sea of dolphins, race to the top of a tree with monkeys, slap your seat belt on and drive 110 mph on a racetrack, slide down a rainbow.
And do you know what? The kid stopped fussing, stared at me with those breathtaking blue eyes and laughed. Squeezed my face, tickled my shoulders, snuggled into my arms and passed out.
I know he dreamt of all the things I mentioned. Insane of me to believe he understood? Perhaps. But I'm full of faith that this bear gets it all. Such a smart soul...

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