Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the starling

Dennis just emailed me this story. I burst into tears and haven't been able to stop. The strangest part about it is this is the second bird related story in 3 days. My heart is somehow connected to these angelic winged beauties.

You have been on my mind all day, so I decided I had to share this with you...

For the past five years a couple of starlings decided to visit our home and make their nest under Tommy and I's front porch. The first year none of their eggs hatched, but after that they successfully had an average of eight babies each summer: four in the spring then another nest full mid summer. We grew to look forward to seeing our flying lovers; he with a slight Mohawk and her a bit more plump then he... with a more conservative hair style suited for a sparrow of her age.

This year they came back putting a smile on our faces once more. In the spring they had only two babies but a few weeks ago she delivered her second batch, consisting of four little ones. The day before yesterday we noticed neither mother or father were around feeding the babies as they usually did every twenty minutes like clock work. Yesterday there was once again no sign of the parents. We spent all morning trying to find out what to do. After being unable to find a wildlife preserve volunteer to take and care for the babies we realized we had to. So every twenty minutes we went to the nest, gently touched it, to simulate the mother, and feed the birds a concoction we mixed together from a recipe we found on the Internet. Then around mid day we saw the father bird, we felt so relieved. He sat atop the telephone wire above the he often would before diving under the porch to check on his kids. But for some reason he did not fly underneath. We watched as he flew to the garden sat a moment then flew away once more. We noticed he seemed a bit dishoveled somehow... I guess he didn't come back as when I woke up this morning to check on the babies they were all dead.

I've been a mess all day. As a dug a hole in the back yard to bury them my eyes became blurry with tears...then I thought of you. Your heart blog came to mind. I realized as I glanced at the babies all tightly snuggled together in their meticulously arranged nest that they touched my heart. I was sad to see them have such a sort time to live, and especially sad I may never see our yearly visitors again. But I felt grateful that my heart felt the pain...

I knew you would be one of the few people how would understand this so I had to share it with you!

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  1. Oh my : (
    this is such a sad reminder of the impermanence of all things- except Love, which is the only steady remainder after life changes.

    I do a lot of rescue, primarily with baby birds. Please tell your friend he can contact me if he ever is handed such a task again, and thank him for loving the little ones. They are so gentle and sweet.
    Love, Jesi Pozzuoli


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