Thursday, August 26, 2010

handed down

Just the other night I found my child sleeping in the same position I used to see my mom sleeping in.

On his back, arm tossed over his eyes.

I used to think my mom slept like this because my father woke at the crack of dawn and never considered how bright the lights were in her face. So instead of telling him to shut them off, she just threw her arm over her eyes. Genius. Right?

But then when I saw baby Luca in the same position I realized that perhaps it wasn't light at all that made her sleep like that. Maybe it comes from a long line of ancestors who slept this way and my dear son is just now carrying the trait along.

I realize the insanity of this thought. But I like to think this way. I like the idea that Luca has within him parts of my mother. Parts of her I do not possess. Parts of her so grand, so special, so innate that I could never teach him to be this way. It's just in him. And so I hope. I pray.

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  1. Thank you for your comments. Just so you know, Grandma B. slept like that too, let's hope Luca takes after her too. SHE was the great one.
    Love you


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