Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snuggled on a Sunday

Hope everyone had a fabulously warm and relaxing weekend. Love, me &

A giant heart

Taken at the Paul Smith store

This one is dedicated to Ellie.
I love you.

The bear watching the Grammys


There's my girl looking so hot!!!
Gorgeous Chrissy! Gorgeous!

a beauty discovery

I'm certainly not a beauty kind of girl. I wince whenever someone comes 3 feet from my eyes with a tool dipped in makeup. I feel my skin crack when I touch it with anything but my moisturizer. And I could quite possibly be the only gal in the world to sneak into Sephora before dinner to clean my face with makeup remover. True story.
But for some reason when I came across this site: I was smitten. Check it out for yourself. They have everything a beauty junkie could desire (I think).

Friday, January 29, 2010

this is heaven on earth

thanks ash for sharing!

When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

I recently read this article called "WHAT YOU DON’T DO DOESN’T MATTER." I spent a small amount of time thinking I wanted to start a blog about this exact topic and then thought to myself that maybe I should stop writing about what I do and instead just do more.
Then I began to wobble on my feet as my head started spinning.
Hmmm, what have I been doing all this time?
Am I just talking and doing less now-a-days? Perhaps I need to stop thinking, stop writing, stop sharing and really start doing.
I kid you not, I was thrown in a tailspin, and kinda still am having a bit of confused storm in my head. I come here to this blog because it's what I want to do, it's what makes me happy and what makes me feel more complete each day. To create and to write are two of my biggest passions - but now I wonder if it's stopped me from going out and completing things I would have otherwise been doing if I wasn't at the computer.
All in all, I don't want to just talk the talk, I want to live it. I want to fully live this life.
Don't we all?
As a result I'm going to start a list of things I want to do and I want everyone who reads this to hold me to them. So please, make me succeed in living a bigger life. And I promise to do the same for you.

What is it you want to accomplish? Comments people, I know you're reading, now start answering. xx

photo by amy, taken in Milan

I just spent the last 30 minutes on the phone with a friend that's totally distraught over a dramatic ending to a very short love affair. They aren't meant to be together. They both know it. But they kept trying, day after day after day.
Why is it that we stay in something when it isn't right? Why is it we invest so much of our energy and time into things that we know in the end won't work?
Are we all just hopeless romantics at the end of the day? Or just fools that don't believe we deserve the best?

Stay strong darlin! You can make it through. Trust me.

one day

I saw a show last night about things people wanted to do before they die. I'm going to start a list and make sure I complete it quickly. No waiting around for a better time. Life is just too short.
First thing on my list, I'd like to have dinner at this restaurant:
Cloud 9, revolving restaurant in Vancouver.
Check out all the info on it:

Got this from Jax with a note that said "reminds me of you"

Such a nice feeling to know a mustache accessorized cup triggers
thoughts of me in others! Love that. No, really, I looooove that!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

more hearts on heads....

These collections in Paris have a strange liking to putting hearts on heads. this time it's the Etam Spring 2010 lingerie show. hmmm....
image from

If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?

I almost forgot to answer a question of the day.

Well I'm proud to say when I read this question I realized something very magical: I've learned not to live like that.
But there was a time when I was constantly doing things that I didn't love. It was all to please other people. I was going out partying when all I wanted to do was be home. I was traveling nonstop for my job, so tired and frustrated because I was underappreciated and wasn't enjoying my work. Outside of work I had some really bogus friendships, I was answering phone calls and dealing with silly people and their insecurities. The list goes on and on. But what it all came down to is I was living to make everyone else happy. Because that's what I thought would make me happy. But in the end not so much.
So I rid myself of that way of being.
And now I can honestly say I do what I love and strive to complete all I desire.
What do you think? Can you answer this question wholeheartedly?

from here

strollers = friendships

If you ever feel lonely get a stroller. Throw a cabbage patch kid in it if you don't have a real child. It's got to be the reason why those ladies with little dogs push them around in those wannabe stroller carts. Pretty much every time I walk out on the streets of New York City with Luca and my Uppa stroller I make a new friend. Usually I'm cruising along at a rapid pace, completely uninterested in talking with a stranger, but I'm forced into conversing and sometimes even exchanging email addresses. Moms in NYC are lonely. It's a fact I've newly accepted. Although being a mother myself, I have not an ounce of loneliness within me. Kinda the opposite. Oh how I long for moments alone with the bear!
So recently as I was making my way down 5th avenue I found a lone woman, pushing her precious cargo at a snails pace, smiling at everyone that passed, lingering close to those paused in their own steps, eagerly awaiting a smile in return. I, like the fool I am, gave her what she wanted. "oh she's soooooo cute!" I said. And she was. 6 months old and the size of Luca a month ago. Pink, blue eyed, brown haired. Expressionless.
"OH THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH! SO IS YOURS, HOW OLD? ARE YOU IN A MOMMY GROUP? WHERE DO YOU LIVE? HOW WAS THE BIRTH?" she spewed out before taking a breath or letting me answer.
All the while Luca is laughing hysterically, as if he knew (actually I know he knew) what I was thinking.
Which made her stare in to the bassinet and say "oh my god!!! how did you get him to do that????"
Um, what? Smile? Good question lady.
Next thing I knew she was saying things like "Stella doesn't like the bath or the cold or to eat out of Dr Brown's baby bottles or to wear those onesies with the snaps on the side..."
Which led me to think to myself how lucky i really am and how great I have it. To teach your child to love life, to enjoy everything from a rain drop on their nose to the moon coming up above the buildings - well that for me is the best part of motherhood. To know that so far my little being loves everything, and I mean everything, is a blessing as big as the world around us.
I hope Stella learns that soon. And her mom too...
A friend passed this along, please continue to pass it as well:

As we all know Haiti is in dire need right now and I’m sure that we all feel helpless as we watch MILLONS of people fight for dear life. Every penny, every dollar truly helps those in need as Haitains have a very long road to recovery. I ask you to please pledge your support and download a "Badge" to facebook which you will be able put on your profile page. When you download the "Badge" you will be making a donation to Care.Org. Every dollar that goes to CARE.Org (Cooperative for Assistance an Relief Everywhere)is earmarked for Haitian relief. Your Badge represents the unity of all those who helped the people of Haiti in this, their time of need. Remember your donation of $5, collectively, with all the other facebook contributors will go toward giving food, shelter, medical care and comfort to these very brave people. Thank you for your help.

Please go to:

4 easy steps
Download it here the steps - how can we get this out there?
2. Donate $5 through PayPal
3. *on the confirmation page on PayPal "Return to Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere (CARE)
4. Add your badge to your profile page

Armani Privé

While Karl filled his show with hearts, Mr Armani went with the moon - two of my most favorite things.

images from
Mom, I feel like you would have worn this entire collection in your 40s. Paint on some bright red lips and nails and off to the Koller's house you'd go!

my first born

Oh lovely taloo, I saw a man dog that looked just like you on the street walking to work. He was not at all happy in the snow. He sat his butt down and wouldn't move an inch. Nothing like anything you've ever done. Angel face...
Hopefully you are cuddled up all warm and happy, dreaming of biscuits and belly rubs. Love you.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Ok, so hearts have officially taken over the world. Karl Lagerfeld had all his runway models at the Chanel couture show beautified in a heart hair do! Check them out below.

images from
Perhaps the most magnificent way to spend a day...shooting away with a heavenly crew in paradise. So sad not to be there.
Dad, apparently there were a few bikini shots taken for you! To come shortly, stay tuned!

Photos courtesy of Dan (thanks, I'm dying of jealousy now) on Canouan Island in the Grenedines.

I want it!

Apple just announced their new product: iPad. It looks phenomenal. I think I need it.
What is it you ask? Well to sum it up:

The iPad stands as the middle ground between a full-blown laptop computer and an iPhone.

"It's so much more intimate than a laptop and so much more capable than a smartphone," Jobs said.

read all about it here.

Lifting weights

This was Luca exercising early this morning. He's so strong.

my newest obsession: dAndelot jewels

I've always been a jewelry freak. I have loads of childhood pictures where my body is covered in dress up jewels, mostly with Tricia by my side drenched in her own sea of glitz.
That love has not changed all these years, I still get overly excited when I find a great set of huge bangles, even if they weigh more than I do.
So today as I scrolled through dAndelot, the website of Isobel Oliphant, I was so excited I got hiccups. Her stuff is killer and wont break your bank. Check it out at or click here.
*I love how she styled up her boots with the necklaces, amazing.

always impressed

I cannot recall a single Target/designer collaboration that I haven't loved. Sadly I never go to Target and therefore don't own a single piece. Even more sad is that I completely missed the Rodarte for Target line that hit stores on December 20th, only to have seen some of the pieces today. That's what happens when you are out of the fashion loop for three months I guess.
Well I went through the looks and am once again impressed by the individual pieces (not the model and not the way it was styled though). Between the fast/affordable/killer fashion at H&M and the constant designer collaborations at Target there is no longer a reason for anyone in the united states of america to be badly dressed. It actually seems easier to dress well than to dress badly...for anyone that needs a little extra help, still confused on what to wear, please feel free to email me - I'd love to help!
Find the full lookbook for the Rodarte for Target line here.


My bro and sister-in-law need your help: what to name their little man?
Lori has gone through baby books galore yet nothing has interested her. Can you post your suggestions for the best name? She wants you to know the following names are good suggestions but not quite right, so don't bother with them...Frankie, Charlie, Henry, Joseph, Nicholas...HELP!

Which is worse, failing or never trying?

Wow, this is such a hard question to answer honestly. I mean I want to say it's worse not to try but truth is failing is never easy.
I guess what it comes down to for me is how hard it is to accept that when you try hard, and I mean really really hard to make something work and then you fail. Well, that's the most damaging feeling in the world. I've battled through things, hoping and praying and giving my all and only for it to come out badly. The regret and sadness that lives within me because of that is never easy.
Had I known things never would have worked out I truly don't believe I would have tried.
That being said I can sit here now and look back thankfully because when you fail, you always gain a lesson. And I fully believe that, it's not just a cheesy cliche.
So yes, I guess I would say that never trying is worse. What kind of life would you live if you never failed? How boring if you never took chances and knew what it felt like to give your all! How sad each year would be as they'd all blend into one.
My final answer: never trying is much worse.

AND YOU? What is your answer?

My bear sent me flowers!

*I took this beautiful photo with my iPhone, with absolutely no post work done to it. nice, huh?

And not just any flowers, flowers from the best place in NYC, Michael George!
Such a classy, thoughtful little man he already is. Thanks lovely!
They are exquisite.

true simplistic beauty

Lifetime Collective - SS2010 from Salazar on Vimeo.

Oh sam! How I love thee....

I don't know how but for some reason I've been blessed with some of the most generous and inspirational interns through the years. The best of the best being as of late. If you read this blog often you surely have heard me speak of them - specifically Amanda and Samantha.
Sweet sam is down in Arizona finishing up her final year+ of school but it doesn't stop her from constantly keeping in touch and passing along stunning images & stories on a weekly basis.
I just woke up for a nighttime feed & while Luca is fast sleep again, I'm here wide awake thinking about life. I decided to check my emails - perhaps something within my inbox will put my mind at ease - I immediately saw sam's name and clicked to open. Of course this creative creature had sent me a "some sunshine from arizona - happy first day, good luck second day" message of fabulous images.
I live for you sam! You continually make me happy in ways I wish I could express correctly in words.
The photos you pull are always sunshine to my day. Thank you thank you.
Everyone please check out sam's blog HERE.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

this is horrible, please sign the petition

An Uzbek photographer, Umida Akhmedova is looking at three years hard labor for taking some quite nice shots of the people of Uzbekistan. The government there created a committee that judged them harmful to the image of Uzbekistan. Judge for yourself. There's a link below to a petition if you want to support her.

1st day back inspiration

I miss my man like nuts but I must admit it's really nice to have time to be creative again. A little inspiration board I made for the day. Enjoy. And thanks to everyone for all the love and thoughts.xx
images from:, chanel archives, guia la bruna,, and my own photography.

Love from Jax

Sent from my iPhone

Luca turns 12 weeks old!

Really hard to believe the bear man is 12 weeks old already. But when I see how much he's grown, how much he's changed, it's hard to believe it's ONLY been 12 weeks. This child is a genius. Really, he is. And an adorable genius. The happiest, most adorable genius. If I may say so myself... -he now sucks his right fist, where last week it was only his left. he sticks it in his mouth and really goes to town on it. But only when he's awake, never when he's sleeping. -he stays awake for much longer stretches and only sleeps about 4 hours total during the day. -when he feeds he smiles up at me and laughs, it's less of a mealtime and more of a snack these days. Except in evening, at night he really sits down for a full 4 course meal. -he coos and ooh ooh ooh's nonstop and mimics me perfectly. If I say "hel-lo" he will try try try to do the same sound. He knows he's doing something great and he gets super excited over himself and will laugh and smile. -when he gets overly happy he brings his hands up to his mouth and scrunches his whole face and shoulders and squeels loudly as if he's saying "I DID IT!!!!!!!!!" -one of his first gifts was a silver barbell rattle, he LIVES FOR IT. put it in his hand and he'll play with it for an hour. I don't know how he has control of his hand but he somehow never hits himself with it. -hiccups are less often but when he does get them he gets super annoyed and will jump with his whole body when one comes up -sneezing is less too, but he sneezes in twos and his whole body jumps in the air -he wears a size 6 months in clothing, but prefers to be naked. his temperment changes when he has no clothes on, he seems completely free and happy. he especially hates socks. -nothing makes him laugh more than music and dancing - he goes nuts and kicks his legs and throws his head back -suddenly he cannot be coxed into eating if he's not hungry. If he doesn't want it, he wont have it. -he had his first night with a babysitter (other than his grandparents), and got to enjoy Jax, Scot and Pokey for a full evening of fun -his eyes are still blue and his hair is white white white -the whole bathroom bit is MUCH LESS now. I mean he still goes through a thousand diapers a day but numero dos is limited to one a day at most. it's a blessing for sure. -if you prop him up he will sit contently upright, although he doesn't seem to love it yet -the bassinet stroller is almost too short for him now. he has to curl his legs up in order not to hit his head on the top and feet at the bottom. he loves the stroller where he can sit up facing the world. he just stares out at the city going by -you can see he has a lot going on inside his head. he is perfectly content with just sitting back and watching. he doesn't have to be entertained, he is fully entertained on his own. he watches and you can tell he understands. -he loves to be outside more than he likes to be inside. I think he will be amazingly happy once the warm weather comes -his nose gets stuffy at night, the right side only. it takes a long hot shower for it to clear, then he's a happy man again
-there's definitely the start of hand/eye and feet/eye coordination happening. and I can see how pleased he is when he figures it out.
-his hands are super active all the time, especially when he eats. he's always grabbing my necklaces and hair and pushing his hands hard against my chest. he shocks himself with them, which will cause him to do this wide eyed look like he's spooked. it's very cute.
-pretty much anything will make him laugh, a sound, a kiss, an airplane ride above your head. he's just a happy guy.

What a good life this bear has provided to me in 12 weeks. I am so content and excited for him to grow into this happy little being. I am super impressed by his actions and how happy he is all the time - it's a lesson for me, it's so easy to be happy and so important to grow each day. Love you bear. Love you so much.

1. How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

Well my body feels young, like 19 years old. I feel strong and capable, much like I did going into college. And in some ways my body feels even stronger than it did back then. I eat better and listen to the signs my body throws at me, so I think because of that I'm in better phyical shape. Right before I got pregnant I was in the best shape of my life. I could have run to Italy & back without sweating. Everything in me felt toned, clean and strong. Post baby my body has been very good to me, I bounced back faster than I ever expected but my heart is still not where it was. A few weeks running and it'll be back though. So yes, I'd say my body feels 19. But my mind feels much older. When I think of all it's been through, all my life experiences, I feel like i've lived a very long (very fruitful) life. One of a 60 year old. Yet I have the excitement and drive of someone younger - someone in their 20's. Damn, this is harder than I expected it to be. I guess I would say I'm 31 (which I am) if I didn't know any better. But that sounds lame, like I could do better...but I'm sticking with it.

And you? How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?

Monday, January 25, 2010


Well today was my final day on maternity leave. It was the fastest yet most fulfilling three months of my life. So much has changed in such a small amount of time but what will be interesting will be how much has remained the same back at the office. 
My creative team is on location shooting for the week, so I have to go a full week without Natalie, Amanda and Dan - sad for me - which will be incredibly odd to return without them. Lucky for them they have a week in the gorgeous Grenadines on Canouan Island. Check it out here (warning, it's so heavenly you might cry from jealousy).
As hard as it will be to leave my little man each morning, I know he will be in great hands whether with GG or my amazing sitter, Eugenia. Ahh, as I write this I just want to throw up. I just cannot believe this day has come. I've been feeling so strong and peaceful about my return but now, as the words come off my fingertips, I just want to weep. 
But I know it will be ok. I know he will be ok. I am actually more worried about myself than I am for him. The thought of him being in the arms of another woman! Laughing, loving, strolling through the city, cuddling on the couch, long naps on a rainy day. Ok, I'm totally torturing myself here. I gotta get over it and be strong.
I commend every parent on the planet that gets up each day for work and leaves their children at home. It's something I never suspected would be as difficult as it actually is.
It's all about working hard to provide the best for him and tomorrow starts that whole process...
Please send me and bear lots of luck tomorrow.

I've decided to take one question each day (from that list of questions I posted last week) to answer each workday. A little something to keep me grounded and thinking as i've been thinking for the past three months. Feel free to answer them with me, please!
I made this little inspiration board to add some brightness to this dreary day. Hope it brings you joy.
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