Tuesday, August 31, 2010

from a million miles away

sometimes you can smell love from a million miles away. the intoxication, the devotion, the sincerity all so clear. You see the truth. everyone can see the truth.

I witnessed that today on the street. It made me weak in the knees.

dream time

happiness is knowing you are working your butt off day after day and it's actually getting you somewhere.

closer to the dreams of your life.


silhouetted heart

That moment

image from here.
now this is a wedding party photo. wow.

paused forever

image from my new favorite blog, find it here.

I am heartbroken today.
My beloved Canon G10 camera has died.
Truthfully I really don't have it in me to discuss the details but one second he was snapping away, hiding my excitement as we together captured hearts of others, and then next thing I know he's paused. Forever.
I will be taking my heartbeat project photos on an ancient point and shoot until I am able to replace my sweet G.
Until then, a moment of silence as he makes his way down that long road to the electronic paradise in the sky.


image from here.

I'm in desperate need for a dip in the salty sea today.


About a year ago I was severely pregnant and all I wanted to do was sit. Literally. Some pregnant women want to sleep, eat or nest. I wanted to sit. But that's precisely what I didn't do for the 9 months bear was living inside of me. His father felt compelled to drag me to the finish line of marathons even when my feet were the size of Goodyear blimps. Florence in a day? Sure thing! Oh your shoes don't fit? Go barefoot. Sounds splendid!
Well when I found myself in Brooklyn on a beautiful early September Saturday, I was less than thrilled. "Where can I sit?" I'd patiently ask salespeople. All of them yearning to get me the hell out of their store before my water broke all over their goods.
But not at Brook Farm General Store. These people literally measured me to see if I'd fit inside one of their large canvas bags. "We can just put you in here and carry you around!" Um, I'll take it.
I've been dreaming of that store, and all the luxuriously humble pieces that make it up.
When I found out today that they have not only a website with the most exquisite photography where you can buy, but also a blog, I nearly gave birth.
It's a must. Check it out here.

Monday, August 30, 2010


My Luca and his girl Lolo. Just chillin by the seashore.

la vie

image by elizabeth weinberg
This past weekend something really good happened to me. I was at a party, I was surrounded by friends. Perhaps it was a result of feeling summery, my hair was down, my skin mocha, my feet still sandy. But the music was playing and my heart was at ease and I just let go. It was all gone. All the angst. All of that complicated shit I tend to hold on to. All the past nonsense that hurts my heart to think about. It was taken away and I felt free. Like I could see my 25 year old self again and she was dancing with her head thrown back as if no one in the world was watching. Smiling. Giggling. Spinning.
That, my friends, is what I love about life.
How one moment SNAP! It's fresh again. The pains and the reality and the cheating and the mistakes and the duties and the endless stuff that keeps you up at night, GONE. And it's you in your head with only good thoughts and gratefulness to the universe for keeping you healthy and alive and bringing you to that very moment. There's no wishing at that moment. For it is what it is and what it is, is grand. It's life. Real life, living in the moment. There's no wishing you were elsewhere or someone new or wearing something else. You. You. You.

And as my world settled, my skin sweaty, my hair a mess, my feet pained from dancing, I realized how vital it is to take those moments away with you. Take them to a quiet place and say thanks for them. See them and who you are now from them and just be. Life is so full of starry moments like that. I hope to see the twinkle more often.

one year of love

Please help me in wishing Adam and Michelle a happy one year anniversary today!
Hard to believe it's already been a year since that magical weekend in Italy.
Just like the two of them, the wedding was heaven. A story out of a fairy tale, completely fit for a prince and his princess.
It's truly love filled and fabulous to be a part of your lives.
Cheers to one hundred more.xx


image from here

um, have you noticed I like white, airy, simple things? they kinda consume me sometimes. I saw this and fell back into a happy good place. don't you love when that unexpectedly happens?

would you like to kiss him all day?

cause that's all I want to do. I want to love him until he explodes with happiness. look at that face!?!

big sur

I've been meaning to write about Casa Lauria for ages now. It's the California home to my dearest friends A&A and the most killer spot to do a photo shoot or just to go to for a relaxing weekend in Big Sur. It's only 5 minutes from the Post Ranch Inn and Pfeiffer Beach, 22 miles south of Carmel, and is literally the only place I've been where you wake in the mornings to a smell of fresh air so intense you actually wonder if it was created in a bottle. If you've never been to Big Sur, go. It's America at its finest. 

where I would like to wake up tomorrow

all images from elle oh

I'm not picky. I'll take any of these gorgeous rooms.


image from marie claire italy

This is where i am in my mind right now. lounging with my boy, not a care in the world.

Obviously I'm not the only one as I've gotten more emails today about all of you in pain from having to be back to the grind on such a glorious day.

I feel your pain. Just think pretty thoughts.


Life is so precious. You just never know.
Read this beautiful story of a man and his final days. It's tragic, but so wonderful and inspiring. Live life. We all just have to live life.
Read it here.

the thrill of it

to my darling jenna and michelle,
thank you both for bringing my heart back to life. for giving me so much to laugh and smile over time and time again.
I feel like a new person on this sun-drenched monday.
Love you both with all my might.

eye water

I truly had the best best weekend. When I woke up at 5am with the bear today, I found myself so sad for what was to come. Not just work today but the end of summer. Don't let it end. Dear lord of the heat and clam bakes above, don't let it end! Endless summer, please.

More photos to come but for now here's a little end of summer picture of me and Mr B at the harbor last night. 

Friday, August 27, 2010

The moon

Right now over the water. Wow.

up it

Would you wear this color?

I'm wishing I was 20 something again, I'd be rocking this every night.

dr kel

An ode to my dearest kelly. I'm so proud of you and how far you've come in the last year. I've always known you'd find your way and life would be good to you. Seeing your strength, wisdom and growth has taught me more than you could ever know. I adore you. So much. Thank you for fighting through the tough times of your life and coming out on the other side. You are an inspiration to us all. xx

happy friday!

Wishing you all a day of perfection.

What do you have planned this weekend? Please share photos with me! Keep your eyes open for hearts, for love, for happiness, for gratitude.

sweet home

all from coco + kelley

a little inspiration board I made

click to enlarge

Here, a little bit of beauty I put together from some of my favorite blogs. Hope it makes you all smile on this beautiful friday.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

scratch off

I'm working on an outerwear story and just came across this piece of wool perfection by Burberry. Do you love it as much as I do?

Just today Dylan and I had a whole conversation about what we'd do first if we won that $2,000 a week lotto ticket (which, sadly, I lost today). So Dyl, my answer is: first I'd give my dad a check with a giant "thank you" on it and then I'd go out and buy this thing.

But truthfully, I'd rather win $374 million.


Tulum, mexico is a place I've been going for nearly a decade. like most things beautiful, time has taken parts of it's splendor. It's inevitable, so I've learned. It's not just about the number of gringos walking the beaches or how my favorite hotel has closed down, but more about how the secret of it no longer exists. A safe place to get lost in your own head. A place to walk for miles in peace. A place to strip off your clothes and dive bomb into the ocean with total strangers at random hours of the night. I dream of finding a new place to create new memories. A safe place with hidden treasures where my son and I can talk under bright stars and watch the sun come up. I dream of being there now, tanned, smiling and with no particular thing clogging my mind.

Until then, I will live with the memories of my last trip there. Enjoy my photos.

handed down

Just the other night I found my child sleeping in the same position I used to see my mom sleeping in.

On his back, arm tossed over his eyes.

I used to think my mom slept like this because my father woke at the crack of dawn and never considered how bright the lights were in her face. So instead of telling him to shut them off, she just threw her arm over her eyes. Genius. Right?

But then when I saw baby Luca in the same position I realized that perhaps it wasn't light at all that made her sleep like that. Maybe it comes from a long line of ancestors who slept this way and my dear son is just now carrying the trait along.

I realize the insanity of this thought. But I like to think this way. I like the idea that Luca has within him parts of my mother. Parts of her I do not possess. Parts of her so grand, so special, so innate that I could never teach him to be this way. It's just in him. And so I hope. I pray.

images from sick sad world

that moment

anthony crane and amanda pratt at their divine Brazilian wedding.

other people's desks

sent to me from Maria. THANK YOU!
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