Thursday, September 30, 2010

mama mia

image from fashion gone rogue

When I open my meatball truck I'm going to hire really hot girls with Sicilian sex appeal,  Brazilian bodies, New York attitudes and Dolce & Gabbana wardrobes.

This girl is my inspiration.


what's better than a big kitchen filled with light that you can entertain in for years, complete with children's handmade artwork and the smell of freshly baked cookies in the air?

Very little outdoes that.

parisian inspiration

collage from here.

good luck charms

Do you have any possessions that you truly believe bring you luck?

what kind of dreams do you have?

Both when you lay your head down at night and also when you have a moment free to mentally drift, what is it you dream for your life? Are you close to capturing it?
Tell me, tell me all about it...

The night sky

Bear has a little ladybug that lights up and shines the night sky across his room. He loves it. Which makes me love him even more. It's

the little things and l truly appreciate how he knows that already.

back when.....

I'm going through images to update my portfolio and found this photo taken on my last shoot in Tulum. I forgot just how beautiful some of the stuff we did on those shoots was. Of course this, and most of the other ultra-stunning stuff, was never used as it was deemed "too editorial." The most dreaded two words I used to hear.

i'm a worrier

a few nights ago at dinner a good friend was shocked when i referred to myself as a worrier. which, in turn, completely shocked me. I always feel like I write on this blog and express all my innermost fears and complications. I, truly, always felt like you could all see how much I worry, despite feeling like a free spirit always ready to run.
It's interesting how people see and read into things differently, isn't it?
I mean I've talked about my insecurities around trees and forests, hello monsters?!!? And of course there's my openness about love and heartache, which never ceases to keep me up at night. For I pray my child(ren) find love, true soulful love and never let go of it once they have it in their arms. I fear I'll never have what I once had and life will slip by without me feeling that overpowering sense of bliss. And then there are the maternal holy shit moments of fear where you worry yourself into a blistering headache, complete with visions of college applications, car crashes, broken bones, failed tests, hurt feels and middle school drama.  I mean really, I am a total nut case at times. Aren't we all? And isn't that what makes growing up and tackling new experiences so vital? Losing your mind over uncontrollable circumstances and then seeing the reality of letting life play itself out. The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly. Why worry about worrying, live it and let your heart take it all in. Nothing better.


i'm going to paris in a few weeks. each time I go I get this mad sense of jealousy as I walk through the streets and peer into the homes of others. so effortless, so chic, so homey.
those kinds of trips are the most inspirational and at the same time the most heart breaking -- what it would be like to have an apartment that was also a home....ahhh, perhaps one day.


I was asked a really simple question yesterday, "what's your favorite movie?"
Truthfully, I cannot come up with it.
What would you say? And why?

the truth is hard to come by.....

image from small magazine
NYC weather is less than stellar. It's early morning yet its so dark it could be mistaken for 7pm. I'm in one room writing and all i can hear is Luca hitting the button to one of his toys, over and over again, and the voice of some unknown man speaking, "it's going to be bright and sunny today," over and over and over again. Now I'm left wondering if Luca has any idea the lies he's being fed...oh and how on earth can I dispose of said toy so I never have to hear it again?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Somewhere in middle America

The sky is glorious. Alan gets to enjoy it with the music blasting,
windows down and Josie at his side. Jealous.

pretty things I'm loving today

october 31st

image from fashion gone rogue

it's almost halloween and unlike last year (when I was 498 months pregnant), I'm stoked about getting dressed up and going trick or treating. The Bear has his costume, now I need to figure out mine.
what do you have planned?

under the sea

Found on yoya's blog.
The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house all that cold, cold, wet day. Dr. Seuss
It was a cold, wet December day when we visited Swimming Pool , an awesome art installation by Argentine artist Leandro Erlich , presently located at PS1 Contemporary Art Center. Visitors can stand at the water’s edge and experience surreal moments by witnessing life beneath the rippling waters. If you venture below, you will find yourself in the most calming space in Queens; except for the inevitable lap or two, you’ll want to sit and meditate, even my 3-year old sat still for a minute!

the beach

You know how sometimes you meet people and you develop preconceived notions of how they are? It's a horrid way of looking at the world, but it's just how we are, assumptions form our options. Then something happens and how you originally saw someone changes in a heartbeat. Isn't it grand when it's for the good? The really good?
That's what happened as I got to know Anthony, the guy that took these photos. Every time I have some sort of interaction with him - in person, through his photos, by thoughtful email messages - I am brought to my knees. Wowed. And simply made happier.
Check out more of his photography here, they will make you happier. I'm certain.


image Ingham & Artur Olecki by Leon Mark forCommon & Sense Man from here
A piece of me wants to pack a bag and just go. where? I don't know. A trip, an unexpected breath of different air. 

If my legs looked like hers...

I'd wear those shorts, booties and shirt every moment of my life until
I was 89 years old. No, longer.
So hot.
Image from because I'm addicted.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

in my next life

I want to live in a world where we all dance barefoot on the sand and wish upon shooting stars as we lay on our backs in the sea, heads bobbing with the ebb of the water, fish at our feet. I'd dress myself in Roberto Cavalli's Spring 2011 collection and let my hair grown to my tush. Life would be grand. I'm sure of it.

pretty things

image from here

new souls

image from small magazine
Watching Luca play and explore the world gives my whole being a new perspective on life. His little being is so intoxicated by the sounds, sights and smells around him that it does the same to mine. Every time I begin to feel jaded or frustrated or worse, that my soul has been captured, I find a moment of peace from his inspiring spirit.
I am so lucky....


The idea of antlers has always freaked me out a bit. But when I was in Argentina last year I was told that they consider the found objects to be a sign of life and that a part of the animals spirit still lives within.

Now I'm on the hunt, um, er, search for a gorgeous one for my home. What are the chances I'll find some on my next walk out in the country by my parents home?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sweet spot

I spent a bit of time at abc carpet and home today. As always, it was
even better than what I imagine paradise being.
This teeny corner really wooed me, leaving me wishing I could hide
within the store after closing time and live a few evenings as if it
was my own home.
I'd sit in this corner and write until my hands couldn't move.

Food heart

From my amazing sis in law. Missing you all.xx

to my darling Amy,

because I miss you. because I love you. because you deserve beauty all the time. giant hugs.

inspiration on a rainy day

image from muse, sent to me from reader Becca
Truly LOVE this photo. Inspires me so much, now if I only had an hour free to play around and make my own little inspiration board for you all, I'd be the happiest girl in NYC. Truly. Perhaps tomorrow I will make you all some love. Yes, tomorrow.


image from here
When is the last time you sat back and watched the sparkle of the sun on the surface of the water? Do it next time you have a chance. Let the moment free your mind of everything toxic and stressful you may feel. I need to live closer to the water...even if it's just the Hudson River. I need it to feel complete.


image from le love
I finished reading the book Between Two Worlds on the plane home last night. My mind cannot get away from it. I had dreams about it, I woke up thinking about it, I just want to talk about it nonstop. 
My heart hurts from it in way a book has never hurt me before. It has made me want to hug everyone I see, tell people to solve their unresolved issues with family and friends, force the world to reach out to those they feel uncertain with and inspire others to tell someone they love, how much they truly love them.
Life is so precious. Being young and naive and fearless and hopeful is such a gift, one that doesn't have to be taken away with age and time. Understanding others motives can free us of our demons, hurt doesn't have to eat us away and fear can be cushioned.
Read the book. Buy it here.

latte heart

from anthony. wishing i had one of these in my hand right now...not loving this rainy NYC weather. but feel so lucky to be working from home, snuggled up with the boy.


a bit of inspiration

i love shadows

isn't insane how strong the sun is at this time of year?

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Happy to land in NYC and see the masculinity of the city...not to
mention that of my little bear.xx
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