Tuesday, November 30, 2010

not so certain

Not entirely certain if it's the weather, the fact that I'm severely exhausted or that I got to spend a good amount of time with people I really love today, while working and while having an actually tough/overwhelming/mentally draining day, BUT I'm feeling very romantic and quite in love. 
This city is it's best in the fall. People are kind, happy and cozy.
Men open doors and smile at you as you hop through the half open subway cars. Women peek into your stroller and let out the most honest sounds of joy. couples huddle together, ready for a kiss at any intersection. friends linger longer in order to avoid the freezing air outside.
Cold weather, I think I love you.

ah ha...

so this is what I plan to rock on my next evening out. I am obsessed.
actually, today i was at tory burch pulling for a story i'm working on and I saw a rack of these GORGEOUS long printed dresses. i looked inside and the labels all had my name in them. Camp style. Like "this stunning piece belongs to ______" and in that spot was handwritten "Nicole Fasolino" with a tiny print that also said "so keep your hands off."
Isn't that what used to be sewn inside of summer obsessed kid's that attended camp weeki wakaka's fruit of the looms?

Well I plan on getting my paws on those tory b dresses and hitting the town drenched in the goodness all spring long. throw on a fur and call it love. L.O.V.E. looooooooooove.
Whatever else is unsure in this stinking dunghill of a world a mother's love is not.
-from here

new years resolutions

I've been thinking about them a lot lately. Trying hard to come up with my list. 
I'm so happy to say that I finally don't have 1,839 things that I feel I need to work on this year. Which means I actually followed my resolutions made on new years last year. Or perhaps leaving my job just fixed many of my imperfections and has allowed me to be a better person.
Not saying I don't have things I need to work on. That would be boring, but at least what's going through my head is do-able and more exciting than what I ever faced in the last decade on new years.

And you? What is on your list?

model heart

from zania blog

holiday gift guide

I found myself face to face with this Banana Republic necklace last
night, knew immediately I had a crush but withheld the
purchase...cause tis the season for giving, right?
It immediately reminded me of a necklace my mom would have worn when I
was a kid. A necklace that would become an unconscious statement in my
mind, one that makes me miss my mom even if I've just talked to her
moments ago.
Red polished long nails do the same thing, as do strapless one piece
swimsuits and driving while listening to barbara streisand.
Makes me wonder what sort of items will initiate thoughts of deep love
inside luca for me in years to come.
What does this to you with your parents?

If I could jump into a photograph

I'd pick one of these three.
And you, can you send me a picture you'd like to currently live in?

Bread heart

From Aggie, the new Mrs Zaro!

birthday girl

The happiness I feel celebrating this girls birthday is indescribable. Chrissy makes me laugh on a daily basis, just thinking of her makes me smile and want to jump up and down. No joke.

I remember the very first time I met her, it was in a dingy studio with a creepy photographer that probably hadn't seen tits since he breastfed from his mother. She came in with boots up to her mid-thighs, a tank that barely covered anything and an oversized sweater dangling from her body. She laughed immediately and talked with so much enthusiasm, Natalie and I were obsessed. Before I knew what was happening her clothes were off as she waited for me to hand her some bikinis to try on. Boys, you would have had dreams of a lifetime had you witnessed it. She then went on to say she lived in a little apartment in the east village with her boyfriend that was a "musician". My initial thought was she dated some poor guy that played music in random bars with a tip cup at his feet. I imagined she paid the rent, she looked that good. Little did I know her bf could sell out Madison Square Garden. But that's how she is. Cool. Unsuspecting. Stunning. Hilarious. I've been on shoots and trips up and down the Americas with her and never once did I hear her complain about ugly clothing, freezing temps, hot ass sun rays, early mornings, late nights, bad food, crappy connections. She just does her thing and enjoys every moment of it.
The best part though, she's got a fiercely loyal and loving heart that's bigger than both her bulldog and mine put together. Yeah, her heart is what makes her THE BEST.
Get in the way of her friends baby at the playground and she'll knock you out. Need a pair of shoes to make the boys swoon? She'll give you hers right off her feet. You tell her how hungry you are and she'll eat four helpings of mac and cheese with you. The best I tell you, the best.

So please help me in wishing her the absolute best birthday ever. Love you!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

My girl crush

I, Nicole Fasolino, am not afraid to admit that my second deepest love
is for this stunning girl, Ms Jenny Meyer.
And I'd be quite alright if we both end up 48 years old living
together with 20 dogs and pathetic stories of dates gone bad in an
upper west side apartment one day. Cause I love her and she makes me
endlessly happy.

holiday gift guide

isn't she lovely?
I'm kinda aching for it....need a great gift for your lady, your super chic boss or your bf? done.

Skirt $249, Club Monaco; clubmonaco.com for stores

it's grand

sometimes you come across people and they leave you wondering how you can be a better person. That's what happened when I met this young, dapper man. Find out about his heart on my 365 heartbeats project blog.

where would you like to wake up tomorrow?

"Here's a photo of the bedroom I'd like to wake up in. Click here for the whole house tour.
As for a place, I'd love to wake up in San Francisco, my former city.  I moved away from there a few years ago and really wish I could live there again!"

Lea Ann from the fabulous blog: http://sunnysblog.typepad.com

crossing heart

can you see it?

NYC carriage heart

image from life of boheme


Selene just told me that the male female ratio in NYC is 1:5. It's no wonder two of my most successful and beautiful friends (inside and out) are single and unable to meet a good, kind, fun guy.

It's nonsense. I'm thinking I need to start a proper website for dating so these ladies can find a real man. A site where only GOOD, normal, genuine, giving, loving, hard working guys can be found.

if you know any amazing fellas, can you let me know?

waaaaaaait a minute....

I just passed a school on the upper west side where all the uniformed girls were wearing absurdly huge bows in their hair. Am I missing something? They looked ridiculous. And of course there was the leader of the pack with this swarovski crystalized bow that was the size of my apartment and the less aggressive (read: desperate to be part of the group) girl was in what looked like a homemade accessory about to shred with a strong gust of wind. oh man, I'm so happy I don't have a girl...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

sweet (voiced) tina,

This post is for you.
Thanks for making me laugh with your incredible writing. There's a hidden beast inside that soft spoken, blue eyed, crochet wearing being, and I'm excited you can finally unleash her for the world to enjoy. So happy you are where you are and not in that hell hole that was holding you back.xx

Saturday, November 27, 2010


how is it that still, this many years later, my heart is pained each time I hear his name or see his face?

I am certain he would have been my husband had he not tragically left us so early....


this is exactly where I'd love to be right now.

I wouldn't say misery but....

So for the past two months my upstairs neighbor has been housing a family of clydesdale horses in her apartment. Before that she had the whole cast of Riverdance practicing for a month and prior to that all of the Rockettes were doing their thing, mostly from the hours of 1am to 5am.

Yes, I'm quite certain this is what's happening on the 8th floor, directly above my sleeping child's head.

My apartment is silent. The only time I ever hear anything from the outside world is when there is giant thunderstorm or a helicopter hovering above. So this somewhat new noise above is like a sword stabbing my brain.

Well last night Bear and I were both solidly sleeping when I first heard Santa and his flock of deer jumping rope. It took roughly 3 seconds for Bear to hear it, which caused his typically peaceful slumber to be disrupted. Somehow he fell back to sleep after nearly an hour of being awake, leaving me tossing and turning. You know what I'm talking about. We've all had that pained time in bed where you just turn, turn, turn. Well I finally fell back into rem despite the endless banging. 2am comes and the Bear is awake again. 2am. 3am. 4am. 5am. To sum up this very long story, I didn't sleep and I'm absolutely hating my neighbor and all of her clogging while vacuuming ways.

I have a wedding to attend in a few hours and all I can think of is how desperate I am to mediate and nap. I feel old.


the new year is around the corner. Have you started to think of resolutions for 2011?

dearest J,

come on - keep your eyes on the prize. it's all good. let's have some fun.xx

a different kind of New York

I'm not one for musicals, and I'm especially not keen on Christina Aguilera. But the previews and billboards all over for the new movie Burlesque have me a bit curious. Found these old photos of New York, back in the day when it was "the burlesque capital of the world" - which makes me yearn for a more fascinating time in history. And a wee interested in seeing the movie...

It's hard to come across a female these days that puts herself together the way women did back then. I mean yeah some of my friends get blow outs before a big evening but who do you know (besides your grandmother) that really treats herself like a lady? 
I have one person that comes to mind. ONE. One out of a thousands women that I can think of off the top of my head. Did men respect women more back then? Was there less cheating and more love? Yes I am fully aware what a burlesque club is, but when men were there, were they less perverted and more respectful? Did they leave and love their wives more than they do now-a-days?

All these thoughts give me this overwhelming desire to shave my legs. But I'm sure I wont.

Friday, November 26, 2010


How was your thanksgiving? Did you eat like a maniac?

Sadly this was my first thanksgiving in ages, possibly even my whole life, where I actually didn't eat more than I would on a regular day. I'm feeling like I need a real turkey do-over. Yes, a thanksgiving redo filled with more pie, stuffing and family.

But I guess the good part about that is I'm swimming in the wide leg trousers I just newly discovered in the back of my closet. My inspiration look is above. I guess that's one way to look at a minimal plate of thanksgiving food.....

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Food hearts

"One of my petit fours at the new Hakkasan restaurant in London."
-the sweet and thoughtful Georgina 

So thankful to all my friends and readers that send me hearts knowing how happy they make me. xx

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Giving thanks

As I know all my friends and family are today, I'm giving thanks for
so much in my life.
Starting with the obvious. Luca.

But this morning when I first woke up I really spent some time
thinking what else I was most grateful for. Oddly enough I came up
with my heartbeat blog and all the people that I've met and talked to
through it. It hit me today just how powerful and significant the
whole project really has been.

Amazing how life works. Never ceases to amaze me...

Wishing you all the happiest of days. xx

Happiness on this thankful day

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