Friday, May 27, 2011

image from aubrey road

It is with great sadness I present to you the new name to this site: LOVE LIFE. Taken away the "where there is/there is" part to put an end to annoying question and comments. I had a big meeting with an agent and apparently this is a "must" - so I obeyed. This is the new me. Trying to be more compromising and make decisions that will positively effect my future. Sounds tiring, doesn't it? 

So far I'm ok with it. Hope you are too. 

On another note, it's beautiful outside and I'm moments away from sand and surf. Love Life...


  1. why are you sad about it? i love your blog no matter what.

  2. God, I adore you Jenny! Thank you so much...sad you aren't in the states to enjoy this gorgeous weekend. I'll send warm vibes your way.xx


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