Monday, May 23, 2011

what to wedding

The wife and I are going to a wedding in July. The attire is formal garden cocktail. Can you please help my lovely wife and myself to figure out what that means? What the eff do we wear? -m&a

Love birds are getting all sorts of creative these days. One of my clients is also attending a wedding where the dress code states "formal garden chic!" Below, a board for him & her of inspirational wear. 

Gents: it's not about being formal from head to toe. If you wear a full suit, tone it down with an unfussy piece. Add something less than proper like a fedora, super casual shoes, a quirky tie or belt. It's summer, don some color - navy or tan is always gorgeous, especially when mixed together. Check out J. Crew, Rugby Ralph Lauren or Mr Porter for inspirational looks.

Ladies: if you're dress is on the dressier side, add some chunky, casual jewelry to take your look down a bit. Of course it goes the other way too; a less formal dress can be done up with nice accessories. And always, ALWAYS wear heels. 

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