Thursday, June 30, 2011


people, what's wrong with this world?
seriously, what the fuck is going on? 
i hate to write negatively cause truth is, I try to always think positively, but right now I cannot help but to be blatantly honest for a moment. 
shit is fucked up.

if you aren't ready to have a child, don't have unprotected sex.
if you are totally lacking an understanding of who you want to be in life, don't look for a mate, look for yourself.
if you aren't happy, make a change. find what makes you happiest.

if you are completely insecure and looking for security, don't have a baby.
I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

I briefly followed the Casey Anthony case but had to stop because I wanted to vomit every time I let it be anything more than a totally abstract thought. 
A mother killing her child? WHAT? You carry this innocent being in your belly for 9 months and live with them day and night and suddenly you think it's acceptable to take the last living breath away from this little one? And then you start to twist the blame, as if your own childhood is at fault for such a decison? What the fucking fuck?
If you consider killing your own child (or anyone for that matter), do yourself (and me and the world) a giant favor and STOP. Call me. send me an email. 
I'm not kidding. drop that child off at my house. I will protect it and care for it until the day I die. But don't, for a single moment, think you don't have options. cause you do. People will be there for you. People understand a moment of weakness, you just have to reach out. 
So consider your options. Consider me.
But never, for a moment, think that blaming your childhood is a valid excuse for doing the inexcusable. it may not be as severe as murder, but yelling, violating, disrespecting, it's all the same on a lower scale. you are hurting people.
so grow up.
take control.
take responsibility. and fucking (wo)man up.
life can be filled with utter joy. utter happiness. utter love and pleasure and security.
just relax. just take it in and accept what you've been given and weigh your options. Cause you have many. and in the end, the best option is to be happy. and that will make all others happy.
I've been treated like shit by people that have had tough childhoods. I've broken down and felt such intense sorrow for said people. I've let myself feel weak, trying to make said people feel strong and hoping, someway, somehow, to change their fucked up past. truth is, I cannot change anyone's past. yet these people can change my future (and have). 
take control. 
don't mess others up because of what you were handed. control yourself and you'll get all you deserve. look within. look outward. 
be in control.
get it?


  1. amen sister! well said.
    -gigi s

  2. wow, what a heart.

    this little girl has become such an amazing teacher to us all.
    Definition of a successful life.
    Her life goes on in our lives and hearts
    4 how we choose to live differently because
    of HER.


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