Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I watched a guy & girl kiss the other night on the street corner. They embraced as if they were the only people left on the planet. She was on her toes, he softly leaned over, one hand holding her head and the other arm wrapped around her back. He kissed her like he never wanted another. I choose to believe she will be the last woman he ever loves. He found her. She, him. They'll watch each other grow old and fall even more for the other as the years roll on.
As summer days pass by, I hold the moments that are rare in my mind. I see myself driving in an old car I knew as a child. But now I'm older. My skin is tanned and salty with faint lines just beginning to show to the world what I've lived. I will remember myself in that car, in that moment for a lifetime to come. When the air was warm and there wasnt a single familiar person in town. But the most familiar of all sat close to me. The one who knows me more than I know myself. The one that holds all my emotions with utter love and respect. The one I've grown up with, the one who has taught me to laugh and cry and live until I collapse from happiness.
And the days turn into nights. My skin becomes mocha. My hair lightens and my boy grows bigger, speaking three languages at once while holding six toy cars in his widespread hands. And all is right in the world.

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  1. I hope this love exists. Love your blog.


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