Thursday, September 22, 2011

It feels pretty absurd for me to be talking about clothes and beauty products when this country is so unjust. The execution of Troy Davis last night has left me ill, truly, deeply sick to my stomach. An innocent man put to death while so many guilty madman run free - um, Casey Anthony? Shortly before he was given the lethal injection, I read this beautiful letter he wrote to the world. It makes his passing somewhat more easy to handle.

The injustice is harrowing. 

This country is falling to pieces. I'm scared for my child(ren) and especially for their children. 

What are your thoughts? Besides may Troy Davis rest in peace...


  1. I share your concerns and bleak outlook this morning. If I start discussing my thoughts on this subject, I'm afraid I won't be able to stop, but I have to say that I think the death penalty is fundamentally wrong. Leaving the discussion of morality for when there's more time and lots of booze, I'll just say that I don't think any government should have the power to execute its citizens.

  2. amen. couldn't (and didn't) say it better myself.

  3. i agree with amy and also with you—i hate that matty will someday (all too soon) realize what an insane and morally bankrupt country we live in. i can't even begin to imagine how i'll explain so many things to him. i just keep praying the pendulum will swing back sometime soon...


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