Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Reader email: I have been searching the web for a cute shirt to wear with this sage pullover skirt I bought for my b-day (yes, i'm nuts)!  If you have time to think of any chic tops or jewels send away :) I don't want to send a crazy amount of money just wanna look cute and feel good on my bday! xo, Amanda

Love this skirt, especially because you can wear it nonstop from day to night. I've made a little board to give you some inspiration...

Chances are you have something in your closet already that will work. Like a cropped leather or denim jacket. I also love the idea of an oversized tee or tank - i'd wear it both tucked in or left long and out. A big sweater makes this skirt perfect for day time, but add a super beautiful statement necklace for nighttime. If you do a denim shirt, definitely add amazing jewels and booties - don't go with flats. 
Whatever you do, don't go crazy and wear a cropped sequin top or something outrageous like that. Keep it super simple and play with proportions. 

Have fun and happy happy birthday! Wish I could be there to celebrate!xo

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