Monday, January 31, 2011

sag awards

 My favorites...

question though, how prego is natalie portman? I was that big going into labor and I was two weeks late giving birth...she must be ready to go any moment...right?


I'd love to be dropped right into this photo. With a table full of bowls from this genius potter on etsy, this gorgeous cutlery from Pott and never ending trays of macaroons.

But I neeeeeeed this dress to make the day complete.

And my friends can all wear dresses like this, oooh and this and of course this. And Lobo, you should wear this.


Old school Banana Republic ads. Love.

inspiration board

parts to a whole. 
this makes me whole. happy. making these boards that is. 

*and to answer your emails - yes, i am the one that makes these inspiration boards. want me to make you one? just give me a color story or a theme of sorts and it's all yours.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

if I ever have a daughter....

I have this weird feeling I'm going to have all boys. partly because I'm better with boys and therefore have a fear of dealing with a girl, but also because when I was pregnant with Luca I had a dream I'd have all boys and in that dream Luca was there, clear as day looking just like he does now.

well, if I do have a girl, I hope one day I find her atop a rusted old bicycle in a pretty dress and her hair tied up in braids, pedaling around with a smile the size of the city she's in.

When I was young I used to have this thing where I wanted to see everything. I used to think ‘How can I die without seeing every inch of this world?’

Leonardo DiCaprio

wow, that's how I feel now.

stop, deep breath...



So I'm in the midst of this red lip test drive for a beauty story I'm writing. Seven days of seven different red lip colors.
All is well when the sun goes down but it's somewhat tricky to rock a bright color at the playground.
I don't even wear chapstick so this sudden burst of paint on my face is not easy to maneuver as I go about my business. Every item in my life is now brushed with red. Including my child. But he looks awfully handsome this way. Don't you think?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm inviting you all...

welcome to my dreams. here is the place I throw wild dinner parties with everyone I love. All my girls in one place. Music blaring as the drinks flow all night. 
this is where I host said events:

 and the below jumpsuit is what I'll be wearing, when I'm not wearing this little Alexander McQueen masterpiece.

angel baby face fatty rooroo

My little baby, my first born, my love, Tallulah.

I've been neglecting her for way too long now. She deserves my endless love and attention for all the joy she's brought me. gorgeous beast. love you taloo.
"I don’t like women without baggage. I like those that have grappled with life, the ones that are cognizant and demanding of what makes them happy. I concede they aren’t the easiest, but they are the ones that make me fall in love and the ones that make me compromise."
-Nick Schonberger

See ladies, I told you he was out's allllllll good.

singing this song nonstop

Roses on Park Ave

I just ran into "The Roses" by Will Ryman on Park Ave.
For those of you that haven't heard about them, up and down park from 57th to 67th streets are 38 giant roses and 20 rose petals, currently covered in snow.

Go take a peek.

Bear love

I know I'm bias but seriously, isn't he the cutest bear on earth?

Snow bag heart

I have a problem

I want this.
I don't need it.
But I want it.

seriously random

but all of this is making me really happy, so I wanted to share in hopes of making you a bit happier too.
did it work?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

5 ways to warm your heart

-shop for homemade art to decorate your wall with (like the above image from greige)

-this story will make you cry, no doubt. but it will also make you realize how powerful the parent/child love truly is.

-when's the last time you actually stayed in and got to treat yourself to something good? It's about curl up with this yummy chocolate fondue and the newest issue of Côté Sud and get a full 8 hours of sleep. You'll feel brand new tomorrow.

-if you're anything like me, you've worn every sweater in your closet to shreds this winter. spend the final freezing months in a ridiculous warm Oak Slouch Sweater.

-invite all your friends over and make this. Might not be fabulous for your heart, but it will make your tummy happy.

sea treats

Picture from Greige Blog

Isn't this the perfect look for a beach house? I just love the gray tones mixed with the natural and white, and of course am obsessed with the sea treasure on top.

It would be perfect with this beautiful Tales Of The Beachcomber print on the wall behind it. And me roaming it's room wearing this gorgeous bohemian dress. Don't you think?

inspiration board

once I get going, sometimes I truly can not stop.

*and to answer your emails - yes, i am the one that makes these inspiration boards. want me to make you one? just give me a color story or a theme of sorts and it's all yours.

this is real

I stole this photo from a friends facebook page. Apparently that's where he (delius) is right this moment. Am I jealous? Yes, extremely. Almost doesn't seem possible that someplace this is real.

Ok, no more talk about the weather. I promise.

That moment

The one where all things connect. Mind meets heart Heart meets soul. Soul meets body. Body meets contentment. That's the moment. And if a really great song happens to be playing when all this connects, it will forever be the soundtrack to perfection. 

NYC is my home. Besides Granada, Spain in college, I've never lived in any other city. What I live for here is how you make your way through the day, running up and down subway steps, sitting next to strangers underground, popping in and out of stores, passing by faces you'll never see again, snapping photos, looking up, focused on the ground, all in your own world. When I'm not with Luca I always have my headphones in. On shuffle, never knowing if Elvis or Mumford & Sons will take me there. But somehow living in NYC, going about the world with the rush of others around me, I find such excitement in that music. I could write a book about each song and where it's taken me. 

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