Saturday, April 30, 2011

dress me

Pippa Middleton's dress change for last night's royal reception dinner at Buckingham Palace made me swoon. The long green Alice Temperley dress, was just as stunning on her as the breathtaking sleek ivory satin gown by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen that she rocked to the ceremony at Westminster Abbey.
Great style and great name, Pippa.

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New shoes

Morning heart

From Aggie!

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Luca bear.

Friday, April 29, 2011

and to the (almost) bday girl

your elegance and beauty inside and out make me a better person. Love you Michelle!!!

dedicated to reader Taylor

Darling, this post is for you. Thank you for your incredible email today. It made me smile in ways I desperately needed...

images from oracle fox, julia.marta and we heart it

follow and comment?

I have to ask, why don't people follow or comment? I get thousands of hits each day and only have 91 followers and randomly will get a comment (usually from my mom or alan) perplexing. If you enjoy, please follow!xx

Working under a canopy of floral

I heart NYC.

I have to...

I cannot stop thinking about this wedding.

Pre-6am, when I first started watching, I had zero interest in it. I really didn't get the whole obsession. Now I get it. Fully. And now I understand girls who dream of a fairy tale, princess life and wedding. I mean look at the happiness being celebrated around the world for these two lovers. It's magic. It's what the world needs to be more about. Love.

On that note, I am loving Pippa Middleton and her dress blows my mind. I may have to get married in that. And Victoria Beckham's hat is killer. David Beckham, well, he's making me rethink my desire to marry Harry. But oh Harry...Pippa. Harry. Pippa. Harry...did anyone else notice that? I'm certain there's a love affair brewing there.

Oh how I wish Diana was here to enjoy the beauty of this incredible day in history.

The Royal Wedding

Luca set his alarm right in time for the royal wedding. And I have to say I really wasnt into it until I actually watched. Now I'm in awe. Even crying a bit.
I keep thinking about the fate of this beautiful girl. I keep thinking of her parents and how they must feel today. Did they ever suspected their daughter would be where she is today?
And I cannot help but smile so wide for Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen. Ive mentioned before I attended sarah's wedding to the talented David Burton and she is truly the most genuine, talented and true women of the world. She and McQueen deserve this honor unlike any other.
I'm so incredibly happy to witness this affair. Now I want to marry Prince Harry. Anyone care to hook that up?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

this feels weird

a pic of me and that killer white blazer from last night's A+O event. Bag: Zara, necklaces: 365 Heartbeats, bracelets: Hunter NY and Chan Luu

Ok, so I guess I need to start posting more personal photos on here. I know that's how other bloggers run their show, I guess I never thought of this being a place for personal style though. It was, and still is, a place for me to talk and share my love, passions and thoughts. But fashion being such a massive part of my being, it would only make sense that I include that side of here's my vow, I will share personal style photos more often. Not saying they will be only of me - my son, my friends, my family will surely be included - but let me know your thoughts. Comments people, I love comments (however rare they are.)

above: makeup artist Nico Guilis and I discussing who has better hair. I think she won.

three things

all images from julia.marta

These three photos have made me smile as I navigate through the rain drops today.

dress me

Last night a crew of gorgeous NYC ladies feted the arrival of Stacey Bendet's Alice + Olivia on Madison Ave. I have to say the best part for me was finally having the chance to wear that insane white suit I've been aching for. You know, the one I wrote about here and here, yeah, that one.

If you are in the market for something perfectly timeless with sexpot status, head to A+O's site now. Just don't wear it when you see me, I'll either be wearing it, too, or mad jealous of you.

Beyond the white, the endless love I saw in a sea of alice + olivia on all the ladies was breathtaking. Like this dress and these pants. I want to eat them I love them so much. Oh and these shoes, I MUST HAVE THESE SHOES.
image: From Greenwich

The very first time I went to Paris was in 1998. I was in college and was traveling on a few dollars a day. We somehow found this gorgeous apartment/hotel to stay in for something like $17 a night. It was, in retrospect, the biggest mistake I could have made while traveling through the city of lights. See, when you go to a city for the first time, you want to actually see the city. But when you stay in luxury, getting out of the house is a feat in itself. Who wants to step outside when you can relax on a giant couch with home magazines, wine and amazing friends? I didn't see much of Paris on that trip. But what I did see was how I wanted to live, how I wanted my home to feel. At least my dream home. Parisians have allure oozing from their souls to their soles. It's classic innate chicness. It's ease and beauty. And now, after writing this, I'm yearning to hop on a flight and spend some time on foot, exploring the insides of Parisian apartments from a stalkers perspective - street level, peering in. Soon.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011



image: From Greenwich

"I think I'm going to have a dinner party where no one speaks. I'll give all my guests pens and pads instead of the usual dinner conversation." - Karl Lagerfeld

Genius idea.

dress me

Drooling over Elle MacPherson's style here. I wore a very similar (pretty much exact) look the other day and truth be told, about 79% of the men I walked past made a comment. A good comment. And I liked it.
Ladies, that means get yourself an amazing pair of high waisted jeans and a badass belt. Stat.

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I live for the perfection that is Gwen Stefani's son, Kingston. Luca tends to be the best dressed kid at the playground, but this little suit and white tank on Kingston is making me realize I may have to step it up a notch.

Question, what do little boys wear on their feet in the summer? It's too hot for sneakers. Thoughts?

It's here

I'm whole again. Spring is officially here.
Picture taken on my early morning walk down the westside highway - my new route from now until mid-October.

come in

all images From Greenwich

There's something so improper about living in an apartment. I tend to feel like it stops one from growing up. Mentally you feel young and un-adultlike because, well, you don't have a house and a yard and a garage filled with stuff you rarely use. Instead you (or should perhaps the better word would be "I") feel kid-ish. Even when you have a kid, or two. Maybe you always feel this way, cause that's the odd part of growing up, you never really feel as old as you are. You never feel like the life you live really belongs to you. What do you think?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Heartbeat necklace

Finally have more heartbeat necklaces! Buy yours here:

Proceeds go to the Children's heart foundation. xo

He holds my heart.

Literally perfect

Best day in NYC. Literally the best.

here I am

image from here

This sailboat is doing crazy things to my mind, I'm suddenly dressed in all white with a gorgeous silk scarf over my hair and massive sunglasses covering my eyes. My skin is newly bronzed from diving down to the bottom of the sea off the side of the boat all day. My soul is smiling.

where would you like to wake up tomorrow?

"I've had many lovers in my life but my heart belongs to the man that stole it many years ago. He owns it even though he doesn't even care for it. I'd give many things for a chance to wake up in his arms again. On the coast in that white room with the gray floors, windows open and birds singing. I was younger then, but I know if I could just be back there again, I would be able to move on."

- I.R., NYC

Monday, April 25, 2011


If I had that hair, I'd rock this look all year round. Gorgeous.

Little west 12th heart

"Ask yourself if you are unconsciously chipping away at a relationship, or allowing life's annoyances to make you lose sight of your goals and those you love."

images from 1. the surf lodge in montalk 2. searching for little sadie 3. eres

"the girl knew not to rush the days but her heart was happiest with the change of season. When all the snow was finally melted and the buds on the trees were open and bright. She knew summer would pass in the blink of an eye, but it was in that time she would feel alive again. She would let herself feel love and be loved again. It was her time to be open and bright."

My first born

Taloo. Gorgeousness.
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