Tuesday, May 31, 2011

this is where I should be

image from here.

Heart people


reblogging this little inspiration board from a year ago. so perfect for what's going on outside right now.xx


So Luca's dad has been away for weeks now. Every time he sees an airplane he looks up and waves and either says, "dada" or "buh-bye!" It's sweet and heartbreaking all at the same time. It's hard to explain to him where his father is since I personally don't always know or understand either. But when this photo came through, Luca and I both melted with jealousy...Venice. Ahhh, Venice.

The last time I was there was two years ago with a pregnant belly the size of Michigan. Baby Luca was an unknown sex but when our handsome Italian water taxi driver, Luca, came to pick us up, I knew the name was exactly what my child would be. Luca, the driver, is a massively strong man with huge hands and big blue eyes. His sandy blonde hair and tanned skin made me mental as we made our way through the canals day and night.

Now, as the Venice Biennale begins and so many of the people I love are there, making their way through the maze of the city, I cannot help but feel such jealousy and wish my Luca and I were there enjoying the beauty of it all.
Soon. I hope.
Olivia Palermo, epitome of classic beauty. I just wish her personality matched her looks...

By the way, am I the only one that has a serious issue reading the word "epitome"? I can say it perfectly fine but make me read it and in my head it always comes out "ep-e-tome" - is it just me???

I was asked to be part of this amazing post on creativity on the genius blog Aubrey Road (my biggest inspiration each and every day). The answers from the five other people asked this question truly blew my mind. Such perfection, such honesty, such inspiration.

And Jenny, thank you for including my thoughts. It meant the world to me to be part of such a gorgeous post.

'The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes. If you foolishly ignore beauty, you will soon find yourself without it. Your life will be impoverished. But if you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life.' 
-Frank Lloyd Wright

Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend love

Such happiness being back by the sea. Luca is a water baby, I'm a lobster lover, my friends are tanned and smiling, my parents are my saviors. Life is grand.

High winds

Loving my uber-wide legged pants by Tory Burch for summer. Worn here with a Rebecca Taylor top and belted with a giant scarf from Thailand.
A side note, wide legged pants are seriously a danger zone in high winds. Don't believe me? Test it yourself.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

summer beauty

You always look makeup free and glowing, what beauty products do you use and what do you suggest? 
First of all, thank you! I'm 99% of the time makeup-less, especially in the summer. But I do use beauty products that I find to be absolute must-haves. Here's a list of them and why I love each. 
ps what do you wear/love? i'd love to do a post on a readers beauty list

Good friend/makeup artist Selene Anderson introduced me to this product on photo shoots. It smells sexy, just like summer. Not to mention it's heaven on your skin adding shine + moisture.

I love this coral color for hands and feet, it's perfection with a tan. I have visions of wearing it with a white bikini and lots of gold bangles on the beach.

Lorac Tantalizer Baked Bronzer, $32 I try not to get color on my face at all, this bronzer is ideal to make you look and feel like you've spent all day with the suns rays beating down on your cheeks.

It's the best beauty product out there. No sun on your face and chest means less wrinkles and sunspots later.

This smells exactly like my dreams look: an ocean-filled day complete with a sailboat, sunshine, salty hair and fresh fish.

I'm not going to pretend I know why water-based spf is better, because all i know is it just IS. It feels better and works better. A fact I can attest to. 

It's quite simple, I love this color and I love the texture. 

Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Cream With SPF-15, $85
I just started using this product after a beauty editor gave it to me on set of a shoot. She swears by it and explained that it brightens skin while moisturizing and protecting from the sun.

I hate the taste of water but add lemon and I could drink it all day nonstop. Plus, it's even healthier and cleansing that way.

Friday, May 27, 2011

happy memorial day weekend!

image from just b

nothing would make me happier than sitting on the beach with my parents, luca and a giant strawberry mojito. A dream that will come true this weekend.

Happy weekend to you all! What do you have planned?xo

hostess gifts

Head to Young Married Chic to see my guest post on what to buy your hostess this summer...
click to enlarge

this post is a must for anyone that plans on spending time swimming, drinking and eating at other people's homes for the next 3 months...xx

last night

Last night on the rooftop of Studio 450 at the Ambassadors Ball for Groundwork Inc and Country Roads Foundation. If you don't know about these incredible organizations, take a moment to read up and (hopefully) donate. They are both phenomenal organizations.

How gorgeous is michelle? I mean she's pretty much perfect, especially with those See by Chloe pants + Celine bag draped across her. LOVE. My dress is H&M (of course) and shoes are Zara (of course), ring and bracelets are a mix of vintage, Isharya + Philippe Audibert.

heart photo taken on Perry St yesterday
often when I hear about breakups, or I, myself am involved in one, I get a sharp pain in my heart for new york city. Yes, for new york. For it's one less couple strolling the streets arm in arm, inspiring strangers with their affection. 
image from aubrey road

It is with great sadness I present to you the new name to this site: LOVE LIFE. Taken away the "where there is/there is" part to put an end to annoying question and comments. I had a big meeting with an agent and apparently this is a "must" - so I obeyed. This is the new me. Trying to be more compromising and make decisions that will positively effect my future. Sounds tiring, doesn't it? 

So far I'm ok with it. Hope you are too. 

On another note, it's beautiful outside and I'm moments away from sand and surf. Love Life...

Un-Titled beauty

Please check out a recent story I styled, shot by Dennis Golonka, called Kids in America featured on Un-Titled Project.

Also, let me know if you have a story you've shot that you'd like to have featured in the gallery of Un-Titled Project. email me at nfasolino@mac.com


Thursday, May 26, 2011


I asked Ashley Middleton Coakley of Vogue to inspire me with her summer loves. 

Here, her lust-worthy wishlist:

1. Campari: a must have summer cocktail ingredient. 
it reminds me of my best friend Michelle's wedding...drinking negroni's with campari in Florence was heaven. It is definitely my drink of choice all summer long.

2. Let the Great World Spin I just finished this book.  It is heart-wrenching but beautifully written and a truly amazing story.

3.  Ahh, this Kaelen dress: not sure where I would wear it but it is fantastic.

4. Majorly LUSTING over the neon yellow Cambridge Satchel for summer!

I have a few pairs by Suzanna Dai and they are fabulous.  You can wear them with anything -- a fab statement piece and not crazy expensive.

6. my nail polish of choice: CHANEL orange fizz. It's seriously the best color + looks fantastic with a tan!

I have no words for these I love them so much!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

take it in

Finally. So just take it all in. Take every bit of it in...


yup, it's summer.

Dress: H&M. Belt: Forever 21. Bag, Prada. Bracelets: 365 Heartbeats, Chan Lu, Madewell, Loris

get it

After I posted the pic of my homemade bright yellow skull bracelet Monday, I got a ton of emails asking to purchase...now you can get it on etsy, buy it here.


What do you dream of?

The only consistency in my life when I'm fast asleep is how I'm always in or by the water. I dream in blue. I dream of freedom. I dream of a flow.

In my mind this is me now, not giving a fuck. isn't my dress lovely?


image from here

Woke up at 3am to my phone endlessly vibrating across the room. I typically sleep with it on airplane mode but for some reason last night I left it on.

A friend from a long time ago, breaking down into pieces. Have you ever had to tell someone to let you go? Has your heart ever stopped believing before your mind? Where someplace deep within you know he's no longer The One. And you no longer are his darling. She's someone you don't know, but you know all about her. She's younger, less jaded, full of passions. She loves sports and will asks him to go! Have fun! Don't worry about calling, just enjoy! She's not hung up on what he said two years ago, she now hangs on his every word. She's The One you used to be.

A broken heart is never easy, especially when you have so many regrets to face.

a love letter

story from le love:

You have been my greatest. My fear is that no one will ever be what you are to me, today i had to make a decision. I could no longer live in limbo, I could no longer live without you and with you all at the same time, i could not think of everyone else who has you when I'm not there or that you might avoid me the next day after loving me the night before.

You are incredible and a man who will achieve all and know no boundaries, I am drawn to your soul like it was made to light mine up but i know that you can't be it. Even though you were my Mr., you can't be him because my soul mate will feel it too,

but he will tell me it's true.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Adoring all things white right now. Must get myself some dresses pronto.

Florescent yellow

Beaded skull bracelet in bright yellow. Made it last night when I couldn't sleep, plan on wearing it until it shreds.

Want one? Email me and I'll make you one. xx


image from Red Online UK

I'm shooting today and got to have a little preview of some gorgeous work spaces within the building. Inspiration at it's grandest. Cannot wait to share photos later.

Monday, May 23, 2011


All my favorite things in life are blue. The sea, sky, eyes of my boy...perhaps why I get such utter joy from the fact that as I've been trying to teach little bear colors of the rainbow and the only one he's getting/saying is "blue."

My blue eyed angel boy, once again bringing such pleasure to my life.

what to wear....garden wedding

The wife and I are going to a wedding in July. The attire is formal garden cocktail. Can you please help my lovely wife and myself to figure out what that means? What the eff do we wear? -m&a

Love birds are getting all sorts of creative these days. One of my clients is also attending a wedding where the dress code states "formal garden chic!" Below, a board for him & her of inspirational wear. 

Gents: it's not about being formal from head to toe. If you wear a full suit, tone it down with an unfussy piece. Add something less than proper like a fedora, super casual shoes, a quirky tie or belt. It's summer, don some color - navy or tan is always gorgeous, especially when mixed together. Check out J. Crew, Rugby Ralph Lauren or Mr Porter for inspirational looks.

Ladies: if you're dress is on the dressier side, add some chunky, casual jewelry to take your look down a bit. Of course it goes the other way too; a less formal dress can be done up with nice accessories. And always, ALWAYS wear heels. 

Have a question, email me at nfasolino@mac.com xo

my thoughts never waver

My biggest fear in life is boredom - to run out of passions and to love only halfway. What's the point of living if you're not filled with intensity? By the sea one can never become overly listless. The ocean is full of life with emotions more maniacal than a woman's worst day. Take me to the water, I beg.
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