Thursday, June 30, 2011


color, texture, feeling...


people, what's wrong with this world?
seriously, what the fuck is going on? 
i hate to write negatively cause truth is, I try to always think positively, but right now I cannot help but to be blatantly honest for a moment. 
shit is fucked up.

if you aren't ready to have a child, don't have unprotected sex.
if you are totally lacking an understanding of who you want to be in life, don't look for a mate, look for yourself.
if you aren't happy, make a change. find what makes you happiest.

if you are completely insecure and looking for security, don't have a baby.
I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

I briefly followed the Casey Anthony case but had to stop because I wanted to vomit every time I let it be anything more than a totally abstract thought. 
A mother killing her child? WHAT? You carry this innocent being in your belly for 9 months and live with them day and night and suddenly you think it's acceptable to take the last living breath away from this little one? And then you start to twist the blame, as if your own childhood is at fault for such a decison? What the fucking fuck?
If you consider killing your own child (or anyone for that matter), do yourself (and me and the world) a giant favor and STOP. Call me. send me an email. 
I'm not kidding. drop that child off at my house. I will protect it and care for it until the day I die. But don't, for a single moment, think you don't have options. cause you do. People will be there for you. People understand a moment of weakness, you just have to reach out. 
So consider your options. Consider me.
But never, for a moment, think that blaming your childhood is a valid excuse for doing the inexcusable. it may not be as severe as murder, but yelling, violating, disrespecting, it's all the same on a lower scale. you are hurting people.
so grow up.
take control.
take responsibility. and fucking (wo)man up.
life can be filled with utter joy. utter happiness. utter love and pleasure and security.
just relax. just take it in and accept what you've been given and weigh your options. Cause you have many. and in the end, the best option is to be happy. and that will make all others happy.
I've been treated like shit by people that have had tough childhoods. I've broken down and felt such intense sorrow for said people. I've let myself feel weak, trying to make said people feel strong and hoping, someway, somehow, to change their fucked up past. truth is, I cannot change anyone's past. yet these people can change my future (and have). 
take control. 
don't mess others up because of what you were handed. control yourself and you'll get all you deserve. look within. look outward. 
be in control.
get it?

drink. now.

How is it that I've completely failed to introduce my newest crush to you all? My girl Chrissy has added blogger to her list of talents. And yes, it's a talent folks. Just click on over to her HILARIOUS site to salivate, laugh and fall in love. Cause you will.
Muddle 5 or 6 cherries lime juice and mix with vodka and sparkling water. Pick your proportions. Naturally, I suggest more vodka than anything….


been shooting all week and the days are just flying by. forgot how amazing I feel when I'm with a badass crew and creating pretty pictures.

almost as amazing as waves crashing over me on a scorching hot day. soon...


...some salt in my hair. Stat.


Last night I dreamt I had to race cars through some intense terrain. I got pulled over and had to talk my way out of the ticket...hmmm...

ps these pics were taken while I watched my favorite show Top Gear (the British version) the other night. Live for that show. Live.

dress me

image from tales of endearment

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I have to take a moment to say thanks to all of my readers, especially the ones that write to me. In particular today, Jane, who killed me with her kindness.

"your excitement for the world and love for everything -- not to mention your eyes, remind me of the beautiful and graceful Audrey Hepburn. I love your blog and read it all the time!! :)"

Beyond sweet. I thank you all for reading.xo

random, seriously random

A reader just asked me to list a bunch of random facts. here goes:

I've only felt hungry about 10 times since birth. I always buy my clothes one size up because I like everything baggy. I trust everyone from the start, which I'm learning needs to change immediately. My heart was broken 7 years ago and yet it feels like yesterday. I had 8 pack abs when I was 6 years old. My bulldog is named after Tallulah in Bugsy Malone. My son is partially named Luca because of a stunning Italian man I met in Venice when I was 8 months pregnant. I can out swim 99% of you reading this. I can stand on my hands and/or head for 10 minutes straight. I don't ever eat if I'm alone. Honest truth, I've never been truly jealous of anyone besides Giselle. I'm aching to go to India and Australia, otherwise I've visited most of the places of my dreams. I know more facts about sea turtles than I do about middle America. I love morocco more than any other country and cannot wait to decorate a house inspired by it's beauty. I had a major obsession with john walker (lindh) the American that was caught fighting with the Taliban, I even wrote him letters as I wanted to interview or at least talk to him regarding what/how/why he did what he did. People weekly tell me I should have been a psychologist. I'd rather be the next barbara Walters. My favorite new years of my life was in Thailand, dancing barefoot on the beach with bon fires, wish lanterns, fireworks, insane music, nonstop dancing and eventually rain that only made the crowd go even more wild. Since I had a child I am way less emotional and sensitive, instead I'm much more hard - which really perplexes me. I hate trees and especially hate being alone in a house surrounded by them (this doesn't include palm trees or the jungle). Big homes frighten me, I'm always convinced there are monsters ready to pounce. I'm much less afraid since I had luca and now I'll instantly kick anyone's ass that threatens me or him. I've crashed three weddings and at two of them ended up dancing with the father of the bride or groom. I've kept journals since I was in 5th grade, writing is my therapy and without it I'm not nearly as happy. My dream in life is to spend four months a year doing volunteer work throughout africa. I want to adopt children. Everything from my feet to my chest to my bum size shrunk after I had a baby. Floating and running are the only ways I can meditate.  I take at least one photo a day. I have a fascination/obsession with Navy Seals. I frequently (almost weekly) facebook/google search a friend I met in Panama in 1998, it's been about 6 years since I started this search, to no avail. I always miss my friends when I don't get to see or talk to them often. 6 out of 7 nights a week I remember what I dream.

a dose of peace

image from blame the crane


"I don't know what it was about her. She just glowed. From the inside out. And when I left her side, I felt myself glowing, too. She just had this thing about her. This way that made life pop! Even when she had worries on her mind, she was still giving 100% to others and doing all she could to remain a free, loving spirit. And because of that, I miss her daily."

-part of a very long talk I had with a man I'll be featuring on my heartbeat project. Talking to him made me so proud of this world. That there are people out there that really are good, that really do move others. Transcribing the conversation just now, a few days later, had even more impact than listening to him speak the first time.

Isn't it so beautiful? Don't you want the world to say those things about you? I do.

yes, please

I want to live in all three spaces, please.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Street love

From the amazing Cleo.

what's real

when all is questionable, there is always one consistent. And that is the love and devotion I feel towards this child. At only 19 months old, he has challenged me, excited me and moved me more than any other person I've met. He makes me grateful and humbled and all around dizzy with such extreme happiness.

And once again, a nod to the unexpected.

Dress me

Love this.


On my way to Brooklyn this morning to shoot. The manhattan bridge.

Monday, June 27, 2011


just staring at this photo does so much to my creative soul.

what does it make you think of/desire?

keep calm

Lots swirling around in my head. Trying to stay focused. Had a great, fast, fun shoot today, thankfully. Now concentrating on the days to come. One task at a time.

Hope you all are having a happy, peaceful Monday.xo


I had some of the whackiest dreams ever last night. One was that I had a daughter, she was very similar to the girl in this image. But more odd than that, she was 16 years old. I remember as I dreamt trying to calculate how old I had been when I had her.
Before I had Luca, I never would have thought I'd have a blue eyed, white haired child. Now I find it impossible to imagine anything else.


These Stella McCartney heels make me crazy. Seen here on the amazing Michelle Hellman, I nearly snatch them off her feet every time she wears them in my presence.

Last night



luca goes nuts when he hears this song. his dance moves are ridiculously good.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

dress me

Living for the red YSL gown Diana Kruger wore to the amfAR Inspiration Gala in Paris...

Friday, June 24, 2011


I asked my girl crush, blogger Jenny from Aubrey Road, to give me her summer lust list. Now I just need to get her to give me her life in Hawaii and I'll be all set.
1 - Mexchic cotton blanket. Bright, light and perfect for summer, at home or at the beach. 

2 - Shimmi bikini. I am in desperate need of some new swimwear. I like this one for its crazy color. 

3 - Nike Free sneakers. The only time I wear socks in the summer is to workout. I need new sneakers and I've heard good things about the Free series, plus the neon helps.

4 -Butter London "Jaffa" nail polish. I'm really into bright nail colors at the moment, especially orangey corals like this one. 

5 - Aesop Rind Aromatique Body Balm. I love everything Aesop. They use the the yummiest natural scents and this light citrus moisturizer is great post-summer sun. 

6 - Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap. This is a summer staple for the most refreshing showers ever. 

7 - Tracy Anderson DVDs. I was reluctant at first, but I have to admit, I've totally fallen under this little nymph's spell. I do some of her workouts that I found on youtube, but I'd like to step it up and get some of her DVDs. 

8 - Mosley Tribes sunglasses. My sister has these and I like to wear them when she's not around. I should probably get a pair for myself. They're also polarized, which is nice.

9 - MCMC Maui fragrance. I'm in the market for a new fragrance and I've been dying to try this one for a while now. 

Follow Jenny at Aubrey Road and on twitter. She is pure inspiration and aspiration. 

*want to share your lust list with me? email me your list at:*

singing all day...

dress me

image from here.

The perfect summer day dressing.

white on white

Luca has been going to art openings since he was born. He feels so comfortable at them, he actually has no qualms arriving barefoot and stealing all the food. As he roamed around Daniel Mort's Obliquity opening at Charles Bank Gallery (curated by Luca's uncle Adam Cohen) it was no different. Could you melt over that little white head cruising around like he owns the place?



images from here.

Summer just brings me back to my youth. Somehow I care less about everything grown up that typically weighs on me and I the freedom my mind possessed when I was a kid comes rushing back in.

what does summer do to you?

Please take a moment to watch this beautiful video by the incredible Shirin Neshat. 

As spring ends, we grieve what has been lost and cherish what has been gained. We measure the rise and fall of our hopes in the Middle East and remember the catastrophic earthquake in Japan — a natural disaster erupting into a human one. As we enter a new, uncertain season, our destination is unknown, yet we travel against the flames of fear toward the promise of a better future ahead.
Shirin Neshat, an artist, is the director of the film “Women Without Men.” 


image from here

Slept so badly last night, had a big meeting this morning and think I was in REM mode the whole time. slowly finding my way with the world.

Happy friday all.xx

heart pool

found on

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A long walk home

In massive heels walking home tonight. The air is crisp like a fall evening but the streets are packed with lovers in little clothes and deep tans.
I've been praying for a taxi for 6 blocks but something about the air makes me happy to be on foot, however painful these shoes are.
Ah! And right as I write this, an open taxi stops at my feet. I will pass.


image Vogue Italia June 2011 | Photographer, Greg Kadel

the weekend is almost upon us. ahhh...

follow it

amazing giveaway: find it here.

jumping in

image from the beautiful etsy shop of Alicia Bock

So many exciting things to share, soon. Starting on a new project that's keeping me beyond busy and beyond happy. I feel like I won the lotto and cannot wait for the future.

Follow your dreams my darlings. Life is short, you must do what you desire.

dress me

image from musingsinfemininity

how absolutely divine is this dress? beyond.
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