Sunday, July 31, 2011


image of Marissa Miller from MIKOH's blog
It's official, I need a paddle board. And I need it now.
I am convinced my life, abs and thighs will be much better once I get myself up on that board.
If you know of a good place to purchase (that will send to NYC or Shelter Island, NY) please let me know!


I don't know who is more obsessed with water, me or Luca. and every time I see water, I silently say "aqua" as I know that's what he'd be yelling if he were next to me. Missing him.

where would you like to wake up tomorrow?

photo from arturo cubria of paco and fidel.

I'd like to wake up tomorrow with Luca snuggled in bed with me. The ocean outside my window, as it is right this moment, fresh air, animals and endless music playing as we start our day. a day of relaxing and playing from start to finish.

what about you?

Saturday, July 30, 2011


this is a little photo for miss jenna b...
Don't know exactly what but the moment I saw this photo I thought of you darling and how much I think you'd appreciate a man, on a beach, with a body like that, in a place like that.

in the gray

All images from here.
Do you think I have a problem? Like perhaps I'll need an intervention? Sand sound be my middle name. Sea, my first.


a little inspiration board that's basically what my brain looks like at this very second.

I've had such a great few days. And although I miss my Luca Bear more than I could possibly admit, I am impossibly content.

A quick, hilarious story. Tara and I flew from Sao Paolo to Rio today. The descent was something out of a Will Ferrell movie, where two girls (me and tara) are the only ones reacting to the more or less 360 degree spirals of our large aircraft. This wasn't turbulence, it was pure adrenaline rocking, will-signing, prayer saying drama. As we finally touched ground, the whole plane was still silent and content, I turned to tara and said, "we'll we're here!" only to have the airplane shift into high gear and take off for the clouds again. WE WERE ON THE GROUND AND WE TOOK OFF AGAIN. As if we were the only non-comatosed humans on board, we were crying laughing while all others within the cabin sat peacefully. It took 20 minutes for any announcement to be made. Where finally a sleeping pilot explained we wouldn't be landing in the airport originally planned. Instead we'd be flying 30 minutes to another airport. Apparently the winds were so severe that we couldn't land (even though we had). Did anyone make a peep? No. Did anyone seem annoyed or  concerned or even as if they knew what planet they were on? No. All  was well...only in Brazil. Only. In. Brazil.

right now

I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet. And I am forever grateful for this moment in time. 


this song always reminds me of how lucky I've been to live the life I've so lucky.

dress me

image from here.

Friday, July 29, 2011


image from here.
I can think of few things I love more than long hair, long dresses and long days on the beach.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


such the song that will forever remind me of summer...
"At the beach, life is different. Time doesn't move hour to hour but mood to moment.
We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun."
-from here.

dress me

image from here.

I love me an orange dress. Especially when paired with a golden tan and long locks.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I lept

So less than a year ago I left my full time job, I knew I'd be forever held back if I stayed. So I took a giant leap. 10 months into it, I've found such happiness and such extreme growth that I rarely go half a day without stopping and thanking the universe for taking me to where I am.

Now, as I am off to Brazil, my life will forever be changed. My dream in life (career-wise) is happening. And when I'm back from Brazil I will be able to tell you all about it. But until then, I want to say: go for it. Take my advice and jump. LEAP. Cause it always works out.

Don't be afraid of the unknown. Create it.

Cannot wait to share all the amazing news upon my return next week. xo

dreaming of this....

image from aubrey road

this looks divine right about now.

14 de Julio

Today, catorce de julio, 

a man kissed a woman in the rain. 
On the corner of Independencia y Cinco de Mayo. 
A man kissed a woman. 

Because it is Friday. 
Because no one has to to go work tomorrow. 
Because, in direct opposition to Church and State, 
a man kissed a woman 
oblivious to the consequence of sorrow. 

A man kisses a woman unashamed, 
within a universe of two I'm certain. 
Beside the sea of taxicabs on Cinco de Mayo. 
In front of an open-air statue. 
On an intersection busy with tourists and children. 
Every day little miracles like this occur. 

A man kisses a woman in the rain 
and I am envious of that simple affirmation. 
I who timidly took and gave— 
you who never admitted a public grace. 
We of the half-dark who were unbrave. 


Poem sent to me from the best:

to luca....

Every time I leave my child I get a little pain within my heart. Today is no different. I could shed never ending tears right now if I allowed myself. But I wont. Instead I will say this:
I love you Luca. I love you and I'm sorry I had to take a plane to a far away place, but I'll be back soon and until then, have fun.

Thank you for making me so happy that to leave actually pains me. In some way, that makes me feel good. To know I've found such love, love I cannot bear to be without. It's the love that I almost burst from when I look into your beautiful sea blue eyes. The eyes that tell me a billion stories while always looking at me with admiration and devotion. I love you and I'll miss every little piece of you. LOVE.

dress me

image from the blonde salad

into the deep

first two images from the sartorialist, pic three from dancing to the beat of rain.

Thank you summer for reminding me how to live. Thank you for keeping me warm and sandy. But mostly I thank you for allowing me to see a million different shades of blue day and night.


to my parents. cause I love you more than words and your love story inspires mine daily.


I watched a guy & girl kiss the other night on the street corner. They embraced as if they were the only people left on the planet. She was on her toes, he softly leaned over, one hand holding her head and the other arm wrapped around her back. He kissed her like he never wanted another. I choose to believe she will be the last woman he ever loves. He found her. She, him. They'll watch each other grow old and fall even more for the other as the years roll on.
As summer days pass by, I hold the moments that are rare in my mind. I see myself driving in an old car I knew as a child. But now I'm older. My skin is tanned and salty with faint lines just beginning to show to the world what I've lived. I will remember myself in that car, in that moment for a lifetime to come. When the air was warm and there wasnt a single familiar person in town. But the most familiar of all sat close to me. The one who knows me more than I know myself. The one that holds all my emotions with utter love and respect. The one I've grown up with, the one who has taught me to laugh and cry and live until I collapse from happiness.
And the days turn into nights. My skin becomes mocha. My hair lightens and my boy grows bigger, speaking three languages at once while holding six toy cars in his widespread hands. And all is right in the world.


Today is the perfect NYC summer day.
My boy and I enjoyed an epic stroll all over town. Heavenly.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sum of parts

Some photos of a few days gone (flying) by. Where is the time going?

I leave for brazil for work tomorrow and still have roughly 7,639,937 things to do before I head to the airport. Help. Me. Please.


image from I am blog

To my darling E,
imagine yourself far from where you actually are. take yourself away. cause it'll be ok before you know it. Whenever you think you can no longer breathe, take yourself to a better place. Even if it's just within your mind. Visualize it. Love you.

Monday, July 25, 2011


image from the sartorialist

How gorgeous is this man? For me there's nothing like an Italian to epitomize style and grace.

oh how I wish...

image from aubrey road

I don't know how, but one day I will live on the beach. I will. I will. I will.

beached out

Reader email: 
I love your hair. How do you get it so wavy? Do you use a curling iron? And what kind of products do you use?
I have a very simple routine that doesn't involve any product or the use of an iron. I personally think it's my cut that gives my hair such texture and wave though. If you are in the NYC area, go to Jamie at the Whittemore House in the West Village. She's life-altering.

But I do know from years of being on photo shoots how to get that natural looking wave. First step is an amazing salt or sea spray. I happen to LOVE the one from Bumble & Bumble, it smells amazing adds a texture without weighing down. Spritz it on wet hair and use your fingers to twirl tiny sections of your hair around. Once it (air) dries, you can use a large curling iron with 1-2 or 2-3 inch sections to add more wave.

I also happen to feel that a long drive with the windows down or a dip in the sea is the best route, but if that's not an option, try the above.

singing all day...

No joke, Luca knows the words to this song better than I do.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Oh how I wish I were thee.

dress me

yes, dress me in this and take me there. along with a bottle of cold white wine, my boy sandy and tanned and the sun epically fading away.

happy saturday!

are you home, staying out of the heat this weekend? heading to the beach now, poolside I shall reside.

See you Sunday!

Friday, July 22, 2011

happy weekend loves!

by sally benedict king from i suwannee
Wishing you all the happiest of weekends. 
It's currently 110 degrees in NYC. Yes, 110. I am jetting out to the beach in a matter of moments and cannot wait to lay horizontal with my Luca Bear in the pool from sunrise to sunset and beyond.

What do you have planned? Enjoy whatever it is you do. xo

dress me

this one is dedicated to A Girl Named Bong....cause I know you'd look beyond in this.
image from the sartorialist.
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