Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Breathe in breathe out

You know the just breathe.

This ones for you S. You can do it. Believe and it will be ok.



this is dedicated to ms aggie, and the fabulousness that she creates daily on her 10 digits.
more here.

Foot phone

videoMuuuuuuuuust watch. To die for.

On set

Um, this little bit of blue heaven is around the studio today. I'm in love. The martini tie, the bright blue jacket, shorts! May have to dress luca in this soon.


Heaven is a place where I can swim in a sea of accessories all day, all night. A place where more is more. A place where I can create bracelets and rings from sun rise to sun set.


Love this nook.

Heart motto

DVF store in soho.

Monday, August 29, 2011


seriously, could today be any more grand? I am in love with today. In love.

my head in photos

this is what my brain looks like today. it's connecting dots from one of these thoughts to another and somehow, someway, I am sure they will connect to create some perfect picture. or perhaps they'll just be zig zags that drive me crazy as I make my way through the city today...pray it's not the latter.

dress me

yes, this is exactly what I want to be wearing right this moment.

what about you? what's your after the storm look?

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Home in bed with my sleeping boy, watching the MTV Video Awards. I'm in a state of bliss that I hope never ends. Snuggly evening of quiet winds and screaming teenagers on tv. So good.

Happy Sunday!

star showers

forget rain, I want to end this summer with meteor showers.

A few summers ago,  I was having dinner on Shelter Island with a big group of friends during a time in the season when the phosphorus levels in the sea were outrageously high. Shortly after we finished shoving our mouths, we all went dive bombing into the water. If you've ever had the chance to swim at midnight with high phosphorus levels, you'll know it's like swimming through a sea of shooting stars. The more you move, the more the sea lights up. It was one of the most magical evenings of my life and I weekly close my eyes and go right back to the moment.

where would you like to wake up tomorrow?

tell me! I want to know...

I'd be happiest in an all white room, sun shining down, sea just steps away.
Hope everyone is safe. How's it going where you are? Has Irene treated you ok? It's Sunday, cozy up with some good magazines and enjoy the day.xo

Saturday, August 27, 2011


I've mentioned before how much I want want a chicken. First an egg, one that I can sit on, then a chicken. Well i just found out that Tori Spelling has a beautiful white feathered friend living in her home. This creature is stunning. I mean, STUNNING. I am dead jealous. I need.

storm reading

During Irene: stay safe, stay entertained.xo

- Pure hilariousness, Suri's Burn Book is a blog written from Suri Cruise's point of view.

- Redecorate your home, even if it's just virtually. Anthropologie has amazing rugs to change your whole interior.

- To those ladies waiting for love.

- A beautiful summer to fall dress.

- A trip to Bali? Yes, please! Gilt's Jetsetter has an incredible deal going right now for a stay at the Banyan Tree Ungasan in Bali. Please bring me along.

- Fully into matching these days. How sweet is this matching bra and panty set?

- The best fashion tech gear you could ever want.

- The beauty of moms and their little loves.


The ease of a warm day makes this incoming storm fill me with frustration. Bear and I want to rush to the sea, float in the water, he's aching to go on the boat with his dad, run through the grass after a giant ball. But instead we're now inside, waiting....

But to be honest with you, if this storm doesn't come, I'll be massively annoyed. After all this preparation, something better come! A little bit of excitement.

dress me

this has been my summer staple look. I now cannot fathom having to put much more on my body. The comfort of light loose tees and pants. LOVE.


Things have been a wee hectic know, with sweet Irene on her way and all...
Hard to imagine what the news is reporting might actually be true. An imminent hurricane just makes me yearn for a day bunkered down inside with plenty of time to read, eat and play.

What's on your hurricane agenda?

Friday, August 26, 2011


The sky and sea are suddenly singing a different tune. Hurricane Irene may actually be coming our way, despite how optimistic (read: in denial) I am of her arrival.

How are you preparing and what do you suggest I do? Bunker down with the Bear and a billion magazines sounds right about perfect to me.

if i was 17 i think it'd be acceptable to be as obsessed as i am with this playlist...

1. i love her-chris brown
2. beautiful soul -jesse mccartney
3. dancing in the moonlight-toplader
4. miles away-years around the sun
5. super base- acustic version me-nicki minaj
7.come home to me- justin bieber can get it all-bow wow

dress me

Image from here

I don't want summer to end, but the clothes that come along with the change of season makes it all so much easier to accept.

5 things I'm fully into this moment...

all images from here

1. moms and their babes. or really just babes. love. especially mine and all his naked friends that run through my house daily.

2. I am sure there's no better way to immortalize summer (and the greatness it's brought to my life) than this.

4. a guitar played by my little man-son, Luca Bear

5. simple artwork in large scale forms. what room wouldn't look better with a gorgeous pop of simple color?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Keep coming

Praying these summer days never end. I feel like a 13 year old with her first summer crush. The girl who sees September as the end of the greatest love affair ever. The girl who wakes up with the sun and dances til midnight. Don't let it end.
Please september, take your time. What's the rush?

My thumbprint

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Who makes this beautiful creature? I need to know. I am in lust.

Image found on we heart it without any clues as to who made such a perfect accessory.

Anyone know?

Perhaps its because I've gotten a chance to relax this summer. A chance to take in the sounds, smells, simple moments that epitomize summer. Perhaps it's because I've allowed life to take control instead of me trying to control it. Perhaps it's that I'm feeling more at ease as a mom, as a friend, at work. Whatever it is, I hope you all are overcome with the power of summer, too. That feeling of goodness, happiness, peace, sexiness and freedom.

Dress me

Yes, please. Love it all.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Tales of Endearment makes me a very happy girl. I love going into people's world and seeing how they live, their treasures, their happiness and comforts. Who doesn't, right?

This particular post from the gorgeous apartment of Kelly Framel from the blog, The Glamouraistopped my heart. How beautiful! LOVE.
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