Saturday, January 28, 2012

simple pleasures

image from here.
sometimes I see a photo and I go wild. My mind starts to run free and a new life begins to develop within me. I go to places way better than my dreams from a photo. This picture just stole my soul for a few seconds. It took me to a bright studio space by the water, overlooking the Hudson River on a spring day. I am there with a bunch of people, Natalie is by my side, Dylan is not far, Amanda, Sam, all my girls, we are creating, we are laughing, we are listening to everything from Madonna to U2 to Kent. It's a day of ladies and we're all in 5" heels and there are empty Starbucks cups around. There's a vase of white flowers and this fresh air smell. No one is in a rush, no one wants to be anywhere but there.

That's what a photo can do to me at any given moment.

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