Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a love letter

Sometimes you read things and the whole way you look at the world completely shifts...that's what just happened to me here. I wonder deeply about what will happen between these two. I wonder and wish I knew how it will all end...

"You rolled into my life, my consciousness, my heart, like a rogue wave. Unexpected in every way, powerful. Our short time together was intense and full of magic and mystery and discovery. The flutter of a high school crush. Perhaps "we" were unsustainable from the start, unless time had suddenly stopped. But perhaps a new "us" can rise from these ashes. A more realistic and sustainable us. You're too amazing, complicated, interesting, beautiful, sexy, intoxicating to never again hear your voice or see your nasty sexy smirk. But alas, as I always promised, the choice is yours and yours alone. I'm here there and everywhere. Easily reachable if you choose. Until then, I loved you as much as I possibly could have, in my imperfect way, from the moment I sat next to you, til the realization, in my car today, that you were better off without me. You gave me something to look forward to, starting with a unique ring tone that I will dearly miss. You were my fantasy. The tip of a very exciting iceberg of which I never truly got to see it's depth. So much promise, too little realized. Timing is everything? Location location location. So much more I will wish I said, so much more I'll want to say. So much I wanted to share and so much I wanted to know. It's all on hold. Forever? Hope not. Good-bye for now. I miss the possibilities already. I hope you find some peace in your hectic life. I hope you find more time to stop and dance and dream and love. I know you'll be fine, you are loved by so many, and deservedly so. I'll watch from a distance, from the dark. And you will continue to make me smile."

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  1. Yikes, I want to know what happens too. I hope she is okay!


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