Sunday, March 25, 2012

heart of the matter

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Overheard one of those horribly annoying arguments between a couple earlier today. You know the one where clearly she's annoyed by him for doing something pretty minimal, but she wont let up. And no matter what he says, no matter how many times he blurts out "I'm sorry" - even to his own surprise - she wont let it go.

It's a fight that is so worthless, and as an outsider you just want to knock on the glass walls around them and say "stop, just stop." but it wont stop for a long time. Instead of going home and jumping into bed and forgetting about the world for a little while, they'll walk around rolling eyes, snapping at one another, passing unnecessary judgements for one too many hours.
Poor guy...

I've been there, against my will. My apologizes have meant nothing, just like the issue pinned against me. We've all been there.

For some reason it made me think all day about the Loving's. Did you ever see the photo essay done on them by Greg Villet? YOU MUST LOOK. NOW. Well, ever since I saw all the photos on them, I find myself thinking "what would the Loving's have done?" in a certain situation. I choose to believe their love is one that avoided harsh criticism and unnecessary arguments. I believe they just loved, without bitterness. It's just what I feel from their beautiful images and their incredible story of interracial marriage in a time when the world was against them.

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  1. amazing beautiful amazing photos. thanks for sharing the link!


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