Saturday, April 28, 2012

salty hair, bellinis, the ceiling of grand central station, reading wrapped up in a cashmere blanket, long dresses, skinny dipping by a full moon, packed journals, long runs, quiet mornings, secrets, baby oil, picking wild flowers, photos, cell phone-less days, fries with mayo, tiny bikinis, making eye contact, knowing you don't have to say a word, dancing in a crowd, going unknown, exploring the globe, spinning underwater, laughing from the gut, summer friends, long hair, simple people, making wishes, seeing stars, feeling free, hearing stories, love, dolphins with dogs, warm skin, cookie dough, imperfections, racing heartbeats, the flirtation of strangers, sunlight, flickering candles, sandy feet, driving fast with the windows down

-reblogging this from a post I wrote ages ago because it's precisely what i'm feeling again today.

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