Tuesday, May 29, 2012

beauty day

image from here

My very beautiful friend RK showed up to dinner last week looking like she had just slept 24 hours straight, had a massage, facial and her skin brought back to her late teenage years. In other words, the girl looked perfect. Young, refreshed, bright.

Being that RK is a mother of two, I knew something was up. It's not hours of sleep, or a stress-less life, and no, it's not botox or any other derm effected skin treatment. The girl has EYELASH EXTENSIONS. Literally, that is it. It's a MUST.

If you are in NYC, head to Bling Lash on 14th street and 6th Ave. Apparently they're the best.

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  1. All I recongise is Aveeno...which has worked pretty well with me even though I haven't used it in a while. I've recently switched to St. Ives (anything dealing in this brand) with a mixture of products involving Burt Bee's--it works like Neutrogena expect the smell isn't as pleasant. I think I'll scoop out your picks as these allegries are trying to take me over--especially on today :-)


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