Thursday, May 31, 2012

we are young...

My heart has not been far from the tragic essay by recent Yale graduate Marina Keegan, who was in a fatal car accident days after this essay was published, days after her graduation. If you haven't read it, you must do so

So tonight when I got home, I crawled onto the couch with my happy child and tried to quiet the rest of the world, silence everything but Luca. He began to sing, as he typically does. Only this time it wasn't "Wheels On Da Bus", or "Tinkle Tinkle Little Tar" - no this evening he was singing, clearly, a very beautiful version of "We Are Young" by Fun. 

As a mom you tend to think of youth a lot. Or at least I do. I think about days gone by and my age today, and where my child will be when I'm 50. I think about the years that have passed and the delicacy within the contentedness of those hours I spent discovering the world. 

Easily my heart pains, weeps even, as I think of this young thing sitting in my arms, singing powerful words he knows nothing about. These are precious moments I wish to bottle up, to drink when I'm feeling frail, to smell when the world kicks me in the gut. These are moments I try to make last. Longer. Longer. Bedtimes get pushed later, meals linger on. Story times become full on Broadway show reenactments, complete with intermissions (with ice cream of course). 

Sitting in the couch, laughing at funny faces and talking about two inch toy cars found ownerless in sandboxes around the city. These are the precious seconds that mean more than anything. They are the opposite of loneliness.  They mean everything.   


  1. I felt sadness within me when I read Marina Keegan’s story. Her write-up was very inspiring especially to the students of Yale. She was very young to understand life.

  2. Our mutual friend Natalie introduced me to your blog. It is a good one for reading before bed. I especially like the pictures. I am a little bothered and usually don't comment wanted to today because of your writing about your daughter. Do you think its a good idea to be preaching about motherhood when you are not married? Don't you think it is a bad sign for our youth? YOu have taken a position to put yourself in the spotlight, so maybe do due diligence and be a citizen worthy of following. You know the old saying, first comes loves, then comes marriage, then comes the baby carriage. I am not a traditionalist by nature, nor am I against this hole movement of marrying late in life, I do believe that children should enter this world with TWO parents to caretake so they understand men and women and love appropriately. something for you to think about since you are trying to "influencing" so many people.
    I do like the idea of all the pretty pictures here though and the sunshine you are trying to promote.


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