Monday, December 24, 2012



Christmas always has me thinking about resolutions. I'm never very good at them, to be honest. I simply forget or am never creative enough with my ideas.
So this year I'm making a deal with myself, one that will keep me on track and my resolutions at the top of my mind. The number one thing being: to be good to myself.
I have a habit of being hard on myself and not giving myself enough time to relax. Which leads to the second resolution I have: to learn to relax.
Some people get massages and feel brand new. I am the type that counts the seconds until it's over because the whole time I've just being writing journal entires, a to-do list and composing messages to the 10 people I meant to get in touch with. I must learn to chill.

That's the start of my resolutions.

And you? What do you have in mind?

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  1. "be good to myself" i love that one. i need to relax and take everything day by day. i always find myself rushing and not enjoying the moment when i should. i too count down the seconds of a massage. my resolution that has helped and that i've stuck with for the past seven years is "find the good". thanks for sharing your resolution, nic. your blog is filled with beauty and love. i enjoy and always look forward to your posts. hope you and luca had a wonderful christmas :)


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