Wednesday, February 29, 2012

here to there

images from here, here and here.
This all feels like a perfectly nice way to spend my day today. Bubby, a beautiful dress + jewels. Combine them with the rack of clothes hanging by my side (for my shoot tomorrow) and I'm in a dreamland.

a love letter

Sometimes you read things and the whole way you look at the world completely shifts...that's what just happened to me here. I wonder deeply about what will happen between these two. I wonder and wish I knew how it will all end...

"You rolled into my life, my consciousness, my heart, like a rogue wave. Unexpected in every way, powerful. Our short time together was intense and full of magic and mystery and discovery. The flutter of a high school crush. Perhaps "we" were unsustainable from the start, unless time had suddenly stopped. But perhaps a new "us" can rise from these ashes. A more realistic and sustainable us. You're too amazing, complicated, interesting, beautiful, sexy, intoxicating to never again hear your voice or see your nasty sexy smirk. But alas, as I always promised, the choice is yours and yours alone. I'm here there and everywhere. Easily reachable if you choose. Until then, I loved you as much as I possibly could have, in my imperfect way, from the moment I sat next to you, til the realization, in my car today, that you were better off without me. You gave me something to look forward to, starting with a unique ring tone that I will dearly miss. You were my fantasy. The tip of a very exciting iceberg of which I never truly got to see it's depth. So much promise, too little realized. Timing is everything? Location location location. So much more I will wish I said, so much more I'll want to say. So much I wanted to share and so much I wanted to know. It's all on hold. Forever? Hope not. Good-bye for now. I miss the possibilities already. I hope you find some peace in your hectic life. I hope you find more time to stop and dance and dream and love. I know you'll be fine, you are loved by so many, and deservedly so. I'll watch from a distance, from the dark. And you will continue to make me smile."
Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.
-joseph campbell

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

dress me

This green dress Keira Knightly wore in the movie Atonement completely changed my life. One of
those fashion moments that never leave your mind and stay with you every time you try a gown on.


Daydream'n Lupe Fiasco Jill Scott by avajra

If I could live in this song today....
Daydreamin, Jill Scott featuring Lupe Fiasco

quiet yourself

image from m-onster

Sometimes you just have to take a moment, all alone, quiet yourself and ask the world "what is it I want right now? What would make me happiest?" And the answers come....

5 things...

I literally cannot help myself. I'm convinced I'm supposed to marry a merman.

If I could be an illustration, I'd like to be this one by mats gustafson. 

 An inspiration board to bring hope and excitement to the new season. isn't it pretty?

A home that brings all the good people in my life together. A place we can all sit and eat and talk and laugh and play and dance and enjoy life, even if just for a little while.

vintage books. I spent an hour outside of Strand Bookstore a few weeks ago, going through their old books. now I'm utterly addicted. the photos within some of the books are perfect for framing & putting up as art in kids rooms.

the allure

“Woman is the sun, an extraordinary creature, one that makes the imagination gallop.” -Marcello Mastroianni

Monday, February 27, 2012


"Just The Way You Are" by Billy Joel - such good memories of this song....

Dream car

I need this car in my life.

I mean, seriously though, when am I going to win the lotto? This working nonstop thing is starting to wear me down.


Luca and I playing with our shadows. He thinks it's hilarious. As do I. Now.

a dose of sea

image from here
A swim in the sea would bring me endless joy today. Feet in the sand, sun on my face. A long dress and nothing else. Yes.

La Luna

For my bear, who loves the moon as much as he loves the sea, the sky and the sun on his shoulders. For my bear, who makes me love the world again with all my might. My love stretches from the moon and back, love.

dress me

image from sartorialist

I recently got an incredible pair of tux pants from a photo shoot. Upon their return from the dry cleaner I noticed the stripe down the side is starting to fray already. Now my mission is to redo them with a royal blue silk on the legs and waistband. The perfect day to night piece to wear all year...don't you think?

Young love

"if you had it all to do over again, who would be by your side right now? Knowing where life has taken you now, who is it that you would choose to spend today with? Had your young self known what your current self does, who would you love in this moment?"


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Right about now....

A mani/pedi while reading the newest vogue.
Dinner with melissa and Chrissy at Cafe Cluny.
Higher cheekbones.
A black leather dress with 3/4 length sleeves, loose fitted.
Time to stop while I take a quick nap.
To adopt a baby.
A swim in a warm body of water.
That Givenchy bag I blogged about last week.
Fresh green juice and an avocado.
Soul cycle classes until my ass turns to a solid rock again.
A flight over NYC as the sun sets.
To end my night dancing next to someone that makes me smile.

a love letter

And when we speak now, seldom as that is, the old language returns. I wonder if it makes old names make guest appearances in your mind. If you can feel the skin of my neck near yours one more time. Do you reach across the bed for a shape, no longer there. Do you remember it clearly or is it all just memories of memories. Is there still warmth from my fingers tracing the contours of your skin, left somewhere in your body. If you smell the smell of how I used to smell in a crowd, do you think of these things. Is something missing in everyone else's or someone new's voice. Will they never know quite how to laugh or breathe just behind your ear. Do they know what you look like when you want to leave a party, when you've had too much of people. Could they rebuild your body out of clay if they needed to, because they've touched it so many times. Does your back still arch the way it used to when I still kissed you.

Does an old singer sing an old song on an old radio.

Do the lyrics still shake your fucking soul.

Did it sound like this? 

My little prince

My bear child on a scooter, singing & laughing his head off the whole way.

Friday, February 24, 2012

happy friday

wishing you all a very happy weekend. take lots of pictures & please share with me Monday.xx


Amy Winehouse's "Cupid".


from my shoot at Gilt Group today...we all wore a color of the rainbow. sort of.


 Gwyneth Paltrow, who has been a close friend of McCartney’s since they met in 1999, remembers being shocked at her wildness. “I’ve actually never seen someone go from such a free spirit to such a kind of beautifully conventional, hard-working life as a wife and mother,” she told me. “She was in full fun mode when I met her, and I just fell in love with her. She was shockingly honest. I always say there’s this kind of hidden ghetto side to Stella. She’s tough. She doesn’t back down from someone who might have less to lose than her.”
- Cathy Horyn for the New York Times

Thoughts for the weekend: what would you say about your best friend if you were ever interviewed about her? And what do you think she'd say about you?


SIGHT|SOUND from High Seas Films on Vimeo.


Yes. Yes. Yes. This all needs to be part of my life. Right. Now.
Happy rainy Friday. Hope you have some light shining down on you.xx

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Last night

Some photos from my unexpected fabulous night last night. First, the ballet, Romeo & Juliet. Breathtaking. Civilized. Ended with me dancing on a banquet and smiling for about 3 hours straight.
Complete happiness. Life is good.

need: jewels

Ok, so not too long ago I gave up my addiction to bracelets and set my eyes on every necklace on planet earth. I wear tees and leather pants or simple dresses nonstop, so layers of necklaces started to change everything for me. Now little piece of angelic masterpiece: Lulu Frost Cocktail Necklace, come to me. NOW. Love it, too? Use the discount code 25STYLE from now until February 29th for 25% off.


Kimbra, Settle Down. Liking it. A lot.

a love letter

A heart was meant to beat. And air was meant to be breathed, close to your ear. And your skin was meant to remember what mine felt like. And some songs were meant to play on repeat. And the sun was meant to come down. And we were meant to ignore it when it woke up. And days were meant to pass. And nights were meant to follow. And your eyes were meant to cry out whatever pain was left.

And I never meant to hurt you.

But I guess that's what everyone says. 

from I wrote this for you

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

dress me

image of the always stunning Meredith Melling Burke from here

I've been wearing my high-waisted, wide-legged jeans from high school lately. Forgot the love I had for them was so massive. Reunited, and you know how it goes...

a dose of sea

I live in a constant state of daydreaming. And in such a state, I'm always at the beach.


Are you on pinterest? it's the most magnificant things I've discovered in 2012. Find me here.

hopeless romantic

I believe. I just always do...
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