Saturday, March 31, 2012



need: scarf

I know it may seem a bit indulgent to dress a child in cashmere and silk, but Luca likes it. And quite honestly, he seems to know the difference between textures and treats them better when they're of the fancier kind. I may or may not have made that up.
Regardless, I've been wrapping my Alexander McQueen skull scarf around him lately and he looks beyond
So when I spotted this hand painted navy blue scarf on Crystal J. Robinson's etsy shop, I immediately wanted to buy for the bear. 
How sweet, no?

Friday, March 30, 2012

sand heart

sent to me from the sweet Sam B


I found this playlist on tory burch's blog. SO good. download it now.

1. Hold On — Alabama Shakes
2. Love Interruption — Jack White
3. The Morning Sun — GASHCAT
4. Black Hills — Gardens & Villa
5. Like Me Meaner — Lanie Lane
6. Never Come Around — La Sera
7. Squawk — Y La Bamba
8. State of Mind — PUJOL
9. Have Fun — Bleeding Knees Club
10. Look Away — Nikki Lane
11. Elephant King — Yellow Ostrich
12. Cowboys in the Void — Quilt
13. Amor Fati — Washed Out
14. Lay Your Cards Out (feat. Mike Noyce) — POLIÇA
15. Honey Bunny — The Girls

things I want...


oneshuteye photography cronulla

g-rass<—- want more beautiful serene / organic / interiors on your dash?
I want my son to always be this sweet and loving. I want to be deeply in love for the rest of my life. I want to dance tonight. I want to take a really long bike ride as the sun goes down. I want people in the world to be nicer to one another. I want my friends to all have the healthiest babies with the sweetest little faces. I want the voting public to be more educated before they take a stand. I want hard workers to get what they deserve. I want to have the strength to stand up for what I know is right. I want three more children just as curious and interesting as Luca. I want the time to go for a run, a swim and go to yoga each day. I want a new black bag. I want my friends to all be together laughing like crazy people. I want time to slow down. I want to keep living in the moment. I want to tell him how grateful I am he arrived in my life when he did. I want to buy my dad the sickest car. I want to tell a stranger how beautiful they look. I want life to be good to those around me. I want to say thanks for the life I live...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

by the sea....

An ice cold mojito, some fresh avocado and lemon and a day spent searching for seashells.

Hell fucking yes. All of this. 

completely armed

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I'm slightly overwhelmed with the love I found at Forever 21 the other day. I had a legit orgasm in the accessories department. Do people realize it's basically free there? Do they know how creative and spot on these Forever 21 designers are?

Just take a look and redo your entire arm style:
mix this bright bracelet with some string pieces!
- Super sweet friendship bracelets
- Speechless. How is it SO cheap??
- bangle sets to wear with nicer gold bracelets 
- these bead and string bracelets are under $2. seriously.

color creator



lovely color combination 

Oh so stunning.

boho blog x
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I want to paint everything white. Walls, floors, planks of wood, everything. Then I want to take the brightest shades of neon pink, yellow, blues and greens and drape them all around my home.

Need some bright goodness for your home?
Here are three of the best things I've seen in a long time:
1. this guatamalan huipil pillow is the perfect extra seat when you have a house full of guests
2. Fill your windowsill with Bitossi Lobster Vases from Design Within Reach
3. A purple and pink zigzag blanket is the ideal piece to throw over anything for a pop of color

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

that feeling

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You walk down the street and you are completely oblivious to anyone else being near. While sitting side by side at dinner you just laugh, laugh, laugh. Laying in bed you see his face even when he's not there. While shopping you create scenes in your mind, the nights you'll have together wearing such an amazing red dress. You take a picture of something and cannot wait to share it with him. Any moment turns into the perfect moment because there's only goodness and kindness. Daydreams become reality. You find him across a street and do all you can to stop the foolish smile on your face, but it won't stop. Nervousness, excitement, lust and satisfaction. It never gets old.

dress me

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Amber Heard has on the most perfect look for a day like today in NYC. I'm dressed like I'm going to yoga, however, I am not about to exercise. Must change, immediately.

need: sneakers

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Desperate to find some good sneakers for spring.


minis unite


image from mini a la mode

The beautiful Zipp sisters, Alexis and Samantha, have teamed up for the most amazing kids site I've ever seen. If your obsession is finding great clothes for your mini ones, mini a la mode will be your endless source of inspiration.

Send in photos of your little ones or just browse the chicness of others.

Seriously, it's heaven on earth.

The king and I

My child has so much love to give. His kisses are endless. Truly. There's never been a time when he's rejected someone and he always feels it when someone is in need. He will make his way across a playground to a crying kid, only to wrap his arms around them and hand them his favorite car.
He is just love.

And as a result, I am, too. Once again.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

And now?

Star the night.

I'll night the stars.

And now?

Breathe my breath.

I'll breath your breathing.

And now?

Speak under the water.

I'll water this speaking.

And now?

Until you are still.

I will always be still.


And now.


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I found this reclaimed wooden bench on Dylan Grey's etsy shop and became immediately obsessed with finding a home in which I could live in with it. Just me and the bench. Then I became a bit more aware of the beauty that could surround me and the bench if I actually had time to decorate an entire home with Dylan's wooden designs.
Now I want a home. A big one.

dress me

image from here
Hi pretty dress. I really really want to wear you today. But instead I'm wrapped up in a big cashmere sweater and back in my leather pants (the NYC cold is back).

By the way, how great is this ASOS dress, similar to the one above, for under $40!?!? And this T.Babaton Bennett dress from Aritzia! LOVE.

that word


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I need to stop saying fuck. But I love it so much.

Monday, March 26, 2012

dress me

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This is the perfect look for a day like today - spring sun and wind in NYC. Add a red nail and a hipster child and you've got me.

a dose of sea

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I admit it, there are too many parts of my soul that yearn for the beach at all moments of the day. I don't feel complete until I see a photo of the sea or sand, then suddenly I feel a rush of calm. No matter what else is happening.

Do you feel that with anything in life?

Shine from here

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I'm currently in bed with a massive green juice, the Sunday NY Times and a sleeping child. If anyone ever saw me (it's almost 9am on a monday), they'd think I was losing my mind. Instead, for the first time perhaps ever, I feel alive just laying here. I'm always the first to pop up and start the week. But today, as I take in every word on this paper, I have no desire to rise to my feet. This is perfect.

Happy start to the week everyone. Hope it's as chill as mine is.xx

Sunday, March 25, 2012

heart of the matter

image from here

Overheard one of those horribly annoying arguments between a couple earlier today. You know the one where clearly she's annoyed by him for doing something pretty minimal, but she wont let up. And no matter what he says, no matter how many times he blurts out "I'm sorry" - even to his own surprise - she wont let it go.

It's a fight that is so worthless, and as an outsider you just want to knock on the glass walls around them and say "stop, just stop." but it wont stop for a long time. Instead of going home and jumping into bed and forgetting about the world for a little while, they'll walk around rolling eyes, snapping at one another, passing unnecessary judgements for one too many hours.
Poor guy...

I've been there, against my will. My apologizes have meant nothing, just like the issue pinned against me. We've all been there.

For some reason it made me think all day about the Loving's. Did you ever see the photo essay done on them by Greg Villet? YOU MUST LOOK. NOW. Well, ever since I saw all the photos on them, I find myself thinking "what would the Loving's have done?" in a certain situation. I choose to believe their love is one that avoided harsh criticism and unnecessary arguments. I believe they just loved, without bitterness. It's just what I feel from their beautiful images and their incredible story of interracial marriage in a time when the world was against them.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

happy saturday

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Wishing everyone a very happy Saturday. Hope you take some pictures, create a little something, sleep deeply and find something random that makes you feel really fucking good.

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