Friday, June 29, 2012

weekend inspiration

inspiration images all from sand to stars

Happy almost 4th of July! It's my most favorite holiday ever. Also happens to be the day after my dad's birthday. Nothing like celebrating on the beach with family, fireworks and bonfires. I live for it.

What do you have planned? Take lots of pictures and share!xx


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How much do you love? Seriously, how much? Maybe not your lover. But the things you love in life, what are they and how much do you love them?
Do you know I love the subway? But more than that, I love when I'm carrying Luca and his stroller up the subway steps and someone helps me. I love that, like really deeply love it. SO much so, I could grab the person and kiss them.
Can you believe I wholeheartedly love to work. Like I never want to stop working ever in my life because it brings me so much joy and satisfaction. There's rarely a day that I don't want to go to work, even when I have Luca by my side and sunshine outside. I get this crazy sick joy from being at work, making and looking at beautiful things. A love joy? Joyful love? Whatever, it's just love.

And you? What do you love?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

a love story

story from le love:

"We both left for school right before our two year anniversary. No one could ever have the slightest insight into the connection we have, unlike like anyone else’s, and we know it. Each new day with you was the happiest day of my life. You are so different than anyone else, no one can ever measure up to be the man you are when you’re with me. You make me feel safe and happy in the most scary and hurtful of times. Nothing or no one could ever touch me in your arms. We’ve been through rough times, emotional times, the best times, and times that just sail by and we got through it all. We’re about to enter one of the toughest times we’ve ever been though. And I know we haven’t accomplished anything like this before but hang in there, cause I love you more than I’ll ever be able to explain. I know its hard for us to know how far away the next time we’ll see each other will be, I know its hard going to sleep and waking up alone. But just wait until it’s just you and me together forever. Just wait until we get through this together and we can experience the world together all over again. And we can fall in love a second time, an even more deeper and richer love than we’ve ever had before. There will be times where we feel like letting go of this emotional roller coaster that we choose to go on but no matter how dark and scary things may get, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. We can do it, we’ll help each other stay in there, we’re a team. Lean on me if you need help and I’ll help you. I’ll be there for you no matter how far away cause you’re my high school sweetheart and there’s nothing more special than the connection we have. You made an impression on me that will last a lifetime. We became who we are together. We formed each other into the best of best of friends, we have a grasp on each other that can never be broken. You’ll always be there in my heart as my one and only lovey. Forever. It’s you and me."

Ahh, love. It's always worth writing about....



So i'm still in South Africa, having such a blast, crying laughing 99% of the time. These are just a few of the many photos from the animal sanctuary we went to today. If giraffe came in pint size, I would have 16 in my apartment. They are beyond rad.

It's moments like this that I just love life to the absolute fullest. Feeling lucky. Beyond.

a dose of summer


David Hicks

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So far this has been the most legit summer as far as enjoying the days, being able to take in the sun and lazily explore the heat, since I was in college.
Feeling so lucky for all that's happened lately, for all that's happening and all that will come soon enough.
Positive vibes come with the scorching territory.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

work space

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Nothing like an inspiring space to get my creative obsessions flowing again...


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Fast cars and crisp suits are enough to make me fall in love. Add an unexpected passion for something regarding the sea and my heart is captured forever. Girls don't need roses every week. We need a man with understanding and acceptance. We love a man with a desire to sail all day with his boys and then dance all night under the stars. Forget gifts, just be cool. Be calm. Be sweet. Be faithful and honest and you have us for life.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the lightness of being

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I love watching light on objects. The way they work together to form a new view. A house with a flickering candle, the moon on the ocean, dimmed lighting on a collarbone. I live for seeing it all in an unexpected way.



happiness, etc
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From feathers to shells. This world is so packed with bits of inspiration and excitement. Look.

beauty day

image from here

Last week when NYC hit 100 degrees, I had a moment of hallucinations that included shaving my head. I've been wearing a top knot for over 10 years. Literally. I'm sick of it. But instead of constantly going to my trusty top knot or Britney Spearsing it and shaving my head in the dead heat of summer, I've made a decision to actually try with my hair.

First style? A braided bun a la Valentino's spring 2012 show.

Here is the most comprehensive how-to ever (literally), from Marie Claire.



my inspiration for today. wow.

Monday, June 25, 2012


There's such beauty in a statement tattoo. Endless fascination.


I leave tomorrow for South Africa (very excited) for a quick trip with Chrissy. And like every trip I ever take, I have packed what looks like a gym bag. As I walked around quite aimlessly searching for more items to put in my bag, the only thing I was tempted to stash in there was the duvet on my bed. Is there anything more divine than your own bed? It's perhaps the only thing I miss most when I'm out of town. The feel of your legs on your own sheets, your face against the pillows you know better than any of your friends. The smell of freshness, newly out of the wash.  I find such comfort in home, especially in knowing what the very end of day will bring.

hit pause

surfers and pelicans
through colored glass
Was just reminded of Matt Schwartz and his incredible Polaroids by Melissa who spotted them at the Brooklyn Flea over the weekend. I forgot how stunning these photos are. Take a long stroll/click through she hit pause and enjoy the view...

Friday, June 22, 2012

weekend inspiration

images from my pinterest 

A lovely weekend to you all. Where will you be spending it? I am planning a lot of paddle boarding at my beach club, a massive dinner outside with my family and a ridiculous amount of time swimming with luca. Perhaps I'll be able to take a few minutes to browse through the recent home magazines I've bought. I hope.

Have the best time wherever you are, whatever you do.xo

angel bear

image from here

Photo sent to me from Amy, with this beautiful message:

"I just found this photo and something about the little boy struck me/made me think of Luca. Even if you don't have the same reaction, it's still a gorgeous image! You know, I think the photo reminded me so much of Luca because you're giving him the foundation he needs to believe he can do absolutely anything, even fly if he wants to. If a child has that kind of love early on, it's irreplaceable and all he needs for a beautiful life. You're such an inspiration to me, truly."

When I get messages like this, I am brought to my knees.

I don't think I'm particularly great at any one thing. In fact I was recently told I do a lot of things well but not one thing great. Which I thought to be true. Until I was placed with a bunch of kids and their parents at party and I realized, I do something great. Parenting. And it's the only thing I have 210% confidence doing.

My goal is to provide Luca with the tools to be a better person every single day of his life. To ensure his safety, to fulfill his desires to touch and feel everything around him. My hope is for Luca to grow up feeling loved and understood and free to ask questions and solve problems. We live in a world of possibility and hope. I want him to see the world for what it is, for all that's fucked up and all that's beautiful. When he sees that, I know he will want to help those less fortunate and be inspired by those making a difference.

I want this child to love life.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

7 day challenge - day 6

Soooooo I made pizza. And it sucked.
I was on such a roll, feeling so confident. Perhaps overly cocky.
now I feel like tiger woods, I've got the skills but my mind is all messed up.

I made these pizzas with all the right ingredients. Well all is an exaggeration. My biggest mistake was using whole wheat dough. Who eats whole wheat pizza and loves it? No one. That's who.

Had I not made that giant mistake, it would have been a masterpiece.

One pizza was just old fashion goodness:
San Marzano tomatoes that I crushed up for sauce, topped with water soaked burrata. Sea salt, pepper and a drop of oil. It was actually great. Minus the bread.

The second one I made:
Figs, prosciutto and ricotta cheese. Beyond delicious eaten without the bread. With the bread, awful.

You get the idea.

At least I tried, right?

dress me

image from here

Everything about this image is screaming my name right now. I could jump right in.

Get the look:
pretty much the identical thing, only better: Free People dress, $298

"Love is passion, obsession, someone you can’t live without. I say, fall head over heels. Find someone you can love like crazy and who will love you the same way back. How do you find him? Well, you forget your head, and you listen to your heart. And I’m not hearing any heart. Cause the truth is, honey, there’s no sense living your life without this. To make the journey and not fall deeply in love, well, you haven’t lived a life at all. But you have to try, cause if you haven’t tried, you haven’t lived. " 

-from a reader, who also wrote: "You always talk about love on your blog, and so I thought I would share this quote with you. I watched the movie, Meet Joe Black, today. And you may have already seen this movie or even heard of this quote. But if not- I hope you enjoy it!"


Photo 2012-04-04 3 02 10 PM.jpgbmw-r60-5-custom.jpegtumblr_ll48rj4SrG1qakqolo1_500.jpegRyan-Mc-Elhinney-salon-for-Adee-Phelan-photo-Morten-Schjolin-yatzer-11.jpegtumblr_luq1qgBI0A1qzleu4o1_400.jpegScreen Shot 2012-04-12 at 5.03.48 PM.png1568499-T600450.jpegcc2625aedb56624a509d80ee963ec7b8561359bb.jpegtumblr_m28eipb7DM1qa5aiko1_1280.pngour-legacy-store-gothenburg-opening-1.jpegPatrick Ervell E-Com 0530.jpegPhoto 2012-04-04 5 00 56 PM.jpg
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You love her. You cannot live without her. So be kind to her, love her like you want her to love you. Accept her for her. Hold her up, let her fall down, take her to places she never dreamt of going. Live with her by your side like every day is your last together.
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