Thursday, August 30, 2012

i'm starving

simple summer spaghetti

Lunch is the biggest deal of the day when you're island living (as I have been for the past month). It varies from whole grilled fish to lobster rolls to light pastas, always with a view of the ocean and amazing company by my side.

Saw this pasta on a girl named spark and made it immediately for a crew of hungry beach-goers.
Click below for the recipe.

need: fall jewels



Details at Sass And Bide — London Spring 2012

fucking fantastic.xxxxx
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About to end my jewel-free spring/summer seasons. So many choices, but mostly I have my eye on a piece in my moms closet. A little something I've been spying on for nearly a decade...may have to sneak in and take that little sucker before fall comes and goes...

need: iPhone case

this DVF iPhone case is clearly meant for me. Must get.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wild at heart

I respect people who make the choice not to have children. But I cannot imagine missing out on such a love-filled, endlessly happy experience.

Motherhood is everything to me.



A Chair Inspired by Soundwaves
In general furniture is getting more and more freaky as time progresses and designers get bored with the conventional, typical look. Erica Sellers is a great example of someone who didn’t wish to design something anymore by traditional means.
The designer decided to blast music, in particular Symphonia IX by Grimes, and use the music software in order to capture the curves and oscillations created by the sound. This is what created this cool-looking chair, making it one of a kind since what else carries basically music inside itself? 
(via DesignMilk)
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Sometimes when I watch my kid, it's so surreal, so foreign. His ways are so innate. His passion for motors and the mechanics of movement. His sense of direction. His desire to be big and strong and to take care of little things. From Summer, the spider who lives on his teepee, to Ayla, his littlest girlfriend, to me when I get a mini booboo on my finger. He's a man all around._

a dose of sea

image from here

Summer has been so good to me. The idea of it ending soon is completely breaking my heart.
I'm just more at peace in the sun. By the ocean. Hair wet.

But isn't everyone?

5 things...


vibrant beauties

☀Boho Blog Here☀
images from here 

The best part about spending a month out at a beach house is the endless inspiration that comes from the water, the trees, the people, flowers on the side of the road, the way I dress, the color of the sky...
I've been doing some of the most amazing photo shoots here, like mind-blowing, stunning. But all the ideas start from a small something. From one thing that rolls into two and then eventually this gorgeous vision comes to life.
It's a year full of excitement that starts right here...

dress me

image from here

It's always at the end of summer - when my legs are tanned from hours in the sun and toned from hours cycling, riding, running and squatting after my little man - that squeeze into my tiniest jean shorts. Feeling them for fall, or hopefully, a long Indian summer.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

beauty day

images from here

I recently shot with the beautiful, talented and green-addicted make-up artist Katey Denno. Hours after leaving her, I opened Marie Claire and there she was staring back at me, giving beauty advice just as she had been on our shoot.

That moment I decided I needed to get on her website and start exploring her beauty-filled world. That's when I saw these photos of her client, Felicity Jones.
Gorgeous, right?

Click below for an organic/100% good for you list of items and how to guide.


Spending a lot of time with luca just staring at the sea. We find our reflections, we search for fish below the surface, we look for ripples in the shape of a heart.
Few things more soothing than these precious moments with him.
This cast has brought a whole new range of emotions to our life. Mostly calm and patience. Kinda grateful. No, very grateful....


I'm not sure why, but I am totally in awe over the rainbow I witnessed yesterday.
At one point you could literally see the entire thing. Start to finish. Pot of gold style.
I've never heard that seeing a rainbow in its entirety brings good luck, but I'm going to start believing and putting it out in the universe. A full rainbow - a full year of goodness.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

"I want to fill my life and my movies with wild, brave, good hearted people. Whatever amount of chaos & disaster that leads to doesn't matter because you're going through it with people you love and in the end no matter what, the movies come out wild, brave & good hearted."

- Behn Zeitlin, Director of "Beasts of the Southern Wild"

Sent to me from my soul sister Ellie. The best.


Friday, August 24, 2012

weekend inspiration

A weekend with great friends, lots of water time, a photo shoot with the amazing photographer Amanda Pratt and deliciously fresh food to keep me running.

Hope you all have a magical one. Much love.xx

simply love

these photos were taken a few hours before he broke his leg....

My heart is aching for my little bear cub and his giant cast. he's really not understanding the whole thing. He keeps asking to take it off, to be free of it and run and swim and surf.

This is tricky. But there's something so nice and peaceful about it all. Learning to make time for counting and coloring and talking about pain. It's actually a very special time. And I feel so fortunate.

two become one

There is hardly a difference between the sea and the sky today.

Just beautiful.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

From paradise

There's a spot in shelter island that luca has named "paradise" - rightfully so.
It has a hammock, overlooks the ocean and is covered by beautiful trees, flowers and birds chirping above.

Paradise from top to bottom.
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