Sunday, September 30, 2012


via FEEL INSPIREDHome of Michael Moeller from Rue Magazine Sept. Issue♦ bench + gallery wall ..Living / via AMM
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Frames, changes everything in a space.

Aren't into spending a fortune on art? Take artwork from your childhood, from your children, from your favorite magazines. Find local talents and commission them to make pieces that fit your lifestyle and your home. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

wedding bliss

some wedding day inspiration.

a natural color palette can never go wrong. love myself a great chandelier, even better if your location comes with it. simple angelic hair. a dreamy dress with some killer high heels. and mini cakes that each look like they've been made by the finest bakers in all the land.


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"I never knew I could love something until I met my child for the first time. He was less than a minute old but already had me by the heart. Because of Blake, I've begun to properly love myself and his mother and the world we live in. No one prepares you for this stuff and no one should. But man, this love stuff is not for the faint of heart. I could go to war, fight some battles but nothing makes you weaker or more cautious than your kid."

-Devin B, US solider in Kuwait

a dose of sea

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Peace. And sea. It's all I ask for.

Life in black & white

Instagram photos from my day Friday. Shooting, writing, decorating, playing.
Life is good.


He asked me to take these pics. He's too good. Really. Too good.

What luca's wearing:
Sweater by Zara Kids
Pants are J. Crew
Veja sneakers


Today's New York Times Magazine feels directed at me. Or really anyone that likes to be inspired every day.

The opening page feels like everything I write about on here. Feels like my words just on paper rather than a computer. Feels like something I'd like to read for days straight. And really, probably will.

Hope you do, too.

Friday, September 28, 2012

weekend inspiration

Another weekend, another few days of love with my boy.

Besides that, I have bike rides, dinner parties with my loveliest girl friends, necessary champagne toasts, extra sleep and catch up shopping on the brain.

what do you have planned?xx

need: printed pillows

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My wonderful friend Harper, of Proud Mary, just posted some new pieces to her Guatemalan  collection and I am obsessed.

Learn about her company and buy buy buy here.

photo to books


Glendyn Ivin is releasing a book full of photographs from Puberty Blues. Ace or what
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Been spending my last few sleepless making photo books of the last year of life. Summer, vacations, Luca Bear, friends...while on shutterfly, I found the most amazing little key to life: a direct click to instagram to make books, cards & stationary out of your pictures. It's a dream.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dress me

rode my bike home from dinner. it was therapy. would have been the best 20 minutes of my life had I been wearing a snug little jacket and a skirt hiked up to my neck.

perhaps this exact outfit actually. loving the slit. The scarf. the bag. Even the blonde. Great for fall. all of it.

5 things...

nothing makes me smile like a gorgeous beached out hippie.

Obsessing with fish lately. Every time I go to buy one for Luca, I fall in love with a school of them and end up empty handed because I cannot decide on just one.


(via Mr Price Blog - In The Fashion Loop - Part 5)
underwater photography. just beautiful, no matter how simple it is.

I had a rock hunt with Luca in the park a few nights ago. He was so mesmerized by the difference between the colors, the textures, the layers. Made me so happy to watch his eyes widen.

ocean potion.
and of course the sea. Always happiness.

Happiness is in our hands. Don't forget when you have it, be grateful for it. Hold on to it. Enjoy it.

love story love

Longing for a hug has never made me feel like this before. It just seems to me incredibly pathetic to put a smile upon my face just by remembering his full name. To see those letters standing one behind another composing the word I love to see the most seems to give my heart a new rhythm, a new beating compass, something faster than anything I’ve ever seen. And I couldn’t feel any sillier than I already do, especially because all of these emotions are just so not meant to be felt.

Waking up to a bright new day has another meaning. It means I’m six hours behind on his schedule, it means I’m six hours late; It’s almost as if I’d been wasting time while I was asleep. Going to bed at 10pm doesn’t mean I’m going to bed early, means that I made him stay up till 4am, that I got him tired and if he doesn’t get a proper night of sleep, it’s gonna be my fault, without a doubt. Still, it feels so right trading days over nights just so I can see him typing silly things and wishing me better days when I say I’m going through bad times.

Such a friendship. 

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a dose of sea


xoxo from hawai’i
Yesterday I brought Luca and Lala to the Central Park Zoo. I've been feeling like absolute hell, still voice-less and needed a pick me up. The moment those kids saw the sea lions swimming and flipping and acting like little puppies of the sea, everyone's mood changed. I don't care how sick you are, the moment you watch underwater creatures peacefully cruise around, life feels more tolerable. And happier.

The sea. I was meant to live in it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


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I love seeing guys after a significant amount of time. The lines that start to develop over time. Eyes with a bit more wisdom, with a definite vision as to where they want to be, where they are going, where they've been. It's never like being with a ghost, as it can be when you see a girl friend after a long period of time, it's like stepping right back a decade ago but with more awareness. I love that. 

Elvis hearts

image from by Phil Oh

little things...

1. that first ride after I've filled my bike tires with air 2. Luca's, "I love you, mama" early in the morning, followed by, "it's a beautiful day!" 3. the perfect guacamole for a house-full of guests 4. cozy sweaters 5. quiet afternoon hours on a Saturday reading the Times and an epic book 6. the changing of leaves 7. time for a long run without worrying about getting home 8. finding the cool spot in the middle of the night, on clean sheets 9. receiving an unexpected thank you note in the mail 10. comfortable heels 11. family dinners 12. meeting friends of friends and loving them like you've known them forever 13. talking with a stranger about love 14. old notes from my parents 15. knowing it's going to be a good day 16. not knowing it's going to be a good day and it being the best day 17. candles 18. long walks in the country with the dogs, my mom and Luca 19. the smell of mythic oil on my skin and in my hair all day long 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Ok, this song came on at work today and I unintentionally sang at the top of my lungs. That being said, I have lost my voice for 4 days now, so luckily it was a quiet rendition of what could have been a real embarrassment.

Love this song. Maroon 5, She Will Be Loved. Gorgeous.

beauty day

image from Behnaz Serafpour

Manicures are the must-have item.

Navy, burgundy, greens, browns, whites...but my all-time favorite is the new twist (on the otherwise awful) French manicure. I'm seeing it done with black, red, gold or silver on the tips - forget white, leave that to the Jersey Shore girls.

Doing it at home? Keep a natural base and add a very thin edge of color or design. use a high-gloss or matte top coat for texture. 

The common story is one and one equals two. But all stories, the real, genuine stories, are about one and one equaling three. That’s what I’m interested in. We live in a rational world. We’re absolutely certain that one and one equals two and it does, but the things that matter most to us—some people call it love, some people call it God, some people call it reason—is that other thing, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And that’s the three.
— Ken Burns (via brainpickings)

dose of sea

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Summer, you're surely missed, obviously.
But I'm actually quite liking September. She, and fall, will never take your place, but I have to give her credit where credit is due.


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Two by two.
It's a love story every time.

Monday, September 24, 2012


one of my all time favorite songs.


I love this post on Tory Burch's blog by John Robshaw's time in Martha's Vineyard.

Take a moment to read it, if you've ever been to the Vineyard, you'll love it.

Find it here.
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