Friday, November 30, 2012

birthday love

Please help me in wishing one of my very best friends, a very happy birthday today.

Chrissy, I love you like no other. Your constant smile and endless happiness for life means everything to me. Your solid friendship is what everyone in the world should have. And thank you for inspiring me to go to the gym every single free moment of my life.


"i arise in the morning torn between the desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. this makes it hard to plan the day." -e.b. white

need: ear cuff

How good is this ear cuff from Monika Chiang I got to wear during my recent shoot for the line?

Get it.

it was 95

In high school I borrowed a pair of pajama pants from my friend Marissa. They were a blue silk cotton blend, which I thought were made of pure gold.
While all the other girls were wearing denim so tight their lunch money wouldn't fit in the pocket, I was wearing baggy wide legged pajamas. They made me feel beautiful. Sexy, even.

These things were everything to me, so when I was tackled on the grass while flirting with some boys, I nearly wept only because the outcome was a massive grass stain I knew was there for life. A stain on my wide legged baggy pajamas. My life would never be the same.

However like most tragedies, new love came out of the stain. I found a pair of oversized denim overalls at J.Crew on sale for like $19. This was when J.Crew was selling roll neck sweaters & flannels but barely anything else. $19, which is basically the cost of the green juice I'm sipping right now.

I wore those overalls endlessly, in winter with a giant cardigan over it. In summer with a tiny cropped tank top under it. I got pulled over for the first time (by a super cute cop) while in them, paired with a little string bikini and a silk scarf on my head (so hot). Then I went to college wearing them and got hit on by every second year senior at my university. Those things were magic. And magnetic.

Trends came & went. Skinny jeans turned to bellbottoms. Bellbottoms turned to bootcut. Bootcut turned back into skinnies. But my overalls were always on point, making them my lifeline to fashion. No matter what was happening, I could funnel fashion into this look by just swapping my shoes, changing my shirt and rolling the bottoms.

Eventually I realized that the sorority girls, in their khaki capris probably didn't want to be friends with me (or my crew of boyfriend jean wearing friends) because they simply couldn't understand how a girl could feel beautiful in such oversized filth. But I did. I felt cozy, and comfortable and completely sexy.

So today, as I sit here in my silk pajama inspired pants, I simply cannot stop thinking about all the amazing things I'm going to do in the new overalls I just ordered online. Like I said, trends come and go. And they always return.

Click below for my favorite pajama inspired pants and amazing overalls.

holiday home

The past few nights have been filled with holiday decorating around my home. It started with Luca and I painting ornaments (his color of choice) coral. Not red, coral. Ok, boss.

We were on the ground with 50 ornaments around us, paint everywhere from our clothes to our hair, when I suddenly realized Luca was completely asleep, paintbrush still in hand. Big day for my little Picasso, apparently.

 Luca riding his bike full speed, checking out every tree.

So last night we took to the streets to find the most perfect holiday tree out there. I had this vision of 10 men helping us carry this monstrosity home. I envisioned it being bent at the top from touching the 11 foot ceilings in our home. I imagined neighbors in buildings far away staring at it, wondering what lucky family had such a beautiful tree in their home. What I came home with was a 5 foot, 4 inch tree with multiple bald spots. Don't get me wrong, she's beautiful. But she's tiiiiiiiny. For whatever reason, Luca saw her and it was true love. He had zero interest in anything else, it was her, the one and only, all dolled up in coral, silver and gold. I have to say, I'm pretty stoked to have her around. Her color palette is completely inspiring.

What does your tree look like? Send me pics!

fresh: modern lines

In college I had an internship at this super chic headhunting firm where every line in the office met up perfectly. My boss, a woman around 45, was over 6 feet, pure bones with pin straight hair. Basically she was vertical line in a pencil skirt. I think that's what started my love for all things clean and modern (only my hippie heart likes it pair it all with oversized pillows and fur shag rugs).

Right now however, I've been dressing myself (and home) with lines - from my living room rug to my nighttime eyeliner.

Get it:
1.home image inspiration image from Lonny  2.striped necktie   3.Stila stay all day liner heels   5.crystal & gold bar necklace  6.oscar de la renta runway 

a dose of sea

Coney Island, 4 July 1946

Photo: Coney Island, 4 July 1946 from here.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Live as you dream. That would be a great alternate name for this blog. Or a great title for the book of my life...

What would you title your life?


Winona RyderKate Moss and Johnny Depp, covered in champagne.Mick JaggerAva Gardnervanityfair:

Kate the Great.
See photos of Kate Moss throughout her quarter-century career.
Photograph by Patrick Demarchelier, 1994.
Photographed by Peter LindberghThe Lady and the Cheetah by Leom Bruno-Bodi, Vogue, November 1st, 1960.Jay-Z and B
click images for source

Epic moments, beautiful images.


image from here

One month ago today New York City and the surrounding areas lost power.
What have you done lately to give to those still in need?

Don't forget you can still donate to the Red Cross

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm starving...

crepe cake

How delicious does this mushroom crepe look? I'm about to take to the kitchen and cook it up for bear and I this evening.

click below for the recipe straight from smitten kitchen.

heart below

image from here

There's a lot of love happening in my life right now. from work to personal and everything between. With that love I've been spotting more hearts than usual.
A constant reminder to keep your eyes open, the passion flowing and goodness will come, and don't forget to be thankful every day.


Wesc shirt, $40. Go to Dior Homme jacket (sold as suit), $3,900. Go to

"My dad always taught me that raising my voice and yelling was solely for athletics. A real gentleman doesn't scream, he talks and listens without anger no matter what the topic. And he always dresses to impress." - Daniel D

beauty day

Another picture from the shoot I did with Sarah Kehoe. 

Talented makeup artist Nico Guiles, took my breath away with the gorgeous eye makeup she created.

click below for a how-to guide so you can get the look, too.

a dose of sea

image from saturdaysnyc

Lately when I think of the sea, I get this image of the Rockaways in my mind. 
I'm afraid people are forgetting to donate and help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. People are still in need, if you simply can not give monetarily, give your time. 

Check out Waves For Water, they have a great initiative going for Sandy Relief.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

need: a holdall

Every time I go into my hand bag these days, I find 10 random toy cars, at least 2 stickers, some faux tattoos, a half eaten lollipop that I've been instructed not to throw out and lots loose change swimming around.

A pretty little bag to put inside my bag would make all that junk much more appealing and easier to handle.
Loving this 3.1 Phillip Lim zip bag, good stuff.

Click below for three more little bag ideas.


Careful how you treat others. Especially the nice ones.
If you're going to be cruel to someone, let it be how you treat yourself (at the gym).

this sunday

Luca and I would love to see you there. LOTS of fun activities for kids.

Click here for tickets.

No matter how dark the moment, love and hope are always possible. -George Charkiris


I'm excited to share a pic from a recent story I styled and art directed with amazing photographer Sarah Kehoe.
How beautiful is that eye makeup? I plan to do a how-to guide with the makeup artist soon, so stay tuned.

Also, realizing I need to start posting more of my work on here. By the time I'm done with a shoot at the end of the day, I'm so tired, I just want to race home to the bear...but I will definitely start putting up images as I go.

a dose of sea


image from here

A room with a view, is there anything more dreamy than that? Oh what I'd give, a bed, a book and a view...

Instead today, I'm on set shooting a beautiful editorial and after have a client who needs a week-long suitcase filled with clothes for a big trip she has. BUT it's all bearable because I get to end the day with dinner with my girls and bedtime with my boy.

Happy Tuesday loves, what's your snowy day looking like?

Monday, November 26, 2012


With the holiday season here, it's all about trains and planes and bags full of stuff. My usual carry-on luggage is a massive tote shoved with Luca's mini clothes and my entire bikini collection. Not elegant when I'm struggling with a 3 year old that wants to run full speed in an airport while I carry a bag weighing more than a golf cart.

I've so got my eye on this Givenchy Nightingale rolling carry-on bag, isn't it lovely? Get it here.

read more for more great travel options.

"If you had not suffered as you have, there would be no depth to you, no humility, no compassion." -Eckhart Tolle

dress me

this is pretty much what I wore to my senior year prom. I still have the skirt in my closet, must take it out for the holidays.
Get the look:

necklace, cropped top, ball skirt, beaded oval clutch, sunglasses
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