Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013!

I love fresh starts.

As 2012 comes to a close, I can only hope for some very simple things in 2013: more peace, more joy and more adventure.

Thank you all for joining me on this lovely life journey.

Happy 2013, may it be the best yet.

Peace on earth.xo

Sunday, December 30, 2012


I'm adding no more cussing to my new years resolutions. Will be the hardest one of all to keep.
Fuck. It just feels so good.
Some people love a glass of wine at the end of the day. I love to say fuck.

Island life

Some recent pics from paradise.
I don't think there's been a single cloud in 7 days.
The only time I wear anything on feet is to play tennis, otherwise I'm sandy and salty and deliciously happy.
Luca lives with a constant smile, running and jumping in the sea with his girls. It's everything a holiday should be.

Hope you all are in heaven, too.

Friday, December 28, 2012


I just finished Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking. My third time reading it however it always feels like the first. There's so much to take from this book.
If you haven't read it, put it on your list for 2013. Please.

Get it here.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Luca in a dreamland

I can say with absolute certainty, Luca is the happiest he's ever been.
The days are long and full of laughter and friends and sailing and swimming from sunrise to sunset. We bike ride everywhere and watch the dolphins play. We eat, drink and swim some more.
It's a dream. Only better, because it's real.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


My face hurts from smiling.
I'm living in bikinis, sarongs (see pic) and bare feet. Once in a while I put a shirt on (see pic) but that's happened about three times in four days.
Paradise, truly.

Hope you are all happy as well.

inside out

Patio draperiesLumièreUnder the sun

Hope you all are enjoying some after Christmas relaxation.

This year I've realized happiness is having time to take a deep breath, not having to worry about rushing around nonstop and being with family. Oh and being in a dreamy place, preferably outside with a tableful of food, drinks and friends.

Wishing you a happy day.xx



Sean O’Pry

In my next life I'm coming back as a man.
Watching Luca grow into this rough and tough and utterly lovable and loving creature has taught me so much about the opposite sex.

Men are just easier. More simple minds. They have their eyes on the prize. I like that. A lot.

Monday, December 24, 2012

merry merry...

For Christmastime, just beautiful…

Almost Christmas, I simply love this time of year...

Wishing you and yours the most merry and bright holiday. Sending you love and hope and happiness.



Christmas always has me thinking about resolutions. I'm never very good at them, to be honest. I simply forget or am never creative enough with my ideas.
So this year I'm making a deal with myself, one that will keep me on track and my resolutions at the top of my mind. The number one thing being: to be good to myself.
I have a habit of being hard on myself and not giving myself enough time to relax. Which leads to the second resolution I have: to learn to relax.
Some people get massages and feel brand new. I am the type that counts the seconds until it's over because the whole time I've just being writing journal entires, a to-do list and composing messages to the 10 people I meant to get in touch with. I must learn to chill.

That's the start of my resolutions.

And you? What do you have in mind?


Only $24, this scratch off map is perfect for my little world traveler.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

5 things...

home decor, my heart is owned by this:

This amazing drape dress is under $80! Obsessed:
Draped slub-jersey maxi dress by T-Bags

artichoke ornament, for my mom, who makes the best artichokes ever:

sparkle & pop holiday set, pop them open for little surprises:

sun bleached hair for my little Luca bear. So excited for the sun and sea to get his darkening locks lighter again:

Heart art

A shot from Art Basel.

What I took from this?
Enjoy, obey, love.
Four years ago I started this as a present to my mom. A way for her to stay in touch, a photo, a story, a bit of gratitude daily.
Now, well, now it's so much more. It's love. It's my life.
Happy four years!


tree of lifeA home in Denmark.  Photo from Femina..

images from here

Some animal aspects to add to your home.

Click below for great ones you can buy now.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

holiday decor

love!***smoresMinimal Christmaswhite
click images for source

if you're entertaining in the coming days, here's some good decor inspiration for you.
Isn't it all beautiful? Has me wishing for a white Christmas, home with the family, by the fire...


image from the glow

I'm at the age where most of my close friends either have children or are trying to have children. I've spent many long phone conversations with friends who have found getting pregnant much harder than they expected. It's normal, and in the end where there is a will, there's a way.
My own parents was told she could never have children, after many years trying they decided adoption was better than the real thing. Less than three years later, when they weren't even trying, I came along. A miracle to my parents and brother. A nightmare miracle, but a miracle nonetheless.
I love telling this story because it's all too common. The less you try, the easier it is (just look at me and Luca!).

Another story, from The Glow, to rest those worried minds:

Though born and raised in California, Jennifer Fisheris a true New Yorker at heart. The fashion stylist-turned-CFDA-nominated jewelry designer has most-certainly earned her badass spirit. At just 27, she was diagnosed with an estrogen-driven tumor and told she would have to undergo chemotherapy and may never be able to carry a child. Fisher and her husband tried unsuccessfully for years to conceive via surrogacy and IVF. After taking a break from trying, she became pregnant naturally. Shane, a healthy baby boy, was born in March 2005. Then, just six months later, Fisher found out she was pregnant again. As a new mom, she was eager to find jewelry she could wear to represent her children, while also staying true to her edgy style, so she created her very own letter-stamped necklaces. Friends took notice and soon, orders from major retailers started pouring in. Thriving business, healthy kids, loving husband, a soon-to-be new home, and the coveted Vogue nomination—this is Jennifer Fisher's time to shine.

Friday, December 21, 2012

in my bag


i want to go shopping

I'm packing for my island getaway, wanna know what unexpected pieces I'm bringing?
Obviously I have a mound of bikinis and silky dresses, but click below for what other random things are in my suitcase...

need: more sex

Not literally. But this dress brings it, in every way.
I find few things sexier these days than a simple black dress (in leather), hair down and a bold smokey eye. 
This faux leather does the job perfectly. And it's currently on Net-a-Porter for under $150. Get it.

Heart Way

For a very brief moment today, the sun came through the thick clouds. I looked up right at that moment. And a heart just happened to be there.
Every single day since the shooting in sandy hook, I struggle to stay positive and hopeful for the victims and the Connecticut community, but also for this crazy world.
I'm trying my best to stay focused on love and to cultivate hope daily.

2013, I'm counting on you...

for my child

images from here

A little post for my bear child, who loves cars more than he loves to eat avocados or french fries, more than he loves fire fighters, more than he loves finding stray hearts around the world. For my child who I love more than he loves cars, more than I love sunshine and stargazing. For the one and only Luca, who brings so much love to this world.

I love you bear.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


*douilletwhite & greystar
images from here

Some days I walk the streets of this crazy city and I shuffle along with the masses, just one of the millions. I wear black, just like the rest of them, while I thoroughly navigate the streets, a puzzle for my mind and legs. I am no one special when I rush in to buildings, holding doors for others, smiling at their "thanks." But no matter who I am to them, they are always someone to me. They are my daily inspiration, my desire to leave the subway one stop early and walk the extra blocks. They are the people that make me laugh silently as I pass their 5 piece all male band, singing "put a ring on it." These creatures wear words on their skin, which will be there for ever to come. They wear glasses to see me better. They wear their exhaustion as they haul their bags and children up steps. And they wear their creative juices in their style, in their makeup, in the way they scribble on notepads.

Right now my inspiration comes direct from a peek into the lives of mothers, from Harlem to Brooklyn, from east to west.

My whole self is inspired. I'm so grateful.

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